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From Goal Setting to Life Purpose and finding out what drives you. Everyone needs a little encouragement and direction sometimes. Actually, I feel the most important thing in our life is to do the gifts we were programmed in our DNA by God to do and to build relationships. The busy work we do at the other times of our life is just that. . . Busy work! Making money so that we … [Read more...]

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Credit Repair:  Michael used to own a Crednology Franchise. He liked the company and they did what they said they would only he didn’t make enough income to make it worth his while so we dissolved the franchise and no longer get referral fees. BUT, we still think Crednology is a safe and effective company to use if you don’t want to take the time to repair your own credit and … [Read more...]

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I've been guilty over my lifetime of "mindless giving"...giving money to organizations who just keep asking for more. I don't think that's the best use of my funds any longer. I believe in tithing time, talent, love and dollars to organizations that teach people how to fish, not just ask for more fish every chance they get. This section will expand with your help.  Avon, … [Read more...]

Action Plan for Optimal Health

An Action Plan is sometimes needed when a client is so overwhelmed they need a focal point to refer to. Action plans include activities, resources and time intervals for a strategy to succeed. There will be days while trying to accomplish your health goals that you feel like you are back paddling—especially if you’re experiencing chronic challenges. By looking at your action … [Read more...]

Affirmation Building 101

How to Build Affirmations… By Michael Robison (The Subconscious Mind Does Not Have a Sense of Humor) One of the ways you can enhance your chances of living a healthier, happier, more prosperous, fulfilled life is by repeating positive statements, known as affirmations. Louise Hay defines an affirmation as a positive statement about how you want your life to be written in … [Read more...]

Avon, Idaho Busy Bees Club | avon busy bees

Avon Idaho Quilt Raffle 2009

Avon Busy Bees: The Avon Community Busy Bee Club began in the 1920's and has consistently met one or more times each month up to present time. Some believe that the Busy Bees club is the oldest of its kind in Latah, County where we live. The Avon Busy Bees club meets once a month either at their clubhouse or at individual member’s homes. New members are invited to join but … [Read more...]

Children and Internet Safety

It always made me feel uncomfortable getting those emails where you fill out your favorite everything and then forward it. Here's one reason why... For those of you with children and/or grandchildren, please take note! Shannon could hear the footsteps behind her as she walked toward home. The thought of being followed made her heart beat faster. "You're being silly, she … [Read more...]

Credit Report Repair

Credit Repair You Can Do It Yourself   Can your credit report be repaired? Most often, it can! Can you... Do It Yourself?  With a bit of tenacity, the ability to write convincing letters, supported by a strong desire you can have many types of negative items removed from your reports.  The first step is to obtain your current credit reports (3). You can receive one free … [Read more...]

Culling Negative Energy

By Dr. Denice Moffat  How do you eliminate and minimize stress in your life? One technique I use is to get rid of items in your house that have negative energetic patterns embedded in them.   Let me give you an example: For years I had, as one of my office decorations, a rattle that was given to me for taking care of a client’s dog.  I had no idea what I was getting into … [Read more...]