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Credit Repair:  Michael used to own a Crednology Franchise. He liked the company and they did what they said they would only he didn’t make enough income to make it worth his while so we dissolved the franchise and no longer get referral fees. BUT, we still think Crednology is a safe and effective company to use if you don’t want to take the time to repair your own credit and … [Read more...]

Credit Report Repair

Credit Repair You Can Do It Yourself   Can your credit report be repaired? Most often, it can! Can you... Do It Yourself?  With a bit of tenacity, the ability to write convincing letters, supported by a strong desire you can have many types of negative items removed from your reports.  The first step is to obtain your current credit reports (3). You can receive one free … [Read more...]

Identity Theft

Identity theft

Scam Alert! Protect the Deceased from Identity Theft. The photo on this original article on identity theft depicts a burglar stealing a headstone with a thumbprint of the deceased etched into the headstone. It’s a new low in identity theft. Latest statistics reveal that nearly 2.5 million deceased Americans have their identity stolen each year. Thieves use the information to … [Read more...]

Law of Attraction

Workshop for the Law of Attraction: Abraham as channeled by Ester Hicks These are notes from an Ester Hicks tape that was lent to me at one time. I was so impressed with her work, I took notes. I often use this as a handout in my practice for those clients who seem to always focus on the negative and what is wrong with themselves or their lives.  It is a basic Law of the … [Read more...]

Master Mind Groups

I used to meet with a Master Mind Group every Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. Jack Boland, now passed over, developed the Master Mind steps in his church in Michigan several years ago. Jack has influenced thousands of people to live a life of service and to influence others in a positive way. Over just a few short months we had many requests answered by Spirit. The purpose of a … [Read more...]

Money Affirmations | money affirmation

These are some of my favorite affirmations from Creating Money: Keys to Abundance  by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer and Open Your Mind to Prosperity © 1971 by Catherine Ponder.  I use them in my practice by inviting your Guides and Angels into my space along with my own, then we muscle-test which affirmations would be best for you to say between 2-5 times each day for a month … [Read more...]

Money Issues

I use this list to guide my clients to the issues that need emotional clearing or prosperity coaching—in whatever techniques are suitable for the client. Many times, if you get to the root of your money challenges you can overcome them. Money is just another form of energy. If you don't manage your energy, often your money is not well managed either.  I call this a … [Read more...]

Money Metaphors

Words we communicate attract actions. Thoughts are things. It's amazing how some people choose poverty just by what they say and how they view money. Many times we were taught these phrases by well-meaning parents, teachers, friends, and neighbors. Maybe we never thought they were true, but we've programmed our nervous systems into believing them because we've heard them so … [Read more...]

Money Tips

Reprinted with Permission from Bill and Mary Staton's WOW! Newsletter: Mary Staton’s “Weekly On Wealth!" Issue #243 06 07 05   Wasting Less by Cutting Back a Bit and Avoiding Credit Card Late Fees There are many ways to waste less, but today we’re only going to talk about two major things that anyone can do – and as you waste less you will be saving more for your future … [Read more...]

Multiple Streams of Income Notes

Note: samples taken from the tape series “Multiple Streams of Income” by Robert Allen  Seven Skills of Wealthy People:  Skill # 1-- Value your money:  10 Categories for Receipts:  1.  Tithe 10% 2.  Self 10% 3.  Taxes (0-30%)  4.  Shelter (house or rent payments) 5.  Household Expenses (food, clothing, TV, Utilities) 6.  Automobile/Transportation 7.  Fun … [Read more...]