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  In order to limit the amount of spam this site receives, please use the form below to contact us initially. Read past the contact form for Rates. Thank you. Appointment Request Form Please fill in the following form, and I'll get back to you soon to set up a phone appointment with you. If you haven't read the How I Work handout you'll want to do that first though. … [Read more...]

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Medical Intuitive Exam Forms & Lists Exam Forms and Lists I'd have to say that I have HUNDREDS of healers as clients in my practice. Because of this I work and dedicate my site to those healers. I think that each time we talk with people as healers that we are ambassadors to our profession. These lists are to help those healers who muscle test be able to have all the … [Read more...]

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Dr. Denice Moffat, medical intuitive, stocks Starwest botanical herbs.

(For Clients Only Section) List of Professional Complementary Health Homeopathics and Products we carry: Note: Dispensing homeopathic supplements, monitoring and educating the person needing them is a big job and often it takes quite a bit of time to do all these tasks. This is why we require that you become a client before we dispense any of the following substances. When a … [Read more...]

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Medical Intuitive Telephone Consultations What is a Naturopath and Medical Intuitive? A naturopath is a person who utilizes any and all alternative methods of healing including but not limited to diet, reflexology, kinesiology, massage, homeopathics, acupuncture, chiropractics, drumming, herbs, exercise, glandulars, emotional release work, prayer, energy work, crystals, … [Read more...]

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antioxidant - kale

List of Antioxidants including best bet food choice and what the antioxidant is most often used for. Alpha Lipoic Acid: Best Bet Food Sources-- Meat.  Most often used for: Diabetes and glaucoma.  Beta-carotene: Best Bet Food Sources-- Dark Green and orange-yellow vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes. Most often used for: Night blindness, macular degeneration, immune … [Read more...]

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  Client:                                                                            Date: Patient:                                                                         Since: Address physical: Address mailing: City/State/Zip Phone (Home) Phone (Alt.) e-mail: Best way to reach … [Read more...]

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Consent Form for Medical Intuitive Exam and Services: I understand that no warranty or guarantee has been made to me as to result of care. I also realize that there are no "double-blind studies" that have been written up regarding this Medical Intuitive exam and my condition.  I understand and realize there may be risks and hazards in continuing my present condition without … [Read more...]


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