2021 Black Friday Winter Special 50% Off Medical Intuitive Consults!

It’s that time of the year again. This is our 11th year for this special which only happens at this time of the year. What a crazy world we’re living in right now! The mail will be a few days slower. I sent out the postcards for all my current clients about 3 weeks ago.

Thank you for all your support. We’ll continue to move forward in these troubled times. With that said. . .I have felt so honored and valued this year by so many of you and try to do my best at attending to each communication you send.

Anyone making an appointment for the months of December/January/February via email or telephone during this Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday sale will receive a 50% discount on their Medical Intuitive phone consultation. (Special includes new or existing clients–supplements not included.)

Email me your appt request with a phone number just in case. To speed things up, please include your optimal choices of Month, Day (M, Tu, W, F) and time (10am, noon, 2 and 4pm Pacific time)

My strong suit is to figure out what optimal health can be. The Guides (yours and mine) dig into finding the core causes of symptoms for you and your pets. The body has its own Divine Wisdom and knows what to fix first, what and how much to use and the lifestyle changes that you would optimally make to achieve those health goals. Let US help YOU.

Remember, I don’t text, I don’t Skype/WhatsApp or Zoom and I don’t have a cell phone.  I’m just a one-person home-based business. Email is best (drmoffat@naturalhealthtechniques.com) but it that is not working then try drmoffat@turbonet.com (they both go into the same inbox and I see them if I get them. I do attend to my sp-m filters daily.) It’s possible, if you’ve been censored that you may even get an email from our nursery email address (elkmeadownursery at gmail).

Cost Increases: Initial consults will be 50% off the $285 initial consult fee for both you, a new family member or for your pet. Although I am needing to, I will not be raising my rates this year, so I sure would appreciate the referrals. I’ll probably be raising my rates next year in May 2022.

You all will be grandfathered in at the rate you came in on. This includes anyone in your house and any new pets or babies or partners living with you. Family and pets that live under your roof will also get your same initial price for the lifetime of my practice. If you were Grandfathered in a few years back at a lower rate then, well. . . that’s the rate you get. That is a double-great unbeatable deal!

If you are making an appointment for a recheck or an update, then consultations are pro-rated by the 5-minute interval at the rate you initially came in on. Yes, I can update both you and pets that have previous records during the same consult time.

Now, for those of you who are not yet clients. . .

I will still only be accepting cases I feel I can truly help. We need to be a good fit on both ends and I may ask questions about your health and what you want to work on to ensure this match prior to allowing you a consultation.

Celebrating 26 years in the practice of alternative medicine as of Aug, 2021 (and 52 years in the veterinary field!)

50% Off Medical Intuitive Consults

No giant pumpkins this year. The outdoor kitchen kept me busy.

Be well and stay safe out there!   Dr. Denice Moffat