Boundaries-Where You End and I Begin

Enmeshment endangers the self-worth. It is an attempt to feel and think as if you were the other person so that you feel accepted—like you’re not good enough already and constantly need somebody to validate your worth by pretending to be somebody you’re not. When this happens you become a brainless servant with no life of your own. You are also not being and using the special gifts you came to earth this time around to share with the rest of the world.

Verbal Emotional and Spiritual Abuse

Signs of Verbal, Emotional and Spiritual Abuse: •Do you feel like you just can’t win or do anything right no matter what you say and how you act within your relationship? •Do you cringe and have to reach for stamina when your mate comes home? Do you walk on eggshells in your home? •Has your self-esteem and self-confidence eroded—at times to the extent that you wish you wouldn’t wake up to live another day? •Does your partner minimize, trivialize and undermine the essence of your being? •Does your partner demoralize you? Are you often the brunt of your partner’s jokes to make him/her look better in their own eyes? •Do you feel isolated and afraid with nobody to talk to that seems to understand? Fear not. There is support for you within a safe system on these pages and through the Free From Verbal Abuse forum.

NHT News Vol. 10 No. 1 March, 2014

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or MCS

It’s most annoying to people who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity for people spraying herbicides and pesticides who ignore ‘No Spray’ signs posted outside of the client’s property. These sensitive people end up having to stay inside their house because they are in agony and can’t get out of bed for a few days. The lucky ones get out of town for a few days to a pre-established “safe house” usually of a friend or an understanding family member. The offenders are not knocking on the MCS person’s door to check out the results of their ‘experiment’. They just assume they can spray whenever they want and not take responsibility for their actions. As one of my patients aptly put it. . .“If only the person spraying could spend just ONE day in my body and feel what I’m feeling after they spray. Maybe they would understand.”