8th Annual
Friday Nov. 23th through Monday Nov. 26th, 2018

Annual Black Friday Special 1

Anyone making an appointment for the months of December/January/February via email or telephone between Friday Nov. 23th through midnight Monday Nov. 26th, 2018 will receive a 50% discount on their phone consultation. (Special includes new or existing clients–supplements not included.)

Start the Holy Days out Right with the Gift of Health!

It’s that time again for the 8th year in a row. My really great deal that I hope you can take advantage for a first consult or just a yearly checkup, because it won’t be coming around again until next year. It’s my one big splurge each year for my clients. Referrals appreciated.

Initial consults will be 50% off the $285 initial consult fee. If you are making an appointment for a recheck or update then consultations are pro-rated by the 5-minute interval at the rate you initially came in on. Yes, I can update both you and other pets that have previous records during the same consult time. Family and pets that live under your roof will also get your same initial price for the lifetime of my practice. That’s a double-great unbeatable deal!

Now, for those of you who are not yet clients. . .

I still will only be taking cases I feel I can truly help. We need to be a good fit on both ends and I may ask questions about your health and what you want to work on to ensure this match.

Please read about me, what I do, how I work and the price you’d have to pay any other day except for the Black Friday Special. Here’s that link: https://naturalhealthtechniques.com/what-i-do-how-i-work-and-costs.htm

And my bio. . .(Yes, I know. I’ve been told I’m a weird thinker. . .) https://naturalhealthtechniques.com/dr_moffat_bio.htm

Here are some type of cases I appear to be good at helping: https://naturalhealthtechniques.com/health-challenges-medical-intuition-can-help/

I’m looking forward to working with those of you I can help. Namaste. Dr. Denice Moffat

Notes for the Black Friday Special Consults:

• Black Friday weekend starts midnight of November the 22rd (Thanksgiving) and ends on midnight of Monday, November 26th .
• Please include your phone number in the email and what time zone or state you live in so I can call you to schedule a time—emailing times back and forth doesn’t work out so well for this promotion as the appointments fill so quickly.
• Rescheduling or cancelling your appointment after the Black Friday Weekend sale puts you back at a full-price consult. Sorry, but others may have wanted that slot!
• No Show appointments will be charged a cancellation fee of $50.
• Most updates/rechecks take 20-30 minutes. I’ll get the important stuff out of the way and then catch up on your life at the end of the consult, but I’ll tell you that you’re “off the clock” and you won’t be charged for that extra time. I love to hear how you’ve been doing.

Celebrating 23 years in the practice of alternative medicine as of Aug, 2018.

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