Journey of Souls

Michael’s journey started when a client came to see him about chronic pain in his right side. Under hypnosis to intensify the pain (a technique used to manage pain using hypnosis) the patient uncovered a former life in World War I as a soldier in France who was killed by a bayonet. Dr. Newton discovered that chronic, unresolved and psychosomatic illnesses in this lifetime are often a result of past life issues. Sometimes the process of regression allows the issue to dissipate in this lifetime.

Food Additives

A Consumer’s Guide to Food Additives: Decaf coffee anyone? It contains methane dichloride and methylene chloride if it’s not water-processed. Methylene chloride converts to carbon monoxide in the human body thus blocking the oxygen carrying capacity of the hemoglobin molecule. Methylene chloride is also used in nail polishes. Nail fungus anyone? It damages the liver, kidneys and CNS and is responsible for headaches, insomnia, nervousness and tremors.

Start Something That Matters

I remember an old story from years back where two shoe salesmen from two competing companies went to a third world country to check out marketing opportunities for their companies. The first man came back home and told his boss, “Forget that idea. We’ll go broke on the project. Nobody wears shoes there.” Blake Mycoskie must have been the second salesman. After returning from Argentina in 2002 he saw that nobody there wore shoes and decided there was a HUGE market. It dawned on him that this may be the way to make a positive difference in the world. So, he started a company to provide shoes for these people who didn’t have any and didn’t wear any. He created TOMS shoes, a “for profit” company that generates enough funds to give one pair of shoes away for each pair sold.

Boundaries-Where You End and I Begin

Enmeshment endangers the self-worth. It is an attempt to feel and think as if you were the other person so that you feel accepted—like you’re not good enough already and constantly need somebody to validate your worth by pretending to be somebody you’re not. When this happens you become a brainless servant with no life of your own. You are also not being and using the special gifts you came to earth this time around to share with the rest of the world.

Favorite Books on Herbs

Modern Encyclopedia of Herbs with the Herb-O-Matic Locator Index (c) 1970) by Joseph M. Kadans, N.D., Ph.D. (I love this book because it gives all the older common names of the herbs that sneaky herbalists use on their labels instead of telling you what the herb’s name really is. For example Blue Flag is actually Iris!)

Water of Life

A Treatise in Urine Therapy Premarin is a hormone women take and is made of pregnant mare’s urine. Hmmm. I can’t imagine. Why drink a horse’s urine when you can drink your own? I’m just kidding—kind of. An online mentor of mine told me once that the page on her site...