Accomplishments, 2009

Michael Robison and Denice Moffat moved here to Elk Meadow Lane in Deary, Idaho on Dec. 24, 2008. Our goal was to grow vegetables and be self-sustainable but there was no real soil or garden beds to start, so we spent 2009 fencing areas where we wanted to grow future crops. Take a peek.

**Dr. Denice Moffat’s Biography

I’ve also learned that you can ask for help anytime you want to and have specialists on your team. The other side is ready to help at any time. They are just waiting to be asked and to help those who are sincere. That excites them. I don’t feel like they hang around all the time, but when you need them and ask for them, they show up. And they are interested to see what you are open to and what you are learning.