Verbal Emotional and Spiritual Abuse

Signs of Verbal, Emotional and Spiritual Abuse: •Do you feel like you just can’t win or do anything right no matter what you say and how you act within your relationship? •Do you cringe and have to reach for stamina when your mate comes home? Do you walk on eggshells in your home? •Has your self-esteem and self-confidence eroded—at times to the extent that you wish you wouldn’t wake up to live another day? •Does your partner minimize, trivialize and undermine the essence of your being? •Does your partner demoralize you? Are you often the brunt of your partner’s jokes to make him/her look better in their own eyes? •Do you feel isolated and afraid with nobody to talk to that seems to understand? Fear not. There is support for you within a safe system on these pages and through the Free From Verbal Abuse forum.

Bladder Pain Syndrome and Interstitial Cystitis and

If you know of someone with this condition, you can be sure that their lives are totally centered around where all the toilets are—even when taking short trips. Interstitial cystitis is defined as recurring pain or discomfort in the bladder and surrounding pelvic (perianal) regions in both men but mostly women over the age of 30. This condition is a sign of a toxic body and is often associated with other inflammatory conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Interstitial Cystitis causes scarring and stiffness of the bladder which affects the nerves in that area that signal the need to urinate. Some people with this condition have been known to need to use the bathroom up to 60 times within a 24 hour period—as you can imagine this interferes greatly with any social, work and sexual intimacy situations.

Dizziness, Lightheadedness, Vertigo, Meniere’s

It has been my experience over the decades that diseases are usually a combination of core causes. Diseases like this may have up to 8-10 core causes. Rooting out these causes can help the client manage or eliminate symptoms. Here’s a list of some core causes associated with Dizziness, Lightheadedness, Vertigo and Meniere’s:

Are You Taking Toxic Doses of Vitamin D

Are you taking toxic doses of Vitamin D? I see the gambit of Vitamin D recommendations. Some doctors recommend mega daily doses with no end point and others recommend a once or twice weekly dose for 2-3 months. Most often, the people who consult with me who are on vitamin D supplements test they don’t need them. The same goes for fish oil supplements. Some of these vitamin D supplements are made from lanolin or the skin of cattle and some are not sulfated. A sulfur molecule acts with the vitamin D by connecting with an LDL cholesterol molecule for transport through the body. The more synthetic the supplement, the fewer peoples bodies like them.

Statin Drugs

What are Statin drugs and how do they work? Statins are a class of drugs that lower the level of cholesterol in the blood by reducing the production of cholesterol by the liver by blocking a specific enzyme that helps make cholesterol.

Low Stomach Acid

Predisposing factors that increase the need for more hydrochloric acid products is the ingestion of fast foods, salt free diets, antacid use, excessive vomiting/diarrhea, eating disorders, pregnancy, the aging process (as we age our production of HCl decreases), stress, excess nervousness, congenital weaknesses and the ingestion of fish oil capsules (wrong type of fish or taking the product when you don’t need it—yes, this product is over-recommended.)