Sugar Substitutes

Sugar substitutes: The man in front of me at the grocery store stood there with a gallon of honey in his arms. As he got to the front counter he told the checker, “My doctor told me to cut back on the sugar, so I switched to honey.” He proceeded to tell the checker that he goes through about one gallon per month and how he now puts honey into his coffee. Little diabetes problem, you know.” Not exactly the best sugar substitute for diabetes!

*Products We Carry for Clients

Your body knows what it wants. It doesn’t care what the latest protocols are and it usually doesn’t like it when you load up on 20 different supplements for “prevention” of disease. It also doesn’t like to go out of its order—your own innate wisdom knows that order. Through muscle testing we explore what your body wants and give it the supplements, homeopathics and herbs that it wants TODAY. Following the body’s wisdom, in my opinion, is the best way to heal. I love these products and the homeopathics I carry because they are effective, high-quality (and reasonably priced). Let us help you design the game plan you need to get well. We love what we do. If we can’t help you before we take you on as a client we won’t let you be a client but will try to give you at least some help, a referral, techniques, or resources to get you going in the right direction.

List of Spices and Culinary Herbs

Let’s see, the most common allergies among the list of spices are usually packets of spices (containing MSG), nutmeg and vanilla. Nutmeg has a phenol component. Pepper has strong lectins in it and can bind up in gut tissue in Blood Type O. Use spices in moderation or they will act as medicines unless you are using them as medicines like for chicken soup for your immunity (Parsley/Sage/Rosemary/Thyme) or for swelling (Parsley) or to calm the stomach and relieve flatulence (Fennel). Anyway, here’s the list. . .

List of Teas and Coffee Substitutes

I’ve tried for years to get hooked on tea or a coffee substitute. I’ve tried nearly all of them I think. Still, there’s nothing as good as a nice cup of Millstone Bed and Breakfast coffee. But here’s the list I test people on if or when they want a tea or coffee substitute: