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 No Energy? Immune System Tanked?– Take Control of Your HEALTH  & Optimal Wellbeing!

Discover which healing protocols are right for your body. Access the tools, supplements, techniques and support that make it easy.

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 No Energy? Immune System Tanked?– Take Control of Your HEALTH  & Optimal Wellbeing!
Discover which healing protocols are right for your body. Access the tools, supplements, techniques and support that make it easy.
The body has its own Divine Wisdom. It knows what to fix first, what and how much to use, and the lifestyle changes that are perfect at any given time to achieve optimal health. 
Let US help YOU. 
I’m Dr. Denice Moffat. Voted Best Online Medical Intuitive. My strong suit is to figure out core causes keeping you or your pet from experiencing optimal health. Let the Guides (yours and mine) dig into finding those core causes of symptoms and design a customized/personalized program perfectly suited for the body’s needs today so that you can reach your health goals.
Right at this moment in time, you’re exactly where you need to be. I can’t wait to meet you!
Medical Intuitive Consult 2

You deserve to feel healthy , happy

and vital
Why waste money on therapies and supplements that your body either doesn’t like or no longer needs? Take ONLY the supplements your body needs and find the therapies that will take you the fastest and farthest toward your health goals.
What I Do?
I am a Medical Intuitive, Veterinarian and Certified Traditional Naturopath since 1992 through the American Naturopathic Medical Association (www.anma.com ). I have a Master’s degree in Biology; a Bachelor’s in Animal Science, have been  certified in Contact Reflex Analysis (www.crahealth.org) and I am a Teaching Karuna Reiki Master (https://www.reiki.org).
I have taken classes in Neuro Emotional Technique (https://www.netmindbody.com), Cranio-Sacral Work (https://www.upledger.com), have taken Dr. Randy Robirds’ Ener-Chi Quest and Creative Emotional Wizardry Seminars (dembonz@lvcm.com ) and I have also been an Advanced Level Emergency Medical Technician.
I have an internationally distributed Natural Health Techniques free Ezine Newsletter which reveals little-known health secrets, effective natural remedies, tricks, tips, options, recipes, thought- provoking feature articles and much more!
Having been around veterinary medicine since 1974 (I started out as kennel help when I was 11 1/2 years old and progressed from there) I have focused on optimal health and preventative medicine and practice holistic healing techniques, alternative medicine, and integrative therapy almost exclusively since 1995.  I work on both animals and their humans calling them the “family unit.”
My focus is on using nutrition as medicine to bring the cells back to perfect health.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
I just want to say thank you for your help!! I am still working on getting all the required items into me every day but am going into town today to get the olive leaf capsules and some other stuff.
Regardless, by eliminating all the items you suggested, I am officially pain-free now each night since our session! 5 nights without writhing around in pain! Yay! I want you to know how much I appreciate you. Big hug,
– Virginia S.
A brown recluse spider bit me on the leg 3 years ago and I’ve had an open sore there ever since. Nothing worked until I went to see Dr. Moffat. I did what she told me to do. I didn’t have anything to lose. The hole healed up within 2 months
– Jessica L
Let’s break it all down.
  • ​The initial medical intuitive phone consult (about 90 minutes)
  • ​Allergy and Nutritional testing
  • Checking/balancing existing supplements
  • Recommending just the right foods
  • ​Your own personalized game plan of action
Valued at well over $385!
Don’t miss out!
Is a medical intuitive exam accurate?
Well, I leave that up to my clients to validate what I’ve told them. I think a medical intuitive exam is way more accurate than a psychic’s 45-50% accuracy rate, but it takes your input to get the most out of a consult. If you are using me as a psychic (just to test me) or you are in denial and will not accept what your body is doing, or if you think you may have something you are afraid of, then your Higher Self respects that and only gives me the details it can without disturbing your Spiritual progression.
My motto is The Truth Shall Set You Free and that it’s all good! The more I know, the more I can pass onto you from the Guides, so I’m open to reading lab results and helping you to understand what is actually happening with your body, whether you can heal it, control it, manage it, or let it go. Whatever that takes. I’m there.
Note: I do not diagnose (label diseases) for humans. No medical intuitive, unless they are a medical doctor, is able to legally give you a diagnosis. If you come in with a diagnosis, we can work with what you or the medical system thinks it is.
If you feel you must have a name to attach to your disease to heal, then you will have to go through the medical system. We just tell you how to heal what you are experiencing by finding the “core cause” of dis-ease which is different than a diagnosis. If we focus on cellular health, the body is allowed to send all kinds of energy to the body for the healing processes. We want that. 
Note: I also do not prescribe medications, deliver babies or do surgery on humans.
Mostly what I do is by feeling…
Occasionally I hear auditory input come in from my right ear (I call it my God voice or my “still small voice”) and occasionally I have been empathic (feeling the symptoms of the person by just touching them). I consider myself a facilitator of healing, showing you that there are many tools out there to use in addition to traditional medicine. Sometimes looking at your issues with a different perspective is the missing key to get it moving in the right direction.
Get Started Today
How much does a medical intuitive consult cost?
My basic fee is $385 for the first exam. This initial exam takes about 90 minutes. Rechecks are charged out by the 5-minute interval at $350/hour. Rechecks usually take  20-30 minutes.
How many sessions will you need?
Sometimes one medical intuitive consult is all the body needs to get on the right track and no more consults are necessary. Other times the body needs to work with an individualized recommended protocol for a given time before we can give for a new set of recommendations. I’ll ask your body how long it wants to do the first set of recommendations and write that down for you. You are in charge and should email me for a follow-up appointment. I don’t book in advance for that. You know what you need.
Work Schedule and Hours:
I don’t take emergencies. I do like chronic stuff and especially cases where the medical profession has given up and told the client to “live with it”. I work from 10am to 6pm Pacific Time. I do not work on weekends or after hours as I have lots of other things I need to accomplish for my life, house, yard and my community. Balance is important in life and I strive to walk my talk.
You may also be interested in my FAQ page: Frequently asked questions
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