Frequently Asked Questions    

  • How did you get from being a veterinarian to what you are doing now?
  • What is the best advice you give people?
  • How do you prepare for a personal reading or exam?
  • What do you FEEL when you are working on someone?
  • Do you take insurance?
  • Do you work after 6pm or on weekends?
  • What do you like best and least about being a Naturopath and Medical Intuitive?
  • If you could share just one hot tip about pet ownership with the world, what would it be?
  • Are your abilities always turned on?
  • Do you always trust what your Guides tell you?
  • What if I’m uncomfortable with you talking with Guides and Angels? For example, I’ve been taught that this is satan working through people.
  • Have you ever lied to someone during an exam?
  • Where do you believe your information comes from?
  • Do you work on everybody that calls for an appointment?
  • Do you work with people who are trying to have a baby and women who are pregnant?
  • What supplements do you take for your maintenance program, Dr. Moffat? 
  • When did you first feel things from the other side?
  • Did you act differently as a child than the other children?
  • What are some of your most unusual cases?
  • What is the difference between a licensed Naturopath and a Certified Naturopath?

Q.  How did you get from being a veterinarian to what you are doing now?

Answer:  See Dr. Moffat’s Biography.

Q.  What is the best advice you give people?

Answer:  That they are the best doctors they have and if they listen to their body, eat their raw fruits and vegetables (raw and cooked), and stick to their life purpose, most of their health problems will go away.

Q.  How do you prepare for a personal reading or exam?

Answer:  I clean off my desk, put the client’s paperwork in front of me, do some deep breathing, do a bit of relaxation and then pray that God works through me and helps me say phrases and words the client will connect with. I ask God to work through my eyes, hands, mind and mouth, so that I can be the best possible channel for His love.

Q.  What do you FEEL when you are working on someone?

Answer:  After I take a deep breath, my mind empties. I feel a blank spot in the upper right side of my brain. When visitors from the other side come in during the exam, I get God bumps all over my body starting with the back of my neck and spreading outward. Occasionally, I will empath (feel what the person feels from the other side and how they are concerned for the person I’m doing the consult with). Often I can tell if this energy is male or female, young or old. Occasionally I will catch a glimpse in my mind of what they look like. Sometimes I smell things that are out of place when they are present.

I don’t feel anything when I do the muscle testing. Inside my mind, I am asking LOTS of yes/no questions. I talk to my Guides and ask them to let my fingers slip when I need to pay attention to a particular area as I whiz past thousands of items in my “no-brainer book” as I call it. When my ego steps in, I make them tell me again, so I won’t make mistakes and say the wrong thing.

Sometimes I hear them say the names of treatments of what I should talk about. I find my eyes wanting to be in the lower right quadrant for some reason when I am communicating with them. Sometimes I feel the need to “sleep on it” and will get communication during the night on how to handle a case.

I’m always looking for more pieces of the puzzle for that person’s health needs but knowing that all will be revealed as it is needed. I also find myself crossing my ankles for some clients (I don’t know why I need to do that) and sometimes I just get a tickle in my throat and have to cough, even though I’m perfectly healthy at the time. I haven’t figured out why that happens either except that the person’s Guides are present and are trying to tell me something.

Q.  Do you take insurance?

Answer:  Certain types of insurance cover my services. These are called Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts. I do provide itemized receipts so that you can bill your insurance company. To read more about that, check out the article in Health in the News on these issues. Not too many of my clients know about them.

Q.  Do you work after 6pm or on weekends, because I work for a living?

Answer:  Hmm. . . No. . . So do I, and I plan to be doing this line of work for a very long time.

I really strive to “Walk my Talk.” My current biggest challenge is to find balance in my life. When I work, I’m very focused and give my all. My clients don’t often see it, but I work almost as hard for them behind the scenes as I do for them during the appointment.

I do only 4 appointments/day. That’s about all I have time to do a complete job on. I will “check supplements online” after hours and when I can fit it in.  When I have a cancellation I will fit someone in quickly. 

Q.  Well, what if I pay you extra? Or pay you a retainer? (to be my slave so I can call you whenever I feel like it.)

Answer:  Not interested. Eventually I would just build up anger and resentment when I see your name on my caller ID or in my inbox. That carries over to my other clients. It isn’t fair to them, and it isn’t what you want either.  I LOVE my clients and look forward to helping them. I also adore my husband, Michael, and spending time with him. I prefer to love you, too. Here’s a picture of my Michael. See how cute he is?

Michael Robison, Personologist in our old back yard with one of his pumpkins.

Q.  What do you like best and least about being a Naturopath and Medical Intuitive?

A.  I love the buzz of seeing the miracles of healing and to be able to give my clients the tools, techniques and natural medicines to get them through their dis-ease processes. 

What I like least is when my clients use me for answers instead of doing their own work and looking within themselves. I don’t like the feeling of being “on call” 24/7 for things the client could easily plan ahead for (like the panic out of supplements emails).  I don’t do well with crisis, emergency, and drama/trauma clients. I’m not the practitioner for them. I also feel devalued when a client cancels/reschedules at the last minute without offering to pay for that time because they are just “too busy to do the consult” today.

Q.  If you could share just one hot tip about pet ownership with the world, what would it be?

Answer:  Pets know a lot more than you think they do. Most behavioral problems could be helped by just talking to your pet, like telling them where you are going, when you will be back, who is going to take care of them when you are gone, what you expect of them, and that their food dish is full and not to worry.  When I leave our house I tell my dog, “Maggie, watch the house. We’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

I think the concept of animals understanding us really sunk in when I used to tell my clients to tell their pets all their problems. It resulted in my having to do a lot of extra emotional release work on the PET because they were taking on their owner’s issues. If you were in a foreign country and didn’t know the language and/or were mute, wouldn’t you figure out the basics after a while? If we are so much smarter than our pets (supposedly,) then we should be able to find ways to communicate with them and figure out how they are trying to communicate with us! Many of our pets are very spiritual beings. They have chosen US to live with to teach us certain lessons. Mnay of our pets have the same diseases as we manifest. And lots of my clients think that animals reincarnate and come back to their favorite owner.

I always tell my clients, “When humans stop listening to people in the process of getting well, God usually brings them a pet, and often it is with the same ailment.”

Q.  Are your abilities always turned on?

Answer:  Fortunately no. After 8 p.m. or so, I start losing my electricity and usually can’t test again until about 8:30 in the morning. I think it’s my Guide’s way of protecting me.  I’d rather not give any advice if I can’t give my best advice and do an accurate job.

I like the psychic, Kathy Reardon’s, answer to that question best. “When a car mechanic goes to a shopping mall, he doesn’t open up all the hoods of all the cars in the parking lot. It’s his day off!”

Q.  Do you always trust what your Guides tell you?

Answer: Yes. Over years of questioning and double-guessing, I’ve learned that they are right a whole lot more often than I am. If I just set my ego aside (a process I’ve learned and do very quickly before I do my muscle-testing,) I trust even the strangest things that are suggested. I’ve come to know that if my clients follow the advice, they respond appropriately.

Q.  What if I’m uncomfortable with you talking with Guides and Angels? For example, I’ve been taught that this is satan working through people.

Answer:  Go somewhere else. I really have no need for that type of energy in my space. May God surround you with Love and Light.  If you ever come to understand that we each have a gift, that God wants for us to use those gifts and you overcome your fear and work through your lessons of Trust and Discernment, you are welcome back.

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Q.  Where do you believe your information comes from?

Answer:  God and the Hall of Knowledge (sometimes called the Akashic records) in heaven. For more on my theory, read my biography.

Q.  Have you ever lied during an exam?

Answer: No. I do try to leave an open door if someone asks me if their lost cat is still alive and I feel no energy. I also don’t make diagnoses during a consult. I don’t usually tell someone they have cancer, even if I see that they do. I just nudge them into the medical arena for testing and work on building their immune system to cut the challenge off at the pass. I say this because I’ve noticed that I pick up cancer energy often a couple of years before the lab testing does.

I also won’t be pushed into telling someone how long a human or animal has to live.  Who knows these things? When the spirit’s job is done they will pass over.

I also feel that if I lie, I will lose some of my power. I need to be pure of mind and heart, so that I can be of service to others in the best way possible.

Q.  Do you work on everybody that calls for an appointment?

Answer:  No. The energy has to match or I have to think that I can actually help them in some way. If I don’t feel that from the start (or even after a few visits), I will refer them to someone I believe can take up where I left off.

Occasionally, when I muscle-test if I should allow them to have an appointment, I get a “no” answer. When that happens, I tell them that I can’t help them and refer them elsewhere. This happens occasionally with mother’s who want to make appointments for their children (who don’t want to see anyone, let alone someone like me!)

I once had a lady bring me a cat for emotional release work. She wanted me to make him stay at home and not wander. I clearly got from that cat that he was happy and well-adjusted. He also told me he did not have any problems.  I stopped the visit immediately and did not charge the woman. I told her that he did not want help and was happy just the way things were.

Q.  Do you work with people who are trying to have a baby and women who are pregnant? What about infants? Do you have to be careful about what you send home with pregnant women?

Answer:  I actually have had many success stories working with infertility. Once you figure out what each person needs (both man and woman), find what fears and concerns there are and where they can make some lifestyle changes, it usually doesn’t take more than eight months to conceive.

For pregnant women, my Guides and I am very careful about what we send home (also for nursing women.) I give a lot of dietary suggestions. Many herbs are quite safe. Homeopathics are safe as well when given in the proper dose. I’m not a midwife and can’t deliver babies. I do refer to them and the medical system.

I do try to educate the women that what they feel, the baby also feels.  Because of this, it’s best to focus on positive thoughts so that the baby’s cellular memories will be happy ones. 

Q.  What supplements do you take for your maintenance program, Dr. Moffat?

Answer:  Over the years I’ve been “blessed” with so many health challenges that I have taken many types and brands of supplements, glandulars, homeopathics, and flower essences. I have also utilized many different healing modalities such as massage, chiropractic, drumming, Spiritual Dance, reflexology, Reiki, and prayer treatments (to name just a few!). Most of the people I have listed in the Healers Links I have either experienced or know personally.

I know that my body uses up lots of minerals and B-Vitamins, that I need a glandular to keep my hips tight in their sockets (Thanks Mom!) and that I have to manage some allergies (Thanks Dad!)

I personally take New Vision Ionic Minerals and Vitamins®, Nature’s Way B-Complex, Ligaplex II® from Standard Process Labs™ most every day and a variety of homeopathic remedies: Food Additive detox drops (for my sulfite, pesticide and herbicide allergies), Sick Building Detox Drops (for my petrochemical, phenol and formaldehyde allergies), Lawn & Garden Detox (or just Round-up drops), Viral and Bacterial drops (as needed after being exposed) and add other specific homeopathics and remedies as needed.

I’m also a stone-former, so I take Hydrangea Root when my calcium, magnesium and phosphorus levels are out of whack and I start to crave soda pop. I drink reverse osmosis water.

For my immune system (I’ve got a genetic predisposition to cancer and have had some challenges in the past) I take my own formula of herbs I call “Immune Stim. Herbs” when I test I need them, which doesn’t seem to be too often if I stay focused, centered on my God Path and take time out for myself working in the yard and garden.

I take Poke Root tincture occasionally when my breasts feel like the lymph isn’t moving in them and it seems like the fibrocystic lumps enlarge (hormone-related each month), and Phytopharmica brand Glucosamine Sulfate as needed (it’s the best on the market–time released).

I wear a magnetic necklace which helps me to keep my brain clear and gives me the energy I need to keep up. Sometimes I take a melatonin tablet to help me sleep at night.

I try never to skip a day taking a tablespoon of Halvah or sesame seeds. This has been a life-saver when it comes to winter depression.

I do a 5-Day Water-Only Fast each winter (because it’s my slowest time business-wise and I can sneak it in that way) and would love to have more massages if I could fit them in. I occasionally get a chiropractic adjustment just to keep things in alignment. And, of course, I give thanks several times each day for all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things that go on in my life and I also read lots of books that center around a positive mental attitude. We just love the www.tut.com daily inspirations.

Q.  When did you first feel things from the other side?

Answer:  When I was just a small girl. I used to play with imaginary friends and was very close to pets.  I felt a different kind of energy around the pets. They trusted me and I could get away with a lot of things that adults couldn’t. I felt I could communicate with them and know what they were thinking and feeling. I was always fascinated by the unknown.

Q.  Did you act differently as a child than the other children?

Answer:  Yes, I was extremely and painfully shy (Really, I was! I still can’t stand socializing.) I felt like I didn’t fit in, had a very few close friends and loved to be alone and read all the time. I watched people and animals a lot. . .Just observing and logging ways of being into my consciousness.

Q. What are some of your most unusual cases?

Answer: Gee, there are so many. I’ll have to think about that…

I once worked on my own cat and, giving her Reiki, saw jolts of electricity course through her body every 20 seconds for about 15 minutes. That was weird. I have had it happen with a dog as well, so I know it wasn’t a one-time thing.

I had to send a dog home with his head crushed in one time. A tree had fallen on him. He came to the clinic around 5pm. I treated him with the normal vet protocol of fluids and steroids. When there wasn’t anything else we could do, I gave him Reiki and started a prayer circle. He was so full of energy and pulling on his leash so hard at 11pm when I took him outside to eliminate, I couldn’t keep him in his cage when he got back in. I felt it would stress him out excessively by trying to shove him back in, so I called his owners to pick him up. They were astounded. So was I!

I’ve seen several patients cross over from cancer with very little pain with the help of homeopathics, the immune stimulations herbs and energy work. Amazing. One chocolate lab who had lymph cancer overcame the cancer in only 10 days with my Immune Stimulation Herbs. He went on to live 4 more years.

One man who had a foot fungus for several years put on a concoction that I told him to and the foot fungus went away permanently after only two applications.

A woman who had an open sore for over two years from a brown recluse bit on her leg was healed in about three weeks with a treatment of Willard Water and Slippery Elm Bark. Good stuff.

I had asthma for 13 years and my mentor cured it for me in only three weeks with Viral Immune System Stimulator Drops. I never dreamed that I could get over that. 

I’ll think of more later…

Q: What is the difference between a licensed Naturopath and a Certified Naturopath?

Answer: This from the American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB) given to me on February 22, 2006.

Professional Certification is a voluntary process through which ANCB (or another non-governmental organization) recognizes individuals who have met certain qualifications. Certification confirms that an individual has mastered specific knowledge and skills within a particular field of practice.  The individual’s past education and experience, as well as his or her performance on a written examination, determine whether or not certification will be granted.

Licensing may also involve being evaluated in order to receive credentials, but the similarities end there.  Licensing is proposed, adopted and implemented by state governments seeking to regulate who can practice, what they can practice, or what title they can use to identify themselves.

ANCB has always opposed state licensing because it imposes narrow restrictions on practitioners: where they get their education, which modalities they can practice, and how they can identify themselves.  Licensing restricts freedom in health care choices for the general public and practitioners alike.  Rather, ANCB favors Health Freedom Laws like those that have passed in Minnesota, Rhode Island, Idaho and California, which allow freedom of choice in choosing a health care provider.  Also, the health care provider has freedom to choose whether or not he or she will become certified by a reputable certification organization.