Glandulars, Protomorphogens and Cytosol Extracts

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What are the benefits of glandulars, protomorphogens and cytosol extracts?

Often when you take a bunch of supplements “for prevention”, you are wasting your money and putting additional stress on the body because it needs to remove and process those things that it is not really utilizing. I’m rather Scotch. I’ll take supplements when I need to, but I don’t like wasting my money on them if I really don’t need them. I prefer using foods to establish health whenever possible, but I understand that some people would rather just pop a few pills. I’d rather have you pop the ones you need.

As I was researching the topic of glandulars, protomorphogens and cytosol extracts  to write up this web page, I noticed one of my books said of glandulars, “Glandulars are concentrates of the hormonal glands, and have over the past decade, been hailed as a wonder drug. Evidence does not, however support these claims and many experts now discourage their use. The premise is that failing or aging glands can be rejuvenated by supplementation.”


By definition, glandulars (also called Whole Gland Desiccated products) do consist of glands, but not specifically “hormonal” glands. Glandulars are whole organs that are dried at low temperatures and ground up then put into capsules. They are given for general support of various organs.


Protomorphogens are like homeopathics. They promote healing over time. Protomorphogen products are composed of nuclear proteins and used to supply a better RNA/DNA template so that the body can assemble available nutrients to repair damaged tissue in the glands being treated. What differentiates protomorphogens from glandulars from cytosol extracts is the patented extraction process.

Protomorphogen extracts were first invented by a dentist, Dr. Royal Lee, in the 1940’s. This man was a genius and pioneer in the field of nutrition. Far advanced when compared to anyone in his field during his time and even now.

Cytosol Extracts:

Cytosol extracts are liquid extractions of the liquid within the cell and surrounding the nucleus. This liquid, called cytoplasm, that is extracted after the glands are ground up and the cellular walls have been broken. Cytosol products work faster and are stronger than whole gland products. They are great for people over the age of 40.

Standard Process glandulars protomorphogens and cytosol extracts products (when well-placed and in the proper dosage) have been extremely effective in my practice. I have used 46 different Standard Process glandulars, protomorphogens and cytosol extract products over the last 3 decades, most with exceptional results.

During the beginning of my career as a then “resisting and skeptical” natural medicine practitioner, I started out taking 85 capsules and tablets each day! That’s a lot of capsules. I will say that I had a LOT of things wrong with me and was a pretty sick girl. I’m down to around 6 capsules and tablets a day now on a regular basis. Standard Process glandulars, protomorphogens and cytosol extracts products have truly changed my life. I can honestly say I have never felt this healthy…actually never believed I could feel this way.

I am living proof of what I teach my clients…if you give the body what it needs, it will respond.

Protomorphology, the study of how protomorphogens work, has determined that protomorphogens are just bundles of enzymes and their activators. Enzymes are the key to growth and repair and to maintaining cell health.

I’ve often wondered how cells inside the embryo break off and decide to differentiate into skin cells, hair cells, liver cells, etc. Well, inside each cell, we have hundreds of different enzymes. These enzymes are influenced by and responsive to nutrition, genetics, hormones, and the vibrations around us–including our thought processes. These protomorphogens acts as one tool we can use in the healing process to provide a healthy genetic template or blueprint for cellular repair.

For example, desiccated thyroid gland was first used in the late 1800s to help people with goiter and low thyroid function. Then thyroxine (T4) was isolated and used, but many doctors still preferred the whole gland as it seemed to be better absorbed and utilized. Later, the other thyroid hormones, triiodothyronine (T3) and calcitonin were discovered, but these were always part of the whole gland.

Today, both individual synthetic hormones and standardized formulas of active thyroid tissue are used to support or replace thyroid activity.

In the early 1920’s, insulin was isolated by Sir Frederick Banting and Charles H. Best, who received the Nobel Prize for their discovery. Insulin has been a lifesaver for many diabetics, but it is also a very dangerous drug because it has such a narrow range of safety. Overdoses can cause very low blood sugar and shock. Insulin is destroyed in the gut, so it must be injected, but protomorphogens seem to be protected from this digestive process.

The incorporation of pancreas protomorphogens and glandulars may not take away the need for insulin, especially for brittle diabetics, but it certainly can cut down the amount necessary to stabilize insulin levels.

Glandulars, like food, supply basic nutrients, such as amino acids, oils, vitamins, other active ingredients, and “Chi” or “life force,” where drugs do not. Evidence from radioisotope studies suggests that glands, when eaten, do in fact get to their glandular counterpart within the body and influence them.

One study done with Cardiotrophin PMG showed that within 15 minutes of taking the protomorphogen/glandular supplement, the patients electrocardiogram detected it and shifted the electrical fields accordingly.

In modern medicine, glandular therapy with the use of whole glands began in the late nineteenth century when doctors suggested that their patients eat the animal parts, usually from cows, that corresponded to the weak areas of their own bodies. So people began eating brains, hearts, kidneys, and so on as part of their medical treatment. Even the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used glandular therapy, following their basic premise that “like heals like.”

Protomorphogens and glandulars are safer than the more potent and specific drugs and hormones and they have fewer side effects. The body is more able to process them, too, if you unknowingly take too many of them because you are not “in tune” with what your body needs (another good reason to have a practitioner help you with the dose you need).

I remember vividly as a child every time we had a roasted turkey or chicken I hung around the oven just before it came out asking my mom, “Can I have the heart?” I believe children innately know what will help them and what they are allergic to. Even today, I recommend to my heart patients that they purchase chicken hearts and eat an ounce a day. Unfortunately, that doesn’t go over too well. People get rather queasy about eating organ meats these days.

Humans would rather just “pop a pill”, although some clients will purchase these items for their pets. Fortunately, Cardio-Plus, one of my favorite protomorphogens, is just about the best heart tonic on the market. I would never be without it for my heart flutters and food chemical induced arrhythmias. Many times, you don’t have to take a supplement forever though. I haven’t had heart flutters in a couple of decades and I now stay away from chemicals when I can so haven’t had any arrhythmias in years!

How do Protomorphogens work?

At a cellular level, we have discovered that cells build and repair themselves by first secreting enzymes and protomorphogens into the fluid outside the cell. A layer of protein then forms using these enzyme and protomorphogen components and the other nutrients that come into the body. A wall is then built outside this protein layer using materials surrounding the cell on the outside of the cell. The internal proteins and enzymes then reproduce themselves using protomorphogen templates.

Other research indicates that the protomorphogens and cytosol extracts are not species specific and will work on any like-organ cells to repair them, so if we take a protomorphogen or cytosol extract made from pig cells, we won’t turn into a pig….the pig cell components will just be like building blocks utilized by our human cells and we won’t even know the difference.

This fascinates me. It’s like when you plant an acorn. How does the acorn know how to become an oak tree? It attracts to it any substances that are like an oak tree. No other substances will be used by the tree as it grows. How does the tree know what to attract and what to reject? Our cells are like that, too. Everyday miracles surrounding every cell of our being.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, a famous Ayurveda doctor, in his tape set Journey to the Boundless tells us that every cell in our body along with every component it contains is replaced totally within 9 months. Some cells have a faster turnover rate than others do, but ALL cells are rejuvenated and replaced, even in those glands that supposedly are unable to regenerate.

If that is the case, then my question is “Why do we still have disease?” The answer, I believe, is that our thought patterns are still in vibration with disease. If we can provide blueprints for cellular repair, eat organic whole grains and raw fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of clean water, and have clear, positive, mindful, happy thoughts, theoretically we should be able to repair the disease processes in our bodies. Of course, this is difficult to do–especially on this earthly plane, but I don’t see why we can’t continue to try. I believe this is all a part of our Spiritual journey into consciousness and full awakening.

It has also been demonstrated that one kind of cell may be influenced to morph into another type of cell by bathing in the fluids of the cellular contents of a different organ. We see this with skin grafts. If we take the skin from one part of the body and graft it to another part, eventually as the cells are renewed, they will take the same characteristics on as the cells surrounding it.

Dr. Royal Lee - Developer of Protomorphogens

Dr. Royal Lee – Developer of Protomorphogens and Cytosol Extracts

Some Questions Answered: Aren’t all glandulars alike?

Some skeptics caution that glandulars may contain many of the toxins livestock are exposed to such as antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. These substances build up in the organs and fat of animals, birds and fish.

Standard Process is pretty picky about the quality of supplement they put out. Although you may be able to purchase some whole glandulars in your local health food store, you won’t find the more effective protomorphogens and cytosol extracts.

It’s important to know the source and quality of these types of supplements. They should be made with organically raised animals. This is one reason why Standard Process has deleted fish oil from some of their formulas–because they could not guarantee the quality or purity of the ingredients.

The components for these nutritional supplements come from vetted sources. Standard Process knows these sources, has had decades long associations with some ranchers and/or raise most of what goes into their products on their own 1000-acre farm in Wisconsin.

Why do some Standard Process products contain extracts of several types of organs? One easy way to explain this is the concept of electrical energy patterns in our body. God has made it so that each body part interacts, assists and acts as back up for many other body parts in the body. However, one can only cheat the system so much.

For example, let’s say we are really stressed out with our job or being a student or some emotionally trying time in our lives. Our adrenal glands start pumping out adrenaline like crazy. After a while we get tired, but try to compensate for our low energy by pushing our bodies with the use of drugs such as sugar and caffeine.

This only goes so far. The body would eventually die if the adrenal glands could no longer function. So the adrenal glands communicate with the thyroid and says to it, “Hey Mr. T., we adrenals glands are having a tough time down here. Would you mind helping out?” “Sure, I can handle that.” Says the thyroid gland and it starts pumping out more thyroid hormone so that the cells speed up giving the body more energy.

Well that goes well for a few months then the thyroid communicates to the adrenal glands and says, “Hey you guys, you didn’t tell me I have to pick up all the slack here!” and the adrenals reply, “We’re sorry! We’re doing the best we can too you know!”

So the thyroid gland enlists the help of the heart. “Hey heart, we need your help. Would you mind speeding up a bit so we can get more blood going by. If we can deliver our hormones faster, maybe we can maintain the energy that we need.” And the heart obliges.

After a few months, the heart is also getting a bit tired of all the excess work. “Hey, I need some help here, too!” The body subconsciously feels this and the shoulders come forward and the body tips down a bit and the heart now lies directly on top of the sternum where it gets enough electrical energy to maintain it’s increased heart rate. By this time the body has only about enough energy to shuffle along. Little by little, the energy is all used up.

So what happens when the heart draws off all the electricity from the sternum? Well, that’s about all for the back up systems. The body quits and dies.

It kind of works that way with cancer as well. The body adapts and adapts as best it can for as long as it can when one day, it finally rebels, the cells freak out and can no longer keep up with all the free radicals being produced and cancer takes over the body.

Note: Children repair at remarkable speeds for all kinds of things. As our body ages, the response time for the cells is definitely slower. We dehydrate, acquire unhealthy habits and try to cheat the system by not eating our raw foods. Children don’t have as many bad habits and also have a better and happier mental attitude and are more connected to their God Path.

How is the dosage determined for Glandulars, Protomorphogens and Cytosol Extracts? This is one main reason why these types of supplements, especially the protomorphogens and cytosol extracts are sold only through approved practitioners. Beginning practitioners will utilize the books and manuals we purchase at the seminars where we have learned how to use these supplements.

As we mature as healers, our technical skills are integrated with the Art of Practice and we learn how to muscle-test the proper dosage. Experience and common sense, backed up with lots of study, help us determine what will work best for your particular case. Some states actually have made it illegal to muscle-test the dose. Fortunately I don’t live in one of those states, so I don’t have to “give it my best guess”. I feel I can be more accurate through muscle testing.

Remember I told you I was taking 85 pills and capsules to start with? Well, this was determined by use of a protocol sheet. These sheets list all the supplements that could be used in a “shotgun approach” and at the dosage of a 250-pound man. At the end of three months, my throat resisted swallowing that amount and I got a gut ache each time I took the supplements. A definite sign of being overdosed!

Now days I use the protocols to double-check my work and as a suggestion as to which supplements to use. I’ve personally never sent home for than a few bottles of supplements at any one time. I try to pay attention to that voice of reason and use common sense after I listen and piece together all the bits of information I gather during the exam process.

How come glandulars, protomorphogens and cytosol extracts supplements are so effective? Sometimes when the body is damaged, let’s choose heart muscle and use a heart attack as an example, the body will release damaged cellular contents (cytosol) into the bloodstream. The body somehow develops an allergic reaction to this cytosol and the next time heart cells are damaged, the subsequent allergic reaction is faster and stronger creating a mild anaphylactic reaction resulting in cardiac arrest.

So, when we give a protomorphogen of heart tissue (Cardio-Plus), the substances in the tablet, after being digested, will act as a decoy for the bodies attack mechanisms (called auto-antibodies). As these auto-antibodies attack the protomorphogen, the heart tissue itself is spared and the heart can begin it’s healing. The supplements also contain supporting vitamins and minerals so that there are lots of high-quality supplies available for tissue regeneration.

Don’t I need to worry about some of the glandulars, protomorphogens and cytosol extracts products having bovine tissue in them? What about mad cow disease? The cattle used by Standard Process are routinely tested for toxins and food additives. Tissues go through a battery of 21 tests for impurities. Standard Process has been purchasing tissue from the same organic farm for over 50 years (2007 statement).

One theory concerning mad cow disease is that it may be linked to the strong insecticidal chemicals used in the farming practice–specifically the one used to treat bots. As the bots come out of the skin they leave a gaping hole about 1/4 inch in diameter. As the cattle are doused with the insecticide, some of it gets into the body and causes neurological damage leaving the body in a weakened state. The farm Standard Process purchases from does not use this type of chemical.

Truthfully, you would have a better chance of getting killed crossing the street or driving your car. Many still expose themselves to cattle byproducts when they take supplements that are in gelatin capsules, eat gelatin (Jell-O), and certain prepackaged foods.

Some of my favorite Glandulars, Protomorphogens and Cytosol Extracts made by Standard Process products:

  • I use Ligaplex II every day to help keep my hip tendons and ligaments in place as I have inherited weak hips from my mom. Cardio plus is great for congestive heart failure and making heart murmurs go away, but I use it for a heart arrhythmia that gives me fits every now and then. These days I occasionally use Riboneucleic Acid to keep my brain “electric” for testing and to help my thyroid stimulating hormone convert to the active form. I also use Organic Minerals and Whole Desiccated Adrenal when I test I need them.
  • Albaplex– Natural form of amoxicillin that can be taken for months with no adverse side effects and no damage to the gut flora that usually results in yeast infections. Great for dissolving sebaceous cysts and clearing up chronic bladder problems.
  • Antronex– Natural form of antihistamine.
  • Arginex and Renatrophin PMG– Wonderful for cats with progressive renal failure. I’ve kept a lot of cats alive for more years than they should have been with this product. These type of supplements taste pretty good to animals, so it’s not too much of a hassle to get them to take them.
  • Bio-Dent- Great product for tightening the teeth in their sockets, for pyorrhea (inflamed and infected gums) and for making the teeth strong.
  • Cal-Amo- Used for recharging the lymphatic system and alkalizing the body.
  • Cal-Ma Plus– One of my very favorites protomorphogens for broken bones and bone deformities. It contains whole desiccated parathyroid so draws the calcium into the bones much more effectively than taking calcium supplements by themselves. This is a miracle product. I once had a puppy come in with a broken bone in its front foreleg. One bone had been damaged (the ulna on the inside of the leg), but the other bone (radius on the outside) had not been damaged. As the leg grew, the damaged bone would not grow and the healthy bone grew twice as long causing the leg to curl inward. Just 2 months of this supplement completely repaired and straightened out the leg.
  • Catalyn- Great overall natural vitamin made of whole foods and used often with other supplements.
  • Cataplex E2– Great for those with heart problems and chest pains that come and go. Acts as a natural nitro glycerin.
  • Cataplex GTF and Paraplex– Great protomorphogens and cytosol extracts for supporting those with diabetes. It really helps to stabilize the blood sugar levels and helps some to cut back on their cravings. The herb Gymnema is also a good supplement to help with sugar cravings.
  • Chezyn– Great for eye problems, especially for the repair of retinal degeneration. I’ve helped many people repair detached retinas with this product as well. Oh, and I used it as one of the supplements to help repair a cerebral aneurysm in myself and an aortic aneurysm in a 70 year old man.
  • Choline is great for liquefying the bile coming out of the gallbladder. It has cleared up belching, hiccups, and nightmares for me.
  • Collinsonia Root– Wonderful product for those with hemorrhoids. Also see the hemorrhoid exercise that Edgar Cayce channeled while he was still living. My clients have told me that as long as they do the exercise and take their supplements, they have no problems with hemorrhoids.
  • Cyruta Plus and Folic Acid B-12– Wonderful products for healing those aged and wise bodies that bruise easily. Folic Acid B-12 is also good for pregnant mothers.
  • Hypothalamus PMG– Great protomorphogens for those people whose memory has been damaged after car accidents or falls that involve head trauma. The theory is that it repairs the fraying of the hypothalamic stalk. Also good for vision problems (like double vision).
  • Immuplex– Great for upper respiratory problems in cats. Give about 1/2 capsule/day.
  • Inositol- Good brain sugar. Specifically feeds the brain stem.
  • Min-Chex– Wonderful for animals (and people) who have Petit Mal seizures.
  • Min-Tran- Very effective natural tranquilizer.
  • Oculotrophin PMG– Protomorphogens that help with glaucoma. (Note: Acupuncture is a good backup.)
  • Okra Pepsin E2– Coats the stomach for those with peptic ulcers.
  • Parotid PMG– These protomorphogens help to process and remove chemicals from the body, especially those cases where the palms are bright red.
  • Pneumotrophin PMG– A note about lung glandulars and protomorphogens. Some people will respond to these with a mild bronchitis or allergic reaction. This is common for this particular glandular. Pneumotrophin is used for emphysema and lung damage, but when used for asthma we need to start out with smaller doses and work up to a larger dose over a period of weeks.
  • Prostate PMG– Prostate protomorphogens to help repair any kind of prostate damage including benign prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer.
  • Spleen PMG- A protomorphogen great for repairing the immune system. I’ve used this product successfully in treating Lupus.
  • Symplex F- Wonderful support for women during perimenopause, menopause and for those seeking natural hormone replacement therapies. Symplex F contains extracts of pituitary to keep those hormones balanced, as well as thyroid, adrenal  and ovarian tissue protomorphogens.
  • Thymex is great for dissolving fatty tumors although it needs to be taken for several months. My human patients say that the lump tingles after they take it. Since lipomas are thought to be low-grade staph infections, it would make sense that a product stimulating the thymus gland would work to get rid of these over time.
  • Thymus PMG- Thymus protomorphogens excellent for stimulating the body’s own immunity. Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) in cats is thought to be incurable… Not with this product.
  • Thytrophin PMG– Thyroid protomorphogens help to repair the thyroid gland and is especially good for Hashimoto’s and Graves disease as it repairs the gland and acts as a decoy so that the body’s antibodies glom onto the product and not the body’s thyroid hormone.
  • Wheat germ oil– I use this often for treating infertility in both men and women. It helps dilate both the fallopian tubes and seminiferous tubules allowing connection of the sperm with the egg.

The above situations and disease processes are wake up calls. If we are showing signs of illness, our body is signaling to us that it needs help. Instead of ignoring those pleas, we need to respond to them whether that is learning to say no, eating better, developing better boundaries, working on our Spiritual lessons or taking supplements.

Glandulars, protomorphogens and cytosol extracts are some of the great products to help repair these weak organs. These products work to repair systems, not just individual organs.

Well, those are pretty much my favorites for this product line. I’m sure you can relate to one or more of them. What I like to do is find the supplements your body specifically vibrates to, copy off the handout that explains the supplement, go through it phrase by phrase and pinpoint exactly why you are testing you need it so you are not just taking a bunch of pills blindly.

Standard Process labs continue to use the patented process Dr. Royal Lee developed in the 1950’s. I don’t quite understand how we could have been using products such as these for this many years without double-blind studies on them, but I suppose it’s like with any other supplement or herb. They don’t cost a lot so the profit margin is slim and it doesn’t pay the drug companies to put money into research like that.

I don’t really care, because my clients and I are very satisfied with the results. My feeling is we need to use whatever works to heal our bodies. We have an entire buffet of stuff out there for healing. Some is better for us than others. These supplements are a staple for me and I won’t give them up.

Dr. Lee described in detail what these extracts contain and how they function in regards to cellular regulation, maintenance, and interactions with tissue antibodies. Much of this information is within the Product Bulletin, which I often share pages from with my clients.

If you think this type of supplement is for you, please fill out the Symptom Survey and email or “snail mail” the results back to our office. We can then set up an appointment to discuss a plan of action for your health challenges.

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