2023 MasterMind for Healers

What techniques do YOU use in your own healing?

2023 Mastermind for Healers:

  • Develop Your Healing Business

  • Using Successful Business Models with

  • LIVE Interactions from Seasoned Healers

  • Eliminate Competition by

  • Attracting Clients That Love and Value What You Do

In This 2023 MasterMind for Healers, You Will Learn:

  • Business model essentials from A to Z (beginning to end of a practice)
  • Fundamentals of Running a Successful Profitable Practice
  • Maximize effectiveness of Time and Dollars Spent on Building your Healing Practice
  • Tricks on How to Identify Your Perfect Customers
  • One Secret Technique to Double Your Rates Without Feeling Guilty and Without Upsetting Your Clients
  • How To Manage Your Practice to Accommodate Your Busy Personal Times
  • How To Stand Out & Market Your Unique Gifts
  • Business Model Essentials from A To Z (Beginning to End of a Practice)
  • Become A Sought-After Professional Who Gets Paid What They Are Worth
  • Secrets, Skills, And Strategies for Your Practice to Thrive
  • How To Overcome Poverty-Consciousness Issues (Which Most Healers Have)
  • Productivity Tricks and Tips That Will Save You Time and Dollars
  • How To Use Techniques Loved, Valued, And Used by The Pros
  • How To Be Ahead of The Pack by Attending to Challenges as They Come Up with the Help of Your Tribe of Healers
  • Effective Step-By-Step Techniques for Managing Clients
  • Principles And Practices for Great Client Retention
  • Soft Accountability With Your Own Tribe of Seasoned Healers

If it’s obvious that this is not the Tribe for you or whatever reason, we will gladly give a full refund up to 30 days

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