Aggression in the Dog

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This from a woman with an aggressive Rottweiler problem: Delighted to talk with you today about our dog, Rakita.  We tried the feeding trick tonight—I had the boys scoop her food, then set it on the counter instead of taking it to her spot.  She tilted her head in wonder.  Then we all picked up our pieces of bread I’d prepared for the “alpha’s eat first” ritual.  She was SO surprised.  I’d told the boys to eat slowly, careful not to drop any, and if she were to come forward to grab, they, not I, should tell her “down.”  She came forward and reached for their food—John firmly said “down” –down she went!  She’s never minded him before.  She was up and tried it a couple more times before our bread was finished—each time I had the boys give the command and she obeyed.  Afterward she received her meal happily.  How fascinating to watch her respond like that—to see her grappling with the switch of power.  We’re going to keep this process up until I’m able to find and read The Dog Whisperer as you recommended.  Thank you for your helpful suggestions. Kim K.

P.S. – Since “work day” begins when the boys go to sleep, I had to tear myself away from your website lest I not get anything done in the studio. It’s a wonderful resource I look forward to returning to again!

Helpful Books/Links/References

Book Review: The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell  (/the-dog-listener.htm)