Beds we water on Elk Meadow Farm

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Bed No. Name of Bed Drip In

We’ve spend a bunch of years hand watering. Sometimes it takes hours a day! We’re going to attempt to put all of these beds into drip systems this year as it will save us bunches of time to do other projects.

1 Back to Eden Demo Plot
2 Berry Patch X
3 Chicken Hill Orchard
4 Path to Pond Chicken Hill
5 Circle Garden
6 Food Not Lawns area
7 Chicken Hill Comfrey Patch
8 Boxwood Path/East Bed of House
9 Cat House Bed
10 Bee Hut Area
11 12-Step Area
12 Pond Permaculture Orchard Upper Levels
13 Pond Hugelkultures/Raspberry bed
14 Pond Nursery/Orchard X
15 Garden above Intern Trailer
16 Bee Bee Lane/Duck Pen Expanded Area
17 Duck Pen/Bedspring Arbor
18 West Gate to Back 40
19 Meditation Path X
20 Keyhole South X
21 Keyhole West X
22 Back Yard Lawn
23 West House Beds (Back Door Area)
24 Pump house beds X
25 North Side Shade garden
26 North Lawn
27 Blackberry Patch X
28 Echinacea Bed by Garage
29 Permaculture Orchard on Pad 4 X
30 Pad 4 X
31 Hoophouse
32 Bed below Hoophouse (Burning Bush/Apple Tree)
33 Pad 2 X
34 Quince Orchard
35 Nut Orchard By Hoop House
36 Perennial Garden
37 Orchard X
38 Stone Fruit Orchard
39 Dinosaur Alley
40 Hugelkultures by Dinosaur Alley
41 Chicken Hill North
42 Chicken Hill North Shade Garden

43 Barn Pumpkin Patch
44 Arbor Vitae by Front Gate

45 Circle of Friends Garden X
46 Maple Lane
47 Sugar Bush Lane
51 Landing area for UFO’s/Area for Pond #1 in 2018