Brain Fog

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Brain Fog

It’s an issue these days.

  • It’s not coming to me.
  • The name escapes me right now.
  • I’m completely without thought.
  • I don’t recall.
  • My short-term memory is just gone!
  • I used to remember stuff like that.
  • The name escapes me right now.
  • I can’t think straight.
  • My mind is gone.
  • I can’t remember.
  • I don’t recall.
  • I didn’t catch that, say that again.
  • I have CRS disease (can’t remember sh_t).
  • My brain is always in a haze.
  • I have Brain Fog!”

These are the phrases I hear my clients say in normal conversation when I know they are working with sub-optimal planes of nutrition.  And although I use multiple modes of communication, I often find that they have not absorbed most of what I say and even forget to read the handouts I send home or order the books I’ve recommended let alone read them!

A few tricks I personally use:

Ribonucleic Acid by Standard Process labs. This supplement really helps me get clear and focus when I need to (usually during that 3p.m. to 5p.m. timeslot!) I take about 3 tablets will a half glass of water and within ten minutes or so, I can think better. I love this product. It really helps me.

Turmeric Forte: Another Standard Process/Medi Herb product that takes down the inflammation inside the brain by crossing the blood brain barrier. Many Turmeric products on the market these days use black pepper to  help the turmeric pass through but this is a nightshade and many older people feel MORE pain when they eat nightshades. Standard Process uses fenugreek for this.

Eating more vegetables (especially the raw ones) also helps with focus and it combats mild depression at the same time. Of course these need to be eaten 5-7 times each week.

And lastly, if I am experiencing brain fog, I wear a Nikken magnetic necklace (even when I sleep.) Those days that I take off the necklace to shower and forget to put it back on are just brain dead days for me. Near noon I wonder, “Why on earth am I so slow today?” Eventually I see the necklace on the counter and know why. That thing is awesome.

I hope these things help you like they help me. I for one make a living out of using my brain and my clients depend on my ability to think clearly and give great advice.