Building the Habits of Health

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Tips and Tricks for a Healthier Life: Building the habits of health

Even in times of dearth there are things you can do to step closer to your health goals by:

  • Choosing to believe in the process even when you think your program is not working (law of attraction)
  • Doing the steps at the beginning of the day and getting it out of the way (e.g. like taking your supplements and eating your allotment of fruits/veggies each day). Acid thoughts make for an acid body. Have a set of distractions or play music to prevent those negative thoughts from renting head space.
  • Taking steps and developing perspective towards a positive goal instead of walking and talking fear. One example is reading prepper books vs reading homesteading books. The prepper is preparing for world disaster whereas the homesteader is gaining useful knowledge to become more self-sufficient. They both have similar tasks, but the homesteading attitude is “I wonder if I could learn how to live off the grid? What would I have to accomplish to do that?” whereas the prepper attitude is “We must get this done and NOW because there will be no food, clothing, electricity and our lives will be in danger in a moment’s notice.” Feel the difference?
  • Look back occasionally on a list of symptoms you wrote down when you started your process of healing. How many symptoms can be checked off your list or how many have you minimized? People in pain don’t realize when the pain resides. How long has it been since that last headache? Are your bowels moving more times each week than when you were once constipated?
  • Listen to that Still Small Voice within. If you feel one or more of the people on your healing team are not currently serving your highest and best good, then it’s OK to change team members or add others who you feel nourished by. True healers may feel hurt that you’ve gone elsewhere but they know deep down that they need to be serving their clients and if the vibe isn’t there any longer (even temporarily) then they need to release the client to someone who will better serve them. It’s not about us, it’s about YOU. All these things add up over time.