List of Butterflies and Moths in Latah County Idaho

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Common Name/ Scientific Name/ Plant Materials that the Larvae feed on:

I’ll be happy if I can just identify the groups of butterflies and moths but it’s amazing how many of them love the Echinacea patch by our garage.

Admiral, Lorquin’s Limenitis lorquini Willow/Cherry/Cottonwood
Admiral, Red Vanessa atalanta Nettles, Composites, Cannabis
Alpine, Common Erebia epepsodea Alpine meadow edges
Azure, Spring Celastrina ladon Blueberry, Cranberry, Heath family
Blue, Arrowhead Glaucopsyche piasus Prarie woodland edges
Blue, Biosduval’s Plebejus icarioides Lupines
Blue, Eastern Tailed Cupido comyntas Legumes/Vetches/Clovers
Blue, Greenish Piebejus Saepiolus Clovers
Blue, Lupine Plebejus lupini Alpine slopes/mountain meadow/nectar feeder
Blue, Melissa (AKA Karner Blue) Piebejus melissa Lupine, astragalus, Licorice
Blue, Silvery Glaucopsyche lygdamus Sweet pea, Lupines, Lotus adults on Asters
Blue, Western Square-dotted Euphilotes battoides
Blue, Western Tailed Cupido amyntula
Checkerspot, Chalcedon Euphydryas chalcedona
Checkerspot, Northern Chlosyne palla
Cloak, Mourning Nymphalis antiopa
Comma, Gray Polygonia progne
Comma, Green Polygonia faunus
Comma, Hoary Polygonia gracilis
Comma, Satyr Polygonia satyrus
Comma, Zephyr Polygonia zephyrus
Copper, Edith’s Lycaena editha
Copper, Mariposa Lycaena mariposa
Copper, Purplish Lycaena helloides
Copper, Ruddy Lycaena rubidus
Crescent, Field Physiodes pulchella
Crescent, Mylitta Phyciodes mylitta
Crescent, Northern Phyciodes cocyta
Dash, Long Polites mystic
Duskywing, Persius
Duskywing, Dreamy Erynnis icelus
Duskywing, Pacuvius Erynnis pacuvius
Elfin, Brown’s Callophrys augustinus
Elfin, Hoary Callophrys polios
Elfin, Moss’ Callophrys mossii
Elfin, Western Pine Callophrys eryphon
Fritillary, Callippe Speyeria callippe
Fritillary, Coronis Speyeria coronis
Fritillary, Great Basin Speyeria egleis
Fritillary, Great Spangled Speyeria cybele
Fritillary, Hydaspe Speyeria hydaspe
Fritillary, Mormon Speyeria mormonia
Fritillary, Pacific Boloria epithore
Fritillary, Silver-Bordered Boloria selene
Fritillary, Zerene Speyeria zerene
Hairstreak, California Satyrium californica
Hairstreak, Gray Strymon melinus
Hairstreak, Hedgerow Satyrium saepium
Hairstreak, Juniper Callophrys gryneus
Hairstreak, Nelson’s Callophrys nelsoni
Hairstreak, Rosner’s Callohrys rosneri
Hairstreak, Sheridan’s Green Callophrys sheridanii
Hairstreak, Sylvan Satyrium sylvinus
Hairstreak, thicket Callophrys spinetorum
Hairstreak, Western Green Callophrys affinis
Lady, American Vanessa virginiensis
Lady, Painted Vanessa cardui
Lady, West Coast Vanessa annabella
Marble, Large Euchloe ausonides
Metalmark, Mormon Apodemia mormo
Monarch Danaus plexippus
Moth, Hawkmoth Bedstraw Hyles gallii
Moth, Hawkmoth Five-Spotted Manduca quinquemaculata
Moth, Ornate Tiger Grammia ornata
Moth, Pearly-Winged Lichen Crambidia casta
Moth, Polyphemus Anthemea polyphemus
Moth, Sheepmoth, Western Hemileuca eglanterina
Moth, Silk Ceanothus Hyalphora euryalus
Moth, Winter Operophtera brumata
Orangetip, Stella Anthocharis stella
Parnassian, clodium Parnassius clodius
Parnassian, Rocky Mountain Parnassius smintheus
Ringlet, Common Coenonympha tullia
Rustic, Civil Caradrina montana
Sachem Atalopedes campestris
Skipper, Arctic Carterocephalus palaemon
Skipper, Common Checkered Pyrgus communis
Skipper, Common Roadside Amblyscirtes vialis
Skipper, Juba Hesperia juba
Skipper, Northern White Heliopetes ericetorum
Skipper, Pecks Polites peckius
Skipper, Silver –spotted Epargyreus clarus
Skipper, Two-banded Checkered Pyrgus ruralis
Skipper, Western Branded Hesperia Colorado
Skipper, Woodland Ochlides sylvanoides
Skipperling, Garita Oarisma garita
Sootywing, Common Pholisora Catullus
Spanworm, The Bruce Operophtera bruceata
Sphinx, big Poplar Pachysphinx occidentalis
Sphinx, Blinded Paonias excaecata
Sphinx, Clark’s Proserpinus clarkiae
Sphinx, Elegant Sphinx perelegans
Sphinx, One-eyed Smerinthus cerisyi
Sphinx, Pacific Green Proserpinus lucidus
Sphinx, Small-eyed Paonias myops
Sphinx, Vashti Sphinx vashti
Sphinx, White-Lined Hyles lineata
Sphinx, Wild Cherry Sphinx drupiferarum
Sphinx, Yellow-Banded Proserpinus flavofasciata
Sulphur, Clouded Colias philodice
Sulphur, Giant Coias gigantea
Sulphur, Orange Colias eurytheme
Sulphur, Pink-edged Colias interior
Suphur, Western Colias occidentalis
Swallowtail, Pale Pa;ikio eurymedon
Swallowtail, Anise Papilio zelicaon
Swallowtail, Canadian Tiger Papilio canadensis
Swallowtail, Eastern Tiger Pa;ilio glaucus
Swallowtail, Indra Papilio indra
Swallowtail, Old World Papilio machaon
Swallowtail, Two-Tailed Papilio multicaudata
Swallowtail, Western Tiger Papilio rutulus
Tortoiseshell, California Nymphalis californica
Tortoiseshell, Compton Nymphalis vaualbum
Tortoiseshell, Milbert’s Aglais milberti
Underwing, European Yellow Noctua pronuba
White, Becker’s Pontia beckerii
White, Cabbage Pieris rapae
White, Checkered Pontia protodice
White, Margined, Pieris marginalis
white, Pine Neophasia menapia
White, Western Pontia occidentalis
Wood-Nymph, Common Cercyonis pegala
Wood-Nymph, Small Cercyonis cetus
Clearwing, Rocky Mountain or Californian Hemaris thetis
Looper, Alfalfa Autographa californica
Moth, Three-Lined Flower Ufeus satyricus
Dart, Clear Euxoa declarata
Moth, Mead’s Flower Schinia meadi
Holomelina, Rusty Virbia fragilis
Moth, No Common Name recorded Polix coloradella
Moth, No Common Name recorded Depressaria leptotaeniae Feeds on Lomatium dissecta
Moth, No Common Name recorded Depressaria multifidae Feeds on Lomatium spp.
Moth, Concealer Agonopterix sabulella
Moth, No Common Name recorded Agonopterix rosaciliella Feeds on Angelica and Osha
Moth, No Common Name recorded Agonopterix canadensis Feeds on Scenacio
Moth, No Common Name recorded Agonopterix psoraliella Feeds on Psoraelea
Moth, No Common Name recorded Ethmia monticola Larvae feed on Lithospermum
Moth, No Common Name recorded Tetracis jubararia Larvae feed on deciduous trees and thuja