Dr. Moffat’s Book List

These are some of the many books that have influenced the way I work and the information has helped hundreds of clients get their health problems under control. I just love these books and I’ll continue to put more on the list as we go. If you feel like the site is helpful please tell them at Paper Back Swap that I turned you onto it and I’ll get a credit for a free book. Lord knows I do need more books! I only have 2 full walls of them now. One can always use more books. . . and more flowers!

Links to Audio Programs

Amazon.com and the other book sites has really gotten up there in price. Here’s the club I use right now. If someone wants one of your books, you mail it to them at your cost (using media mail–they supply a label). If you want one of theirs, they mail it to you at their cost. There is no charge for the book. It’s a swap. Works great. and there are well over 3 million books posted right now. I’m loving it. I hope you will too. Dr. Moffat