Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward If you haven’t seen the movie, Pay it Forward, please do. Pay it Forward Movie Review: Young Trevor McKinney (Haley Joel Osment of the Sixth Sense), troubled by his mother’s alcoholism (played by Helen Hunt of the movie Always) and fears of...

Metaphysical, Alt. Health, Spiritual Movies

A list of some of the movies that I recommend my clients see for various aspects of their healing. If you don’t see your favorite movie, let me know. Maybe I haven’t seen it. My back East clients always get to see the new movies first. Lucky dogs.

Dr. Moffat’s Book List

These are some of the many books that have influenced the way I work and the information has helped hundreds of clients get their health problems under control. I just love these books and I’ll continue to put more on the list as we go. If you feel like the site is helpful please tell them at Paper Back Swap that I turned you onto it and I’ll get a credit for a free book. Lord knows I do need more books! I only have 2 full walls of them now. One can always use more books. . . and more flowers!