Making Nutrition Work

These are notes I took from a lecture called Making Nutrition Work: I learned a lot. I hope you do to. Ascorbic Acid is the outer coat of the vitamin c molecule and is synthetically made by combining corn syrup with sulfuric acid. Hybrid plants have less nutritional value. Iron Supplements: Ferrous Fulmerate (the kind of iron pill prescribed by many doctors) is made of coal tar. With good quality iron supplements, the stools should not get black. Ferrofood, Floridix, and blackstrap molasses are all better sources of iron, but you still have to get those stomach acids back (Betaine HCl is used for this.) Prilosec shreds the lining of the stomach and inactivates stomach acids necessary to digest protein eventually causing more harm than healing. Tums takes away the digestive function. Butter eaters have better pain tolerance than margarine eaters.

The Many Faces of Flowers

The body always seeks balance—you are attracted to foods, colors, sounds, smells, people and situations that promote this balance called homeostasis. We have many types of energetic fields in our bodies that respond to color, vibration, and the nutrition that plants give to us. Some ways flowers are used are in Flower Essences, Medicinal Remedies, Essential Oils, and in Homeopathics. Even the color of the flower and their vibration are important.