Lick Granuloma in Dogs

Lick Granuloma or Acral Lick Dermatitis is a real challenge for us in the veterinary world. . .at least it was for me until I entered the Alternative Medicine world and found the core cause of this problem. Let me show you how to fix this without spending hundreds of dollars and wasting lots of time. . .

How to Bathe a Cat

Preparation for bathing your cat. Getting the stuff together that you’ll need, testing water temperature, types of shampoos and combing your cat out prior to bathing.

Bird Cupcakes

Bird Cupcakes are for high-energy in the winter. A suet treat in a decorator cup. They don’t last long around our house. The Blue Jay’s screech like birds of prey to scare the smaller birds off so they can gobble these things up. One cupcake lasts about 6 minutes. They get one/day because they’re just piggy about these things!

Blood Type Diets for Dogs

My border collie indeed does best on chicken and barley and get diarrhea with lots of other foods. She also prefers cooked vegetables over raw and won’t eat fruit. I noted that lots of breeds test they need parsley as a mineral and detox food and the breeds Kate Solisti listed seem to be right on with my muscle testing. I do believe Kate is onto something here. I read a couple of blogs pooh-poohing her article, but I’ve noticed over the years that most people who are naysayers of the Blood Type Diet 1) Have never read the book and 2) have never tried the diet for three months. So, really I believe their opinions can be invalidated. The Blood Type Diet seems to be a great diet for a majority (not all) of my client-base. I think I’ll compare this chart to my canine cases and see if I can add anything to it.