Sourdough Bread–No Knead Recipe

For this no-knead sourdough bread, cover the bowl of bread poolish/levain with plastic wrap and let it rest at room temperature overnight (8 to 12 hours) until it has approximately doubled in size. *I once slept in and left my poolish to rise for 13 hours, with no problems. *On cold winter nights, I set the bowl of poolish/levain to rise on a rack several feet from our wood burning stove.


Quiche Recipe: Crack and beat the whole eggs with the Pesto. In another bowl, add all the other ingredients together. Mix. Drizzle the egg mixture on top of the other ingredients. Mix everything together. Dump them into the Pie Crust. Sprinkle the extra cheese on top. If you have any leftover veggies, you can grease a small oven-safe dish and put the extra into it and bake it along with the Quiche.

Ice Cream with Raw Egg

Sometimes this ice cream is either a little too soft or a little too hard but it IS quick and easy and the fruits can be changed out to suit the individual tastes. Because the eggs are raw, you’ll want to warn anyone eating the ice cream ahead of time. Some people are afraid of Salmonella–kind of a low probability with Farm-Fresh eggs laid by chickens on free range but. . .

Crepes Recipe

This Crepes recipe uses SIX farm fresh eggs per batch of crepes. Good tasting, easy and fast to make and good for you. One of my clients substitutes Buckwheat flour but you can change out the flour to suit your needs. Enjoy! 

Egg Noodles Recipe

This winter our “girls” were laying fewer eggs with the shorter days. It just wasn’t worth it to take 4 dozen eggs/week to the local Co-op, so we stored up a few dozen and decided to make egg noodles. We invited our new neighbors up for a noodle making adventure. There were noodles everywhere we looked in various stages. It was my goal to experiment using different flours so we made four batches of egg noodles.

Cranberries Fermented in Honey

Cranberries fermented in honey is a recipe I grabbed then modified off the internet in 2019 when we spent a year experimenting with fermented foods high in natural pre and probiotics. We were specifically searching for some recipes we could add to our diets on a regular basis that were appropriate for our blood type (not sauerkraut). This one is appropriate for all blood types but not a recipe to use if you have any issues with Gout. We loved it so much that this year we made several batches.