Clam Dip

Directions for Clam Dip: Mash all the ingredients for the Clam Dip together in a small mixing bowl, preferably the day before eating so the herbs can release their full flavor. Serve with your favorite chips or crackers. Makes about 2 cups.

Amish Style Baked Oatmeal

Amish Style Baked Oatmeal: I’ve tried adding protein powder to this recipe but it turned out a bit dry. I think if you added another egg and a bit more liquid it would be fine and be more Zone-balanced. It’s really good like it is though. You can also let it cool then and cut it up and wrap it for breakfast on the road if you like.

Frittata Muffins

We freeze the leftovers Frittata muffins to use on long summer days when we’re too tired to cook after gardening all day. It’s simple and delicious: Ingredients–8 Eggs 1/2 cup Raw Milk or your favorite milk substitute 1 tea. Aluminum-Free Baking Powder 2 tea. Olive Oil Salt, Pepper or Hot Sauce to taste 1 cup Grated Cheese of your choice (I use half Feta to mix with the veggies and Colby Jack for the topping) 3 cups of your Favorite Frittata/Omelet fillings (I use zucchini, kale, tomatoes, bacon, onions)

Wild Rice Waffles

Michael and I love this recipe for Wild Rice Waffles. We’ve made two batches of them for freezing for use later on in the growing season and they work really well from the freezer to the toaster, but these waffles are elegant enough to serve at any gourmet breakfast to impress visitors or friends.

Vegetable Fettuccine

Vegetable fettuccine is one of our favorite garden recipes and is great for entertaining and showing off your fresh-picked stuff. Notes: •Be sure the vegetables are firm. •Shrimp–make sure it has not been preserved with metabisulfites—check the bag for ingredients. •I’ve used Romano cheese instead of Parmesan but it isn’t as good. I’ve also used Parmesan from the container and it tastes almost as good as freshly ground. •This recipe is also great with fresh asparagus or some fresh corn kernels tossed in.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is stock or broth made from the bones, hooves, knuckles, carcasses and tough meat of chicken, fish or beef. Hooves, knuckles and heads produce the most gelatin. Bone broth has been used since the beginning of time for various health concerns such as: cancer, diabetes, digestive problems in babies (when added to their milk), infectious diseases, jaundice, muscle diseases, nurturing the sick, osteoporosis/osteopenia, peptic ulcers, pregnancy, sore throats and tuberculosis.

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