Cell Phone, EMF and 5G Safety

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Is Your Cell Phone Safe? Are you Safe from EMFs and 5G?

Some research on cell phones suggests increased risk of brain and mouth tumors and behavioral problems in children from the use of cell phones.

Here are some tips on making cell phone activity as safe as possible:

By low-radiation phones. Check out how your cell phone compares to others on the release of radiation https://emfempowerment.com/cell-phone-radiation-protection/ 

  • Cell phone reception: The stronger the signal the fewer the rads so stay off the phone if you see fewer bars. Wait to answer calls when your signal is stronger.
  • Keep your kids off the phone: Environmental Working Group research suggests that limiting cell phone use in children is the best plan. Young children’s brains absorb twice as much cell phone radiation as those of adults (and many children seem to stay on the phone longer so what does that tell us?)
  • Listen more: Radiation is released when sending voice mail and text messages to another caller—so it’s safer to listen than to be talking all the time. Fewer rads are released when texting than talking. One theory is that your body is safer because you’re holding the phone away from your body to text.
  • Store and hold your phone away from your body when not in use. Don’t store your phone in a pocket or on your belt where soft body tissues absorb radiation—especially if you are having infertility challenges.
  • Use a headset or speaker. Some wireless headsets emit continuous, low-level radiation so take these off when you’re not on the phone. 
  • Never purchase a house or live in an apartment or dorm in direct line of a cell tower! https://sixwise.com/newsletters/05/09/28/what_are_the_dangers_of_living_near_Cell_phone_towers.htm

Radiation Shields: People ask me all the time if they should put those radiation shield gimmicks on their phones, computers and other electrical equipment. Save your money. These shields give us a false sense of security by reducing connection quality. The phone is then forced to transmit at higher powers with higher radiation. In a lecture our community attended from an expert flown in from Las Vegas stated that there was actually a paint that did absorb and deflect some of the electro magnetic waves see Bill Cadwallader’s site Stop Dirty Electricity: https://stopdirtyelectricity.com/ 

With all the talk about installing 5G around the world, smart this and smart that and the constant monitoring of every activity that we do every 6 seconds as the meters do their readings, we are seeing an increase in health challenges. I get the hit that our population is in dire straights. More and more of my clients are complaining about dirty electricity, EMF sensitivity and health issues associated with their sensitivities. They are just exhausted and brain fogged out. It’s a big deal and getting bigger.

We won’t even talk about cell phone safety tips while driving. Of course it’s best to refuse to drive with people who talk with their hands and give you their full attention while they are driving—especially while driving on snowy roads! I’ve seen people read books while driving and work on computers as well. I’m thinking that may be even more dangerous than using a cell phone!

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I have a client who is an expert on this topic. She has shared some solid references to educate: (Thanks Katie!)