Chakra Balancing Using Color

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Chakra Balancing Using Color:

Note: You must know how to muscle test to do this technique.  

What are chakras?

Chakras are energy centers which pool positive, negative and neutral electricity in certain parts of our body. They can have a clockwise or counter clockwise spin.

Healthy chakras spin in a clockwise fashion.

The chakras connect our nerves, hormones and emotions linking them to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems.  Chakras are shaped like a cone with the small end toward the front side of our body and the large end on the backside.

Chakra Imbalances:

A chakra imbalance can influence how we feel, how our body responds, what diseases we encounter and how we react to challenges in our lives.  The more balanced we are on all levels and planes of energy within our body, the easier life gets.

There are seven major chakra centers. These seven chakras center around the pelvis, belly, liver, heart, throat, center of the eyes and top of the head.  There are also chakras in the palms of our hands and on the soles of our feet.

Hundreds of other tiny chakras swirl around our body at all times. When you work with chakras you will want to direct the light and color onto the front of the body to get the most benefit.

You will need:

  • Someone or yourself to work on.
  • Color vials, pieces of colored glass, crystals, or colored lenses in all the colors of the rainbow.
  • A penlight, flashlight or laser light.

The Process for Chakra Balancing Using Color:

Have you or the client/patient lie on their back on a comfortable surface.

1)  Using the process of muscle-testing, ask: “Are there chakras we can work on today?”  If yes, proceed.

2)  Ask, “Which chakra needs to be balanced first?” Then muscle test from the root chakra up to the crown chakra until your fingers release.

3)  Decide which light you will be using from what you have. It can be a penlight, laser pointer, or flashlight.  Color is vibration.  Your body knows which color will heal it.  If feels the subtle vibration.  White light from the flashlight or penlight plus any color gives a totally different wavelength.  Your body and mind will know which color combinations are necessary for it to use. If you have a laser light then the body will adapt to that and you may end up using different color lenses, glass or vials than if you were using the white light.

4) Ask, “Which color do I need to work with to heal the weakened chakra?” Muscle-test each color vial, piece of glass, or crystal asking with a yes/no question if you should use it or not.

5)  Set the colors you are to work with on the appropriate chakra.

6)  Now take your light and shine it through each vial, glass or crystal, muscle-testing every 2-3 minutes to see if you are finished.  When you muscle-test weak to the color, you are finished with that one and can go on to the next color. Treat one chakra at a time treating the area with all the colors it wants before moving to the next chakra. Continue until all chakras have been treated.

Fine Tuning the Process:

Note how you feel as you are being treated

Now, when you think you are done you might want to ask some more questions. First ask a broad-based question such as the ones below, then muscle test in a more detailed way to get just the right thing you need.

Is there anything additional I can do to keep my chakras balanced?   Yes/No

Do I need to eat a certain color fruit or vegetable?  Yes/No

If yes, which color? Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple or White?

How much do I have to eat per day?  ½ cup, 1 cup, l ½ cups, 2 cups?

Do I need to have a certain crystal on my body?  Yes/No Which one? (I use a list of common crystals you can purchase at most rock shops) Where do it need it? (You can either scan the body or ask it yes/no area by area).

Do I need to wear or be around certain colors?  Yes/No Which one? Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Black, White or a variation of one?

Note: This technique and theory was introduced to me by Dr. Russell at Professional Health Formulations and modified and embellished by myself for layperson use.

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