The Monument

  • God,
  • Before He sent his children to earth
  • Gave each of them
  • A very carefully selected package
  • Of problems,
  • These,
  • He promised, smiling,
  • Are yours alone, No one
  • Else may have the blessings
  • These problems will bring you.
  • And only you
  • Have the special talents and abilities
  • That will be needed
  • To make these problems
  • Your servants.
  • Now go down to your birth
  • And to your forgetfulness, Know that
  • I love you beyond measure.
  • These problems that I give you
  • Are a symbol of that love.
  • These monuments you make of your life
  • With the help of your problems
  • Will be s symbol of your
  • Love for me.

Your Father.

Reference:  Charlie’s Monument Quoted from Blaine M. Yorgason

Thanks to Linda W. for helping me to get this poem “just right”