Coffee Enemas-How Often?

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Ask Dr. Moffat:  

Hi Denice – Yay! I ‘just’ did the coffee enema — woo-hoo! Today I was feeling low energy and concentration, but now I feel GREAT — as if I am not even fasting! I can see now why you recommend them, they’re pretty amazing! So, the question is, may I do them the next 2 days? Please say yes — I really like the way I feel right now — and I am sure I have more gunk to get loosened up from my tummy. I’m kinda amazed at how much stuff was stuck in there — mung beans from soup I made like 2-3 weeks ago — WTF?! Crazy that I have as clean of a diet as I do, and still things get stuck in my colon. I’m wondering if I need another colon cleanse like Colonix again? Anyway, let me know about enemas for the rest of the days — I am a fan! Denise

Dear Denise: Although I advocate coffee enemas for certain things, I don’t advocate overdoing it. One enema pre-fasting and two during a 5-day water only fast are enough. For some, enemas are addicting. That is weird that you’d see mung beans eaten weeks ago. It makes me thing there may be an intestinal pocket or two in your large intestine. That makes sense too since you’ve shared your bloating issues with me in the past. Lots of belly massage and a few sit ups each day can actually correct the pocket issue. You just have to be persistent about that. GOOD FOR YOU for finally taking the plunge and doing that water fast though! How long have I been suggesting that for you? Eight years or so?