My Computer Caught Fire and Burned Me

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My Computer Caught Fire and Burned Me! Help!’

Dear Denice, I am a bit embarrassed to write this note to you, but I might need your advice. Last Saturday I was looking up cotton clothing on the computer. I was sitting in bed cross-legged with the computer on my lap and when I got up I noticed a red “rash” on my legs on the inside of my knees. It wasn’t the same as my other rash and I figured out that I got burned by the vents from my computer! It burned right through my sheet and comforter as I had my legs under the covers. I have been applying aloe vera from a live plant, but I was wondering if there was anything else I should be doing. I feel so stupid and almost ashamed of myself. I hardly ever go on the computer, so it is pretty ironic that this should happen to me. I would appreciate your advice if you have any. I figure I was on the computer about an hour. I am not looking for any free advice, so don’t hesitate to put your time on our credit card. Fran

Oh my goodness Fran! I noticed that it does get really hot when I put my laptop on me and type. I don’t do it very often but I purchased a breathable soft table to put the computer on when I’m sitting down. I’ve seen things on Facebook showing computers catching fire.

The aloe vera will work just fine. Apply it for 2 more days. Nothing else is needed. The cell turnover rate for normal skin is 10 days so it should be healed by then hopefully. You poor thing!
You didn’t know any better though so why feel ashamed and embarrassed? Think nothing more of this. And no. I’m not charging for this. Denice

Thanks Denice, I feel better just hearing your comforting words. The last few months have been so stressful for me so this event just added to pile of stress. But I feel better after your words. I can’t wait for summer. I need to get out of this house and into my garden!!! It has been such a long cold winter and sooo much snow! Enough is enough! I was thinking you might want to warn other people about computer burns in your newsletter. Probably most people know about this, but maybe there is someone out there who is as naive as I was. Thanks again Denice. Fran