Elk Meadow Farm and Nursery CSA Punch Cards 1

Elk Meadow Nursery CSA Punch card Front side


Elk Meadow Farm and Nursery CSA Punch Cards 2

Elk Meadow Nursery CSA Punchcard Backside

On sale now at the Elk Meadow Farm & Nursery booth at the Moscow Saturday Farmer’s Market. Get yours today!


Become a Fan of our Farm and we’ll let you know what we have available as the season rolls on. If you’d like us to bring something special (plants/eggs/food) to market for you and set it aside let us know. Becoming a Farm Fan and placing orders ahead of time helps us and YOU (You’ll get 10% off on all your Farm Fan Pre-orders!)

We take cash, check, credit/debit cards for our product and services. Let’s GROW!

Support your local farmer. Purchase a punch card for $100 and get $115 worth of plants, produce, eggs and whatever else we have available.