How to Make a Decoction:

A decoction is a method of extraction of herbal or plant material by dipping, mashing, soaking, steeping or boiling in water leaves, flowers, stems, roots, bark and rhizomes.  Making tea would be considered a decoction.

Recipe: Take 100 grams of herb, add 1600 ml of water. Boil down to 400ml (this will take about 2 hours) and take about 100 ml 1-2x/day.

Sometimes it’s best to add things to the herbal remedy because they can be extremely bitter (like Burdock for example–yikes!)

Helpful Links and References for Decoctions:

You tube video on how to do it (OK so the H in herb is silent and there is an “an” instead of an “a” before herb but the video was funny and effective):