Depression and Lithium

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Natural Sources of Lithium for Depression

Please note that I do not carry Lithium supplements. We use natural foods and homeopathic remedies for their lithium content.

Depression and lithium:

Lithium is a trace mineral found in the earth’s crust (and I bet you thought it came in a little pill the doctor gives people!) The medical field refines this crust to produce lithium arginate. It is most often known for its use in manic-depressant syndromes, but did you know that it is also used for treating ADD, epilepsy, alcoholism, drug withdrawal, kidney stones and migraine headaches? Some research shows that it may also be effective in treating malignant lymphatic growths, arteriosclerosis and chronic hepatitis.

Why is it that some people crave lemons while others don’t like the flavor?  One answer is that lemons are high in natural lithium.  Lithium is very grounding for the nervous system and the brain neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine. Other natural sources include mineral hot springs, mineral water, whole grains and seeds.

Lithium was discovered in mineral water in 1817 by August Arfvedson in Sweden. Its use in mental illness dates back to 400 A.D.  When water in a town is low in lithium, the crime rate and drug abuse go up.  A study done by Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer, a chemistry professor at the University of California, San Diego recommended that adding lithium to the drinking water may curb the crime rate and suicide in some Texas counties.

Lithium deficiencies

Lithium deficiencies are aggravated by high sugar consumption. No wonder we have so many children with ADD, ADHD, and anger problems in our schools these days.  One hundred years ago our average consumption of sugar was about ½ pound/person/year. The latest statistics show that we now ingest about ½ pound per day! Ugh. We really need to supplement with minerals if we are to get enough of them this day and age.

Lithium is a good example of how we research and study and still don’t know where all the trace minerals fit into our lives. They are important. They need to be in the proper amounts and in proper proportion to the other minerals of the body.

American Biologics also makes a natural lithium over-the-counter supplement sold in some health food stores and through alternative healthcare practitioners. (Please note that I do NOT carry this supplement.)

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