Developing Your Sixth Sense

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Developing Your Sixth Sense with Stuart Wilde 

The following pages are notes taken from the six tape set purchased from Nightingale Conant.


Developing the sixth sense is the process of enhancing or bringing forward your awareness and psychic ability. Sixth sense – sacred energy – cosmic state of inner knowing. We seek the sixth sense to make a connection with inner self and eternal life within. The process of unlocking the sixth sense is sacred and special.

There are levels of awareness and acuteness of sixth sense. Philosopher Gergeof – used The Sleeping Man- term to describe the consciousness of bushwa mundane life. One is required to exercise the force of will in order to wake oneself up in this lifetime. Example, take subway, trolley off to work, rush home, time has flown by, a week, a month, or years without you really being aware. In the sleep- state, time flies.

Conversely in the Spiritually aware sixth sense, time slows down and reality gets thicker, richer, aware of more, time frame is broader, more expansive.

Developing the sixth sense takes discipline and dedication. It can be used to:

  • Wake up courage and discipline
  • Follow through to enliven consciousness
  • Increase your state of awareness
  • Enhance your higher metaphysical ability
  • Enhance spirituality
  • And give you a more profound sense of self (that’s the reason for the journey in this lifetime).

Example: In a relationship you may start to become aware of subtle or subliminal information that flows from you towards others, as well as energy and emotion that flow from others to you. You realize you can pick up on what others are thinking. You become more aware, relationships improve. You then attract a higher quality of person.

Use the same awareness in financial matters and business. Perceptions will carry you to where financial opportunities lie, but they also help you to avoid financial losses. In developing increased awareness, you get more in touch with your relationships, your finances, and your creative expression. As you become more aware, more at peace, you develop more confidence, which automatically brings out your skills.

Logic, science, medicine, research: Scientists use the sixth sense to work out formulas and ideas. We all use it. The sixth perception is the ability to imagine and intuit new ideas from old ones.

Example: You are writing a piece of music and plunk, plunk along with a few notes and think, “That sounds like it might have commercial appeal.” At that point you don’t know it’s going to sell 11 million copies. It is intuitive guessing, but you put it down on music sheet because it feels right. Everything has energy.

You pick up energy by subtle senses. You meet a man/woman who might be opposite of what your intellect thought you would be attracted to. Tall skinny, with big nose and you were expecting someone average height, perfectly shaped. They may not be the same culture, nationality, religion you were expecting, but there is something about them – it’s a feeling, they’ve got energy, you know. Suddenly there is your special mate in this lifetime.

The sacred journey operates outside the world of intellect. Part of the brain function has to come to you – fleeting impressions, thoughts and feelings.

The nature of evolution has changed. Inner knowing doesn’t come to use easily anymore because we moved out of tribal natural state into the intellectual state. In the olden days people aligned to the elements. Just as birds know there is going to be an earthquake, because they feel the electromagnetic changes, they can feel subtle shifts of energy as pressure drops, etc. In olden days people used the same inner knowing. They listened to what nature had to say to them and keep self-safe. Once we developed knowledge of science, the inner knowing atrophied and died because it wasn’t so important.

The first step in the process in taking you back to your spirituality is getting you in touch with your nature self. It’s important to remember you are the wind, the fire of the sun, the water, and life force in animals.

Visualize the current seasons and move your mind through the seasons that will follow. Tell yourself to be aligned to subtle shift that takes place as the sun moves from north to south and back again. As you align to the seasons, be aware of your position on the planet and its position among the stars and think of the earth at your feet. Feel grounded and think about the star above you and our position in the solar system. Embracing the mature self is the nature of placing yourself geographically in the finite body on mother earth, while developing your consciousness in an infinite dimension. So as you first discipline yourself daily.

Affirmation: I am the wind the fire the earth and the water. I am the etheric, I am aligned to the natural laws and all the info they contain.

The second step towards sixth sense is to train yourself to notice things. By forcing the mind to notice things, you engage it. You’re telling it that you want to be aware of life, that you activate the five senses and stimulate perception and reactive your main sense- that of subtle feeling.

Small details are important. How many power points are in your room, how many lights? Are all the lights working? If in the bathroom, count the tiles so you know–kind of like 132 white tiles in the bathroom and two are cracked.

Think about a street you go down regularly. Write down everything you can remember about it. Chances are you’ll find you can’t remember very much, and the pizza shop you thought was on the corner is actually 2 shops down. Then go to the street and fill in the missing bits. What do the traffic signs say? How long is the street? What parking regulations are enforced?  Write down a detailed description of what you see. Wait a few days and have a friend test you on how much you remembered. Let your mind know you’re not going to let it off the hook until you can remember everything.

Take a pack of cards and turn over three of them. As fast as you can flip your hand over and let the cards make a mental picture in your mind. Pause and turn over three more, then three more again. Run through 3 sets of 3 so 9 cards in total. Now go back to the mental picture. What were the cards? The second set? then the third?

There is subtle difference between reality as it is in the real world and the picture of reality that reflected light sense back to your mind. Reality changes, but the pictures stay. It’s a matter of telling your mind to hold onto the pictures.

Quality of Consciousness: If you lived 80 years  and  slept for one third of that,  you’re left with 56 years in waking state. If you only notice 25% of life, your 56 years comes down to real life span of 14 years in relation to 80 you are alive. Much of the 14 years you will be mentally talking to yourself and much of your life will be spent doing ordinary things like laundry, mopping the floor, hauling the kids to school so in the end it might come down to 6-8 years of quality conscious, awake valuable action. Wow.

Copious thinking is a desire of the ego. It is the escape mechanism so they can avoid real life.

The Sixth sense is divided up into main categories and several sub categories:

Intuitive, psychic, all knowing, sensuality of the sixth sense, vision and auditory sixth sense.


Mental Preening: People spend their lives mentally preening themselves and so they can’t properly hear or perceive, and when others talk they don’t listen for they are constantly listening to the chatter in their own head. An obsession with self collapses your universe down to a small place where you’re focused on just the self, the outpourings of fear, and discontentment. When the mind chatters to you say, “I don’t need to think about that now. I will deal with that later. I am serene and silent.” Alternately say, “I don’t accept that energy. I am serene and silent, then take a moment to focus on something outside of you. Information flows towards you rather than past you.

*In the next 24 hours, every time your mind starts to talk to you, and if the dialogue starts with, “I” occupy your mind with the act of noticing something.

Developing the five senses is the fastest and easiest way of opening yourself to the sixth sense.

Sight: Take a notebook with you as you go through your day. Make a note of things that you see – it doesn’t matter if it’s unusual or not. In writing a journal of what you see, you take the mind further away from itself and you make being here now in the moment important. You also affirm that all information is valuable to you and you’re prepared to make the effort to gather even the most innocuous information. By disempowering the ego, you are liberating yourself and empowering yourself to dream a big dream and stretch beyond to greater possibilities.

Do this: wait for a starry night. Start by finding all of the main constellations. There are 88 constellations recognized by astronomers. Learning the stars is a spiritual exercise. It gives you a whole bunch of new friends and it enlarges you and it gives you geography. You place yourself beyond the ego’s myopic world.

If you want directions in life, start working out where you are right now and make a mental note during the day. Ask, “Where am I? How far from where? How close to what? Facing north, south…. Do I have my head tucked under my arm or do I know where I am going? Knowing where you are going is an affirmation: “I am not helpless and lost and self-obsessed. I know where I am and I’m moving forward from here in a northward direction, 17 miles from downtown and I stand in an eternal stance in a galactic place.

Sense of hearing: Comprehension. Generally our minds block out most incoming sounds: traffic, kids screaming, and radio. However, if you change that and demand the mind listen carefully so you’ll learn to search for noises, you’ll then ask what it means and you’ll learn and listen.

Disciplining the mind to hear external sounds, prepares it to focus internally and listen to subtle inner messages as well as listening to world outside. “I will listen to the world around me and in the act of noticing its sounds. I will become more aware of the subtle prompting of my heart. I will hear the voices of spirit within me and affirm by the action that I am prepared to listen the prompting of the spirit.”

Deafness is the inability of a man/woman to hear their heart. Say this as an affirmation that you listen to your heart.

Exercise: Place your finger on your pulse several times per day and as you hear your heart beating, pause to think about the spaces between the beats. Focus your concentration upon them. The pauses are what death sounds like. Now concentrate on the beat and that’s what life sounds like. As you test the pulse, tell your heart that you’re prepared to listen and act on its subtle prompting.

Exercise #2: Sit on a park bench, close your eyes and relax. Start by listening to what’s going on around you – conversations, life, its annoyances, its liveliness, and its grand emotion. Begin stretching your hearing beyond what is normally audible. Visualize yourself with huge ultra-sensitive elephant ears. Imagine them on a rotational mount so you can turn your big ears 360 degrees in every direction. Tell yourself your hearing has become super directional. You can now move your ears and search for sounds. Focus on a faint sound in a distance, and then ask your mind’s auditory capacity to bring the sound close to you. Mentally desire the sound to come nearer. Pull it to you. It will get louder. It doesn’t matter if you can’t hear.

Cup one hand behind one ear and take the other hand and cup it in front of the opposite ear. That way you heighten your hearing frontward with one ear and backwards with the other.

Exercise #3: Pick a piece of music you know well. Listen to it sitting in a chair, blanking your mind and going through and picturing each and every instrument. Try to hear it all including the feelings the composer is trying to put across.

Exercise #4: When in a face-to-face conversation, focus your eyes on the tip of their nose. Concentrate on it and listen to every word they say. Don’t let your mind wander. Listen to the silence between the words, the size the poignant pauses, the inflection of their voice as it rises and falls. From time to time move your concentration from the tip of nose to without moving your eyes. Watch their pupils and see how they open and shut slightly as they talk. Search for the subtle feelings. Most of what people say is in their feelings. Listening is an affirmation.

The Sense of Touch: We impact physical reality with our spiritual, metaphysical identity, our subtle energy and with emotions and feelings.

Theory: Sound striking a physical object leaves an impact or memory of that impact at a sub atomic level. So hypothetically you could strip off a sliver of the wall in front room and there would be a record of everything you ever said and every TV show ever watched.

How to expand sensitivity via touch: One way is to be more aware of the textural nature of life, embracing its softness and sensuality.

Exercise: Pick an evening when you know you will be home alone. Blindfold yourself and spend three hours with the blindfold on. At first, frustration may occur but as your confidence grows you’ll be able to feel your way along. You’ll know where things are- especially living things like plants and pets.

Variation: Take men to the edge of a wood, blindfold, and make them walk through the woods, feeling their way along. Each man is given two eggs to carry, which they are not allowed to break. The eggs signify his responsibilities in life, his job, children, family and so on. For the first 5-10 minutes the men will whack their heads on things often falling over. Eventually they find if they retire their thinking and engage their feelings, they will know where the trees are and can walk through the wood at almost a normal pace. In past experiments the men had to follow a drumbeat and if the drummer wasn’t paying attention, the men would catch up and the drummer would have to duck away quickly.

Do this activity with a friend:  With your eyes shut, try to feel people as they are passing by, not just presence, but the overall feeling or energy they emit. You will notice air pressure changes; slight temperature shifts, and trains yourself to feel energy. Try to predict when it will rain as the pressure change is very noticeable. Reading people’s emotions isn’t much different than reading air pressure. For example, you can feel the residue of the antagonism in a room where people have had an argument. You can feel it in the empty room.

The Sense of Smell: Invest in some essential oils, smell each one and identify each flower or scent and mix them. Start to engage your sense of smell at the food counter in supermarket, on the train going home from work, and in the restaurant at lunch. Try to notice all smells permeating the air. Let your mind know you want to be aware.

The Sense of Taste: Buy a pack of raisins and put one in the palm of your hand. Look at it for a few minutes, turning it over and noting its size, shape, and color. Notice where the dimples are etc. After concentrating for a while, place it in your mouth and move it around and taste it feel it, and chew on it ever so slowly. As you chew imagine the sun shining in some place where the raisin grew. See how the light filtered into the grape and how it made it into your own personal, sugary sweet, very special raisin. Eat it in slow motion. You will discover the raisin becomes the most delicious, most wonderful raisin you’ve ever tasted. Why: Because you have heightened your sense of it to become aware, rather than eating in a sleep state of mechanical state of man, you’ve eaten it as an aware person: aware of the gift of sunshine that’s trapped inside the raison – the life force. The sun is an external manifestation of the God force.

Concentration is a form of love. When you fall in love, you are concentrating on one particular person and you make them special because you love them. As you concentrate, you are performing the act of love. By loving, you raise the consciousness and become more spiritually aware. You reconnect to inner knowing and sixth sense.

Wake up to the world stepping away from egocentric nature that is poised inside its own minute reality and become aware of energy around you. Ask: What’s happening here at a subtle level? What smells or tastes are there? What can I hear and feel? What is the subtle energy; the message? Instantly the universe responds. If you want to see it’s there; if you want to feel it’s there.


In order to understand life in its subtle complexity, we need to gradually melt the gap between your mind and what the outer reality of life that you perceive to be a distance from you.

We train ourselves to melt that gap so that all of life becomes an internal/external symbol of self. So things aren’t just happening out there inconsequentially. It all has meaning. Once you melt the boundary between the inner you and the external you, what you see and experience is in effect an outer representation of that inner most you. And often that inner self is talking to you.

The symbols you see in life reflect who you are. Though you may not understand them at first, as they are complex, to melt the barrier and understand the symbols, it is best to start with learning about these symbols you access via dreams. If one starts to talk about dreams in a lecture, most people start to fall asleep quite quickly.

Being able to correctly analyze your dreams is the first step towards a greater understanding, and it teaches you to melt the distance between you and the outside world. It also shows you how to understand life’s symbols and coincidences.

Remembering dreams teaches you to unravel the language of the subconscious mind. Some comes from dreams, but most of the really good stuff comes to you via meditation and vision.

Notebook: Write down any dreams you have during the night. If you don’t think you dream much, set your alarm to wake you up several times a night.

Write down any visions or sensations that come to you during your dreams or meditations.

By writing down your dreams you are telling your inner you that you want to access its world. You want to talk to the subconscious and discover its esoteric symbology.

In traveling through the mysterious world of the subconscious mind, you access the superconsciousness of the world mind. – the collective unconsciousness and the all knowing. Traveling inward – you say you want to become conscious of what I am. The total me; the unknowable past; the five senses and beyond.

Each of these senses builds on the other dreams, meditations, symbols, discipline, quiet time, developing the five senses. They help you develop a 2-way dialogue between the subconscious rather than one way dialogue with ego.

Read the book: Man With his Symbols by Yung. It discusses the subconscious archetypes, the shadow within and the various components of our psychological makeup as well as the complexity of the personality.

How do we get to a higher communication? Understand that there is no gap between the inner thoughts and outer reality.

Exercise: From time to time see an image of yourself out in front of you at a distance of 20 yards. Flip your concentration from the physical body to the distant image of you and back again. Try to flip back and forth with your mind, with your concentration as fast as possible. If you find it tiring, stop for a moment. In seeing images in this way, you establish the idea of you out there and you in here at the same time. It helps you to create an ever-expanding realization and as your comprehension grows you melt the boundary. That boundary between world ends and your ego self, personality subconscious mind begins. Additionally silencing ego’s chatter will help. As you take a more galactic perspective eventually the boundary between you and the universe goes. And you are infinite and in a constant dialogue from everything coming at you from other dimensions and the outside world.

In the ego’s terminology it is very important to its security to define itself as separate from others. Different from equals special.

Theory: if you hold your breath and blank your mind simultaneously, your subtle energy instantly expands to the very reaches of the universe and twangs back in the splittiest nanosecond.

Expansion of self: Begin to embrace the physical infinity. Become larger than life in your feelings. Not more important or more glamorous than others, just bigger, and grateful and humble and silently big. An expansion of self that is already infinite and expanding. Much like our universe expanding as galaxies move away from each other creating more space in-between themselves. Like dots on a balloon. The more air in the balloon, the further away the dots. That’s how you have a space that is expanding. Your infinite self is expanding in the same way as the universe as you develop more space for it in your life. Free self from ego as center of everything to the idea of infinite self that incorporates everything. There is a difference of thinking yourself as the center of everything and becoming everything.


Delve into the symbol and put it into the context of your life. Fritz Pulse came up with a method for delving in gestalt therapy work that explains external symbols in the waking state and internal symbols in dreams and revelry.

Interpretation of dreams: Go back into dream and analyze each symbol one at a time to see what they mean to you – not right after the dream because the dream takes place at a low level of brain speed and it comes from the subconscious, so you can’t properly translate via the waking brain whose speed will be somewhere between 14-22 cycles per seconds. And you can’t engage the intellect for it doesn’t usually know what the subconscious means by a particular symbol.

Write it down, wait for quiet time – meditation or relaxing, you will be able to access subconscious mind more readily.

Famous pearls interpretation: man walking with fishing rod over his shoulder. Walks under a bridge then various things happen in dream.

Act out dream in minds eye – first as man as he walks,

“I am the man in Harry’s dream.” I feel_____ (wait for the character in the dream to tell you how he feels. What does he symbolize” You go back to the character and ask him – what do you symbolize, or how do you feel? The man then goes on to say, “I am going to the river because______(deep from subconscious mind comes the answer. “Because I want to discover myself” Because I hear the river is full of abundance, and I need abundance in my life” whatever the character answers will teach you things about yourself, so you wait for this answer.

So you are in a play with a character on one hand and you, your intellect on the other. Then you ask the character what does the river symbolize or what does he symbolize and he will say I symbolize or mean________(and then as he talks to you he tells you and the answer comes from the subconscious).

Once you figure out symbology of the man, you travel through the other main symbols.

Take the part of the fishing rod – make it so rod can speak and it comes to life.

I am the fishing rod in Harry’s dream. I represent______ (it talks to you) for example “I represent direct action, or I represent ability to bend to circumstances.

Suddenly you remember that the fishing rod whacked the bridge as the man was walking under and it bend, and you realize that you are perhaps a little too stiff with certain matters in your life and your subconscious is saying “Hey bend, or you’ll whack your head.”

Go through each symbol – bridge, river etc. and each component talks to you and gives you the total story. Each symbol and each action is a word in the sentence or in the paragraph that theta subconscious is trying to impart to you.

Analyzing your dreams helps you understand the circumstances of your life and your visions.

External symbols may represent recent incidents or may reflect subconscious self. Both are possible.  Example see leaves fall from tree and a squirrel gathers them up and carries them off. It symbolizes thoughts you have been having over last few weeks about how you should collect your debts organize life and clean out your basement. Sometimes external action. If no clue then write down what squirrel did with leaves and later in meditation and go to subconscious, slow down and pick out the symbols – critter, leaves, trees, one at time in the same dream interpretation and have it talk to you.

After delving into symbol, put into context of your life. Ask yourself, “What was I thinking a second before the leaves blew down from the tree and the squirrel appeared?” Or “What has been the overall question in my mind lately?”

Begin to claim your power – mind, feelings, emotions, metaphysical energy, intuition and ESP, begin to exercise their perception – demand that is there for you!

Prior to telephoning someone, visualize his or her home. See if you can pick them up in your feelings. See if feelings tell you if they are there. Trick is to see friend as a feeling, not as a physical person. We remember people by character and the feeling that came from that character. Look for the feeling. See if the feeling is at the location that you want to telephone. Can you feel them at home or not? Then call to see if you are accurate. Ask questions of your inner power –establish a nonlogical link to higher perception and inner knowing. With it you can perceive what is unperceivable. Expect to be right.

When a person is talking to you, try to reach out to touch them with your feelings – visualize yourself with a long arm and pulling back towards you a molecule of that person’s heart –a molecule of their feelings for you to perceive and comprehend and understand. Mentally ask – how does this molecule feel? It will tell you overall how this person’s overall emotion – may be different from their words. What is subtle of communication here – truthful, not, reasonable or flaky. Where is this person?

Energy collection process:

Everything emits a feeling and has an identity. A thumbprint of energy. A building has a feeling because emotions and energy were put into it when it was being built. People have feelings about the building – like, don’t like, work there, don’t.  It takes on a personality a character with the energy with which it is imbued. So as you walk around everyday, ask, “How does this thing in front of me feel?” Push out your feelings into people and things and situations. It’s nothing more than grabbing a bit of energy as described. Or think of person or thing, and suck back to your heart a bit of the energy.

See yourself with a ray of light going out from you. Imagine a hook on the end. It goes out grabs things and goes back to you for you to examine. Birds, buildings, someone new, nun on a skateboard. Sit on bench on shopping mall. Try not to look at people in too much detail – ignore visual picture.

As you enter your sensuality, sensitivity and feeling, you instantly become bigger in your energy. The universe responds to you; it trains you and shows you things you don’t already know. Then, when you ask a friend “Were you in the bowling alley yesterday at 3:00 because I saw you in my feelings” It doesn’t matter if you are wrong in the beginning.

Going past the discomfort of being wrong is how you train yourself to be right.

Communicating with the spirit is not difficult – it’s a matter of opening up the chakras and pulling up energy through the crown. Go past the inhibition of being wrong.

Meditate each day to open yourself up.


Etheric contains info about emotional and mental characteristics and shows stock of light –metaphysical reality and physical condition etc.

The chakras (Hindu) are vortexes of energy that spin through the subtle body.

  • Root chakra at base of spine.
  • Heart
  • Throat and crown

Exercise daily: Chakra opening

Find a regular spot to meditate. Place a small concave mirror (shaving mirror) close to your head. If lying down, about 18 inches from your right temple. If sitting, place the mirror to your right on a nearby table or shelf etc. The mirror acts like a satellite dish. Close your eyes. Breathe in and out and relax. Feel the presence of the mirror near you. Bounce your consciousness back and forth off it a couple times. Before you get going, say as an affirmation to yourself.

“I am shielded from any influence that is not of the Light Force. I invite assistance and cooperation and guidance only from entities or energies whose wisdom and experience is greater than my own. Nothing negative or dangerous can approach me in this experience. So be it. I am light.”

Move your concentration to the base of your spine – the root chakra – and visualize energy light going up and down the center of your body form the root going up to the top of your head. Do this several times then rest. This clears a path for the energy to rise.

Go back to the root and mentally collect a bubble of light – golf ball size- and bring it up through the center of your being all the way up to the underside of the top of your head – the crown. Visualize the light hitting the underside of your skull with a reverberating dong (like a bell) then allow the bubble to float back slowly down to the root chakra. Repeat three times, moving it up faster each time. Try to get the last one to really dong the underside of skull at speed.

Now center your concentration back at root and get another bubble of light and move it up the center of your being again – slowly. Come up the inside of body with light, passing the navel, and up through chest and pause at area of heart. Imagine yourself inside the center of your body- mentally visualize the heart chakra opening. Push out from the inside of you and see the spinning chakra unfolding.

Imagine the chakra at the heart as a flower unfolding- push from within outwards and fold it open. Move through the chakra with your concentration – through the heart chakra to the outside world. Imagine you have a pair of eyes on the little golf ball that’s hovering at your heart and imagine you are looking out through the chakra into physical reality into the room you are in.

Bring the light to the throat – the base of your throat where your neck joins your torso is where the chakra is. Open it and visualize pushing out to open it and pushing that little golf ball like its got eyes and it’s looking out through your throat.

Go on with the bubble of light to third eye just above top of your nose and open that. Push out through the center of your forehead and look through it with your golf-ball eyes.

The heart chakra is big compared to throat, and throat is much larger than the third eye.

Move your concentration to underside of top of skull. Imagine punching up through the top of head, pushing with the force of your will to get the little bubble out top of head.

Now the charkas are open. How open will depend on how vulnerable you have allowed yourself to be in this lifetime. Breathe in and out slowly, then breathe in and hold for few seconds. Keep your mind blank and visualize yourself expanding to outer reaches of the universe and back again as you exhale. You are momentarily poised in an infinite moment in time. Say, “I am everywhere. I am inner knowing.” Do expansion breathing in and out to the infinite reaches of the universe three times. You can do this anywhere.

Be careful to imagining yourself as three dimensional being – what is above me and what is below? Think in terms of 360 degrees.

Think of stars and galaxies below your feet. At center of earth there is an iron crystal about size of the moon. It rotates and creates earth’s magnetic field. A power station radiating energy back up through ground to us. The core is detached from the earth’s crust and spins independently from outer layers of the earth and slightly faster. So the crystal at core is a planet within it. You can add velocity to your life and to your perception.

Breathe in and imagine this iron crystal at the center of the earth and hold your breath and mentally bounce a thought off the core. Bing and expand as the though it ricochets up through the crust to outer reaches of universe. You are beyond time and operate at infinite velocity and are standing larger than life. There is crystal mirror at the core and one at your head and your external life and inner world are becoming two mirrors reflecting reality back to yourself. The two reflections of light are bouncing back and forth, establishing velocity and they combine to form a perception a projection. The power leads you gently into perception of  fifth dimension. That fifth dimension spirit world is opposite us mirrored in it’s relation to us – seems to be facing us.

Try this visualization:

Breathe in deeply and visualize the earth in the palm of your hand. See it resting there very tiny. See situations in life that bother you. See them placed on that tiny planet and all of humanity and all planets resting in palm of hand. In this way you’re saying “I am bigger than life, eternal. I control my evolution, my destiny.” Picture yourself just bigger than mundane circumstances of this evolution. If someone gives you hard time, see him or her tiny on the planet in your palm and send them love. Bring your hand up to your mouth and breathe in and blow out a concentrated puff of air at person giving you trouble and dismiss them- send them away. Allow them to seek another evolution elsewhere. Help them discover that evolution with hot air and love. By hating people you hold them close to you and often your anger and antagonism robs you of life force and makes you sick.

2nd Visualization – see yourself straddling the planet. Now picture the planet as normal size and you are above it as an enormous being. A colossus thousands of miles high, astride the earth. One foot at North Pole and other at south and the equator is passing between your feet. You are affirming your domination of this existence. You are the power – potentially omnipotent, universal, a part of all things.

The earth has a spirit of its own. It’s aware of itself. It’s not intimate. It knows about itself and its own evolution. It is wise, and makes adjustments and it knows things. Talk to mother earth and get into sacred relationship with it to align to the nature self within you.

Chakra opening exercise lasts 24 minutes. Breathe normally and then see energy coming from God force and through your heart. Feel it coming from within and flowing outwards, and see it coming from without and flowing inwards. Concentrate on the energy at your heart and pull energy up to your forehead and third eye chakra. In this way you will activate your third eye chakra and increase your ability to experience visions.

In group situations, close your eyes and open your charkas, then visualize the person to your left and breathe in. As you breathe out direct your breath to them as light and send them energy. Each member does that three times to the person next to him or her. Then all move to the next person – always in clockwise direction. In breathing each other in and out you build energy amongst yourself. Once established a reservoir of energy develops in the center of the circle and then you mentally pull from that pool up through your heart chakra and you direct group energy up towards third eye. Pictures and impressions will appear once enough energy has been established.

Jot down to ponder on this information later. Clarity comes in little pockets and the record (journal) gives you whole picture.

After the meditation is over visualize your charkas closing one at a time. You don’t have to close the crown as this one stays open – just the third eye, throat and heart chakras. If you are worried about being too open, don’t go into public places for 20-30 minutes. In opening up, one becomes vulnerable. Avoid mind-altering drugs, alcohol, negative people or locations with negative energy.

If you encounter negative energy from the astral world, don’t be scared. It can’t hurt you. Pull up your strength, look it in the eye and tell it to bug off. Expel a breath of air directing it in your mind’s eye towards the energy. Negative energies rely on your weakness and your fear for validity.

Mental Exercise #1:

In supermarket, waiting in line, mentally visualize yourself turning around. Don’t move your body, but ethically imagine yourself turning and walking out through the back of yourself, then see if you can ethically touch the person behind you. As you touch them, see if you can get the etheric to give you info about that person even before you turn to look at them. Once you have information, ponder on it then turn to see if you are correct.

For the exercise visualize your etheric as blue-gray mist in the shape of you. You can mentally direct it with your will in any direction you with.

Mental exercise #2:

To the person in front of you in line, collect your thoughts, clear your mind and mentally put out an Etheric hand and tickle the back of their neck. See if you can get them to turn their head. If they don’t move right away, imagine yourself close to them, lick the back of their neck. Make the visualization big, like you have a very large tongue and you’re giving wet sloppy cowlick at base of neck. If they are not too distracted by their thoughts, they will feel it and turn around.

For most part we ignore peripheral vision. Tape lenses of a pair of glasses and walk around impaired. Continue to look through the center of the lens and rely on peripheral vision.

Etheric comes from Greek word ether which means to blaze. In metaphysical sense it is subtle subliminal energy that mind and body give off.


Einstein said, “Imagination is the theatre of coming attractions.”

Daydreaming is the brain in neutral, ruminating, doing nothing. You disempower yourself saying I am hoping for a break, but I don’t really believe in myself. I can’t really see myself in the vision. My ego is lazy and won’t allow me to take action.

Imagination is thinking, visualizing with pictures. It’s not passive. You place yourself in the picture and in the feeling of future circumstance of condition that you want.

If going for a future goal, start by feeling yourself present at that future point in time and act out those circumstances. Allow your imagination to wander through the scene, being a part of it, then come back and focus your inner vision and intellectual concentration on seeing yourself progressing through the steps it might take to get you through the steps it might take to get you from here today, to over there tomorrow. Act the steps out in your mind’s eye and see yourself moving towards your goal through intervening steps. You’ll pull goals towards you through concentration, while simultaneously moving towards them through concerted action.

Yearning for things pushes things away from you –in the emotion of yearning you affirm you don’t have the thing that you are yearning for. You set up uncomfortable energy others have to climb over. When you really need something and you are emotional about it, people tend to deny you, just because you need. These emotions rob others and they resent it deep down.

Opportunities pop up when you geographically get in the loop, believe in yourself and affirm your belief by acting out your dream.

Once in flow of greater vision there will be high energy and people around you doing what you want to do- experts, people that are part of the scene. Now you are in position to engage the 6th sense to discover your strongest move, especially what particular person or organization will assist you to materialize your vision?

When visioning and imagining, mull over what you will give, not what you will receive. (energy, money, enthusiasm, innovation- what’s in it for others?)

Open your charkas and bring the bubble of light up from root to heart. Put people you want to review in mind’s eye and imagine them in front of you as reflected in mirror. See them, feel them, and watch them in front of you. Be aware if any symbols of feelings come up. Pick one person in particular and put them up in front of you. Hold him there with your concentration. Don’t let your mind slip away to other things. Fire the bubble of light that is hovering inside of you into the region of your heart at the person you wish to review. Do this by willing the bubble in the direction of other person’s heart. You push it with your will, expelling a soft but short breath at the same moment you fire the bubble at them. The more softly you do it, the better. Write down how the bubble rebounds from that person.

Put a person in your mind’s eye and mentally move your own energy. . . your own Etheric. . . away from your body so that it’s standing in front of you. Slowly turn Ethic self around so it faces you. Will your Etheric to step back gently and solidly into the character you are reviewing. As you enter, blank your mind and hold still and instantly an impression or signal comes off the person you are visiting. You perceive their emotions or feelings (or see it).

Using bubble process you get an indication of the path that’s best for you and you’ll stay away from trouble, low energy situations and low energy people. You’ll engage your sixth sense to look inside things, people, deals, situations, organizations etc. You’ll figure out what you need to know before you commit.

Exercise: Before sleep, review day’s events backwards in time from nighttime to dawn and instead of just thinking about day, go back through it in a mental silence, seeing the pictures, and noticing the feelings. This helps you to go from just thinking to more seeing and feeling. You activate your imagination and practice your power of visioning.

Take a mirror with you and see your image reflected there and notice that’s what your Etheric field looks like when it’s reflected outside you, beyond you. Swivel mirror back and forth, quickly like you are signaling. Imagine your image flying off the mirrors shiny surface at speed to some distant spot like 7-11 across the road. See yourself buying a favorite snack and imagine it coming back just in time for you to eat the snack, prior to getting onto train.

Dream odd dreams and think up odd stuff and let yourself invent stories you can amuse yourself with. See pictures in mind’s eye and tell yourself a story about the picture. Read poetry and feel out what the poet is saying. What pictures do the words evoke?


Up and down are two sides of the same energy.

Have the courage to be who you are.

Have the courage to know what you believe – and the courage to follow through.

Reconcile your needs and fears and insecurities so you can become bigger and have energy left over for the benefit of others – a form of tithing on an energy level.

Affirmation: I am silently big so I have energy to give away.

It is by being kind, compassionate and loving that you reach the ultimate God force within you.

Become a listener. When you ask someone a question, be there heart chakra to heart chakra. In an act of service, of being there for people, you develop an inside sense of all knowing.

Visualization: You are the wizard. You’re not short of energy or money or ideas, or generosity or anything else. You have an endless amount of everything at your fingertips. Even if now things are tight, you are in line waiting to step up and collect.

Today’s trend is to focus on childhood traumas. The simplest and easiest way to go beyond your pain is by working on and concentrating on your strengths. By dredging up all past the ego rises up because it’s being noticed and it focuses on the injustice of it all and the ego calls for attention and sympathy. By regressing to the past you stall evolution in a time warp.

Simpler way: Developing serenity within, detaching and working on your strengths. Bit by bit your pain goes away. We are not perfect. The nature of this journey is to work on oneself continually to reach the Holy Grail within.

Meditate and notice the things that caused you pain in the past and release them and concentrate on your strengths. The more equitable you get with yourself, the more you will be in touch with the Yin and the softness – there you find your creative talent.

Psychic energy is fleeting – it is telepathy and you can’t button it down, but it’s something we all practice from time to time without being aware of it – especially strong between people that know each other well. Telepathy isn’t rare. Sometimes you’re thinking of something, and the person next to you comments on the same thing. Thoughts jump.

Intuition is the appearance of subliminal information that comes from your mind: I have a gut feeling that this project will work. The gut feeling comes from all the subliminal information you picked up about the project all along. Subliminal means below the normal threshold of conscious awareness. We pick up much more in life than we are immediately aware of. Later your subconscious sorts out hidden info and in a quiet moment it becomes hunch. Intuition is the ability to delve deep into subconscious mind and pull out all information you have accumulated.


There only about a total of 10 life stories in the whole world.  


  1. The Troubled Youth – Usually under 30 or over 30, but never grown up – the Peter Pan syndrome. Needs acceptance and direction. Anti everything, doesn’t have an identity. If world doesn’t notice, he will self-destruct, and it will be world’s fault. If you want to perceive, understand and heal the troubled youth, notice him. Once he is noticed, he feels more secure. He is only out of control because he needs to be noticed. Build him up. Once secure he will find direction and meaning and he won’t self-destruct.
  2. The Rabbit – scared, can’t handle life, paralyzed by fear and in a shell. May be bright so hide behind intellectuality, but doesn’t like to experience life.  Within the rabbit is deep anger as life is passing him by. Life is full of injustices-needs encouragement and endorsements to come out of his hole. Tell him it is safe to come out. Ethereally he is easy to spot as energy stops real close to body-not out there booming, expressing themselves, connected to life so energy peters out close to body and looks weak. The rabbit does not express itself well.
  3. The Wilting Wall Flower – another version of the rabbit. Uses his weakness as come-on. Needs people to rescue him. Looking for White Knight. Try to get them to empower themselves. Help them out of timidness and shyness and teach them not to use weakness in a covert and sneaky way.
  4. The Tyrant – angry usually because they are scared, but more often because they were abused as kids. Project needs on others – an insecurity. Desperately needs to be loved, lives in an emotional desert because no one likes them and that makes them more insecure and miserable and so they project that insecurity on others and become military tyrants or domineering fathers who never thought anything good enough or emotionally tyrannical mother who is out of control who dominates the family through the use of emotion and theatrics. Often a nobody and failure and needs somebody to fill gap of his inadequacy. He places unreasonable demands on others, dominating and controlling to bolst himself up. Spreads fear and terror and controls with emotion, violence, and threats. Becomes arrogant and dogmatic. Tyrants like and expect abuse. Don’t accommodate, negotiate or try to please them, for the more you do, the more they want. Walk away.
  5. The Widow – married to idea and the idea dies, uncomfortable, vacant expression and lack direction and suffer because cherished idea they held onto has disappeared-the idea was all they had in life. Sometimes that was a situation that changed in some way. Usually 35-55 years old. Drifting, energy lowering as they concentrate on what they don’t have instead of going for something fresh. Energy flat because they feel defeated or lost. Stuck, weak and insecure. Solution: tell them they are great and that there is a lot to live for. Get them to set aside the old dream, reconcile it, acknowledge what they do have and go out and meet new people etc. and get out of old ideas and get into something new. Hang out with young people more – creators, innovators, bright people. Read more, pamper self, and realize the world is open and wide and big. Laden with old stuff and only need permission from someone in authority.
  6. The Rip Van Winkle – variation of widow. Been asleep for 30 years. Came here to sleep. Let them sleep.
  7. The Priest – not from any religious order, but thinks they are. Very righteous and holy-moly and often suffer from inferiority complex they cover over by deciding that they have been personally chosen by God to haul everybody to the promised land. Watch them because there is something they want you to read or buy or put you on a green slime diet, etc. Not any real trouble, but need to feel superior and chosen because they don’t like themselves. Need acceptance, so accept them. Tell them you love them, but not to take it personally when you don’t want to buy the green slime.
  8. The Terrorist – usually disadvantaged in life. Won’t fit in no matter what. Any time he gets near success, he will self-destruct and cause a scene or join an organization but he is not a supporter. He just wants to destroy the place. Any time he would get close to big time, he’d have to fit in and join and would feel judged and go against terrorist philosophy. He needs to know he is ok and that it doesn’t matter if he is not socially acceptable. He can make himself acceptable by accepting self. Once he sees how he hurts his cause he’ll change his ways, but deep within he wants success, money to belong. Status is important. Show him how to feel good about himself and put aside ego rather than fight all the way.
  9. The Professional Victim – the wilted wall flower in disguise. Has been victimized or thinks he has. Even if they haven’t, they still like to make life into a tragic sub-story, aren’t too strong and need attention, have hang-dog energy, Etheric turns in on itself like an ingrown toenail, trouble finds him, he becomes accident prone because etherically he is sucking energy from outside of themselves pulling it into them, from anything that can support a hopeless case. Self indulgent, wants someone to hold them up and save them, doesn’t want to do much to heal self other than complain. They suck and pull your energy, they are needy. Solution: get victim to move and open up and try new things. Get them to see their story is just a story. Avoid close body contact. Be compassionate, but keep offering solutions. Don’t buy into the emotion.
  10. The Supreme Achiever – The Savior. Great stories from experiences, natural born leaders, done things in life, carry tribe on their shoulders, and are responsible for everything, sacrificial, likes to march into bullets to be admired and acknowledged for service to humanity, hoping for prizes, doesn’t accept praise, children of whimpy parents who expected a lot, so the child overcompensates and wins at everything and is very competitive and shows mommy and daddy that everything is ok. Booming energy billowing out folding over people, shoots out energy to get others attention, but it runs out quickly. Nothing is ever enough. Once they get acceptance they lose their energy.
  11. The Suffering Servant – This type doesn’t feel loved. She feels so inadequate she feels she owes the world a favor so she starts dishing out favors and ends up prostituting herself to life to get acceptance and to feel better. She doesn’t want to take responsibility or stick out in a crowd and amount to much. She could latch onto strong people and tag along with them and serve them and be used by them. Solution: being of service to others is wonderful thing, but you can’t give yourself away totally within that service. You have to love and accept yourself, but you can’t compromise yourself just to feel safe and accepted and give your life meaning.
  12. The Boffin – Dr. Spock type-thinks a lot and when he is finished thinking about what he has just thought of, he starts right back at the beginning again etc. make brains a god, and eventually thinks brain is god, but in the end they run out of things to think about, and in the end live hollow lives thinking about the same stuff, churning through all the thoughts they have had a million times before. They loose a connection with earth and life. They hate themselves and decapitate themselves – head separated from heart and they loose compassion and become critical and antagonistic-loose touch where life really exists. Solution: play, be gay and funny and not too serious, and be human and don’t make your intellect a god, and run barefoot in desert, and be kind and try to love people and not judge them and try to love god as best you can.


One last character: Mountain Man Jack and his Wilderness Woman Jill. They wear plaid shirts from LLBean and got a pickup and went up the hill and stayed there. Real earthy, can see them coming a mile off – like they have carrots in their aura. Not full of thinking and knows stuff like when the doody doody rat mates and when it doesn’t. Easy to deal with and usually quite humble and generous of spirit and close to God and Jill is nice and makes pots and weaves things and grows veggies and has got heart. They are all around simple people and cool and easy to get along with. One downside is that the mountain types are real loners and cut themselves from people and sometimes get angry because they don’t like people spoiling the environment and because living in the middle of nowhere they suffer financial problems.

He processes his feelings through nature and hard work, like carrying water and stuff that he has to do to survive. Natural spirituality is in nature not in his head so his feelings pass through nature and are processed and absorbed by it. He is in touch with his nature self as we all should be and he’s got it right and we urban types have got it wrong.

Hang out with this couple in the dirt by a little fire and have her tell you how the streams flow, and listen when he tells what coyotes sniff and what the don’t, and sit and watch the stars and think about the galaxies beneath your feet. Feel your energy to the end of the earth and back and drink a little tea and she’ll have veggies boiling away in one of her pots and you’ll remember things – what God is and what life is really about and you’ll perceive and you’ll see the sixth sense working through your nature self, and you’ll see the infinity within you and you won’t think about disfunction and trouble. You’ll watch the doody doody rat instead and you’ll say, “I like the way that rat smiles so much.”

At the mall put people into categories and see who might fit into more than one category. Reach out your Etheric self and touch people.

Psychic power is a mental therapy– you pull info from the mind Etheric, the personalities of others, picking up bits of info. You pull info from the mind’s Etheric personalities of others.

Places have the same energy.

Remember a building that has high energy and rate at 10 points. Contrast with a place of very low energy, an unhappy negative energy and rate at 1. When you go into building give it a rating based on your scale. If 5 or 6 it’s neutral. If higher, it’s a nice place to be. Pull energy from it, zing your mind into space and back out again. Pause and reflect again. If rating 4 or less, you shouldn’t be there and if you have to be, watch out, stay balanced and be aware and make special note of the exits.

Psychometry – detecting of energy of people and places. These people help police.

Exercise: Go to an antique shop and pick up the various items and see what they tell you. The trick is to first slot yourself into the timeframe of the object. For example, with a Victorian piece, go to the Victorian era and try to feel how Victorian emotions might have been expressed by the owner of the jewel. What was important to them, overall physiological characteristics, issues? Your first impression is most accurate.

When offered a proposal, imagine holding circumstances in the palm of your hand. Turn it over and handle it. What level of energy does it give off? How much light. If it handles badly in your hand, it will be very dull event and won’t have much energy for you. The handling process is a way to see how you feel about the proposal.

Your brain waves are at 14-21 cycles per second. The higher cycles are the speed of the intellect. Be at a meditative state. If no time to lower brain speed, then create a symbol in your mind that acts as a biofeedback mechanism for your brain that automatically lowers the speed of oscillation.

There are two ways to do this: Mental picture of serenity.  Mountain lake picture and sitting there, levitating, hovering in the center of the lake totally at peace, silent surrounded by water and mountain mist. As you engage in that picture, you can feel brain speed clunking down a gear. Always use the same mental picture. Tell the brain “this is serenity” so the brain knows and remembers.

The second technique: (from various sources like Silva Mind Control) putting the tips of you thumb and your first two fingers together every time you meditate. Soon the three fingers touching become a biofeedback trigger for the brain and it remembers or associates the action at a time it was oscillating at a lower speed. Like a transmeditation. So three fingers together signals to the brain to fire at a slower rate.

Beings from another world:

Mediumship – process of talking to the dead. Began in America last century by the Fox Sisters, however, was taken up by the British and became an institution. Now communicate with higher beings – angels – that exist in dimensions that are oscillating faster than ours. Dimensions of higher wisdom, who have our higher interests at heart.

Modern Channeling Process: The channel pulls energy up from within themselves, mostly from compassion –heart chakra- also from the environmental setting or from the people. Energy pulled up unconsciously from heart chakra to third eye chakra and the channel uses the chakra to communicate.

Problem with talking to dead – they have limited knowledge of what is going on in the world today and they seem to have limited understanding of life.

Seances – French word comes from Latin word, sedardi – to sit. In séances, you can feel the energy of room change and a flood of symbols and words came into your mind from left field and suddenly you see a pig in your mind’s eye and you tell the person next to you I’ve got your dad here and he is showing me his prize pig. And it confirms.

Author’s belief: When we incarnate into the earth plane, we descend from some rarefied spirit evolution. We descend into close proximately to the feelings and thoughtforms of the earth. That dimension of thought and evolution that we call human. After we are finished with this we move out of the physical molecule we walk around in, into a side dimension (spirit). It is close in feelings and ambiance to the life we knew on earth. However, in the sight of God, your personality melts and you become more and more infinite, more part of the divine light. After you have adjusted to divine light around you, you drift up to more rarified dimensions that are angelic, in which there are spirit entities higher beings into dimensions of greater evolution.

Automatic Writing: a way of connecting to the subconscious. Sit in a relaxed state with a pen and you let your subconscious mind take over. Soon your hand is writing all sorts of stuff that you didn’t know you knew. Once you connect with the subconscious inner you, you’ll find it really does feel like a totally different person, separate from you.

Sometimes astral entities manage to communicate via mediums and often assume some special characteristic, such as a Mayan priestess from 600 years ago. Astral entities can’t see you any more than you can see them necessarily. They are just stuck there drifting around looking for life forces to sustain themselves with. They tell you things that sound good  – be skeptical – ask it questions that will back it into a corner. Ask it to describe its world, and when it says it knows everything ask something technical like how long is a plank length – 10 to the power of minus 33 of a centimeter.

Shamanism: The communication using the energy or spirit of nature – the nature self.

The more you align to the nature self, the more purity and clarity you will develop within you.

Process to try: In Greece, in ancient times, the Delphic oracle (medium) sat in a cave on a tripod throne over a big bowl made of metal, filled with water. It formed a large mirror and she entranced herself and made pronouncements. Some personal and some political. The cave and bowl operators were called a psychomanteum.

To build a psychomanteum:

Place 2 mirrors on the floor standing up straight facing each other about 1 yard apart – somewhere quiet for privacy and in semidarkness. Place the mirrors so they reflect back and forth off each other. Put candle on floor in the center of one of the mirrors and once you tinker with the mirrors to get the angle right, the light of the candle knocks back and forth off each mirror setting up a reflection that goes down the center of each mirror. It’s a pathway.

Sit beside one of the mirrors but don’t get reflection in mirror. If you have music you normally play to meditate, use it, but don’t close your eyes. Stare down the center of the mirror and follow the tunnel inwards, then from time to time pull the tunnel back towards you with your feelings, so your consciousness goes down the tunnel and it pulls back from the tunnel, alternating. After a while the center of the mirrors may appear to wobble or go milky or hazy and you’ll get the impression you see faces there and often you will. Bit by bit those faces come out of their spiritual world down the tunnel and you’ll see most clearly. It’s best not to try this if you are feeling negative or on lots of alcohol or drugs or if you enter any of black arts etc., as what may come out of the mirrors might be nasty. Always protect yourself with a simple prayer before starting.


Auditory: words or sounds going off in your head. Problem: normally the voice you hear in your head is your own-conjecture and speculation form much of the dialogue you are normally used to hearing – this is not a 6th sense. Problem to 1st bring the clairvoyant auditory energy forward to develop it so you do get info in this way, and then you have to differentiate it –the ESP- and what is normally going off in your head.

Second technical problem – schizophrenia. Even mild forms triggers voices in the head. So if person suffers from mental condition, it’s easy to kid himself that it’s the sixth sense, rather than excepting that it is generated internally by our thought in the brain/mind mechanism. Also, there are some people whose Ethic is damaged or flapping loose.

An example of sounds that are sounds not from this world – you hear a voice out of nowhere. A man heard a voice say, “over here, over here” and when the man went to see where the voice was coming from, the branch of a tree fell onto the very spot he was standing in.

Process of exercising your will and pushing against the waking mind – so whenever the mind worries, remember to say “I’ll handle that later,” or say “I don’t accept that negative energy.” Or, I am light and peace and I operate in a totally positive mode. Say, all is well and so on. Push, push, push.

Discipline quiets the mind as does fasting.

Exercise: Get a candle and sit by it quietly with a stopwatch. Blank your mind and see how long you can still it before any mental word comes foreword.  Don’t worry about the pictures in your mind. Try to focus on just the talking. Sit, blank your mind, start the watch and see how long your mind can go before a word comes into your mind. Make a note in each of your times. Over five seconds to start is good, 10 is very good and if over 30 you don’t need the exercise. Practice for a while and you will be amazed at how quickly the mind learns to back off. It is only in the silent gaps that you can properly access the auditory ESP and that you can really know that the words in your head are not just your ordinary faculty jabbering away.

Once you stop the mind giving you endless words, you can hook in a symbol or an action. The hook acts as a biofeedback mechanism. An order from your will that tells your body to close off the mental dialogue now, this second for the next 15-20 seconds. It can be a Shuzo or something you program into your mind – putting your fingers close to your right ear (left if you are left-handed) twice when you want silence. Eventually you can set up biofeedback mechanism by just thinking about your fingers tapping.

The goal is to flip the inner voice – pushing constantly against the negative over a period of time until you control your inner dialogue to such an extent that the positive energy within you takes on a critical mass–that is, it makes up of more than half of your total memory or psychology. Eventually when that happens a pulse shift takes place inside of you. All in an instant your inner voice goes from partially or totally negative to 100% positive all of the time. Often it countermines what the intellect is saying.

With the pulse shift there is a big energy and more perception and a heightened sixth sense. For in the negative life you cloud up the Etheric. Also you set up imploding waves in the Etheric that are falling in on you curving back towards you, and also emotion creates rolling waves of energy that ripple through the Etheric, moving waves of energy that are usually moving downwards – carrying energy away from the crown chakra and away from the heart. That is why you loose your compassion and sense of love when suffering negative emotion.

Men want to have quick sex when very very tired or they’ve had a hectic day. This is because in the emotion, the battle of the day, he has rolled endless waves of energy down to and past the root chakra so it becomes activated and overloaded with energy. That is why men workaholics is partially a sexual thing. Once he stops work and comes home and is not occupied by activity, you’ll notice the Etheric energy at the root chakra.  Sex is an act of getting energy back up to the crown. It’s in the ejaculation that the overload of energy in the root chakra is dissipated and fired upward returning the Etheric to a more balanced look.

Visionary Sixth Sense: Through dream analysis you are setting process in motion.

It is vital to meditate and entrance your mind. If you are a novice, get a theta metronome. Hearing that the brain starts to slow down to the same deep oscillation. If you meditate regularly you will begin to see things in the minds eye appearing in your sight, even though you have your eyes closed.

When you first start meditating you’ll see colors crossing your eyes – from optic nerve. After colors go, you see symbols crossing from left to right or right to left in arched trajectories. They will be strung together on dark background, in sequences, like trees for two weeks, then houses, then animals etc. After these go, there may be darkness, then whole scenes from center of your visual screen with your eyes closed. These pictures come from deep within beyond the subconscious the collective unconscious or even the God force from beyond. They are clear and bright and move with incredible speed. Example, alphabet lit in gold, moving at extreme velocity towards you. Allow the symbol or picture to impact the retina, then review from the memory one creates.

Try this: Lie north to south and open yourself up via the bubble technique and then try raising yourself up slightly over your body so you are now hovering 18 inches above it. Spin yourself so your head is where your feet would be and visa versa and breath in and mentally blow yourself out like a balloon and let out the air and come back to your normal size and don’t fall asleep. Try to stand upright and walk out of your body and out through the wall of the bedroom. It’s unlikely that you’ll actually get out of the body at this time but the action creates looseness and pliability and opens you up. Pause for a moment and go back to the mental picture of hovering. Do head to toe visualization and breathe deeply and entrance yourself deeper and deeper. By now you should be light and airy. Watch what comes to the mind’s eye. Watch and notice if your subtle feelings are showing you things. Write down anything that happens and be sure and close yourself by returning your little bubble to the base of the spine, the root, and closing the charkas except the crown which never closes and don’t drive, as you might be dozy.

There is an extra sensory perception as to how energy flows back and forth between us all. We can look at the deeper psychological and metaphysical aspects that impact the way men and women are.

You gather power by being in control of the energy you do have.

The secret to free flow of sixth sense– the idea that the universe at large, nature, your energy mixed with the God force within you will bring you everything you need. Things come effortlessly.

You gather energy through compassion, kindness, introspection and solidity. Understand yourself as a spiritual being and evolve quietly, gently through the human experience, developing confidence, projecting out into the world lovingly and with caring and without infringing on others. This is the key to perception and balance in relationships.

The world has a rhythm, a destiny, karma – a collective karma for we are all inside the one human mind – the global mind and each of us make up one molecule of that. Global mind and individual minds are entitled to their own decisions, they are entitled to make the wrong decisions for there is no right/wrong, only the infinite god force and the winding journey we all make.

Philosophy of non-infringement says everyone is moving along according to the dictates of their own ego personality or their inner infinite self or a mixture of the two. Where they are going is where they are supposed to be going and we shouldn’t be changing that. Infringement is interfering, manipulation, control, psychological mind games, emotional blackmail, contractual nastiness and financial control that deal with money and power.

We are infringed upon all the time by governments and legislatures. The essential lesson for us is to learn to go beyond our fears and to learn to love and to become love. To express love in a dimension that is fearful. The second lesson is to learn about oneself and the relationship to others. The creator and the expression of that creator come through as the creative force within us. So creativity is part of our lesson as well.

Relationships are really a school you attend in which what you are is reflected back to you – it’s a mirror. That’s why people suffer a lot of imbalance, emotion and difficulty in relationships –because they are looking at themselves and it makes them uncomfortable, fearful and angry.

You have to look at people as infinite -an angel in a body. Offer compassion. Understand they are weak and they are learning to become infinite in our perspective of self. In the end we are on the winding road back to God.

From an energy perspective, if you infringe upon others you link your karma to that of others – becoming responsible for others. You can’t go beyond people while infringing upon them.

Once you have raised your energy and learned to see properly you’ll stand as an angel, not as man or woman. You’ll stand to one side, helpful to those that asks for your perception, expertise and not infringing with those that don’t ask. You gain strength that way and you prepare your evolution lickity split.

Try this: when you hear two people talking about which road they should take, don’t say anything, even though you know the road they have chosen in the end has a bridge that is out.

The problem with our world is we infringe way too much.

Most people suffer from having to manipulate others, needing to control them as a power trip or through insecurity. Fear and insecurity sets up the pattern and from that infringement flows. The fear stifles us and forces us to hold on too tightly to life and circumstances and to relationships. We cling because of fear of loss.

To discover your sixth sense you have to let go and be vulnerable. Love is giving people space, having compassion for them and feeling secure without having to imprison them emotionally. But when ego kicks in you tend to control.

You may be attracted to someone because they are different. You get into relationship with them and you enter into the web of each other’s energy and you both try to create more power, more energy. That usually works initially and things move faster metaphysically and you create a quickening. That is fine when you are both coming from love, but when ego kicks in one is fearful and negative and tries to hold the other one back. The stronger one reacts to having energy pulled from them. An energy war develops.

The other thing that happens in relationship is that both people owe a certain amount of extra power to the other person, but ego doesn’t like to admit that. A negative polarity shift takes place.

Bring the sixth sense to relationship by watching the flow of energy and reacting with positive action when needed, and not reacting with negative reaction when you feel uncomfortable. Ask your mind to read the energy of the situation and tell you what’s needed. You then become custodian of energy and you make adjustments and everything rests in harmony.

Actions are the external manifestations of feeling, need or desire. At any one given moment each has a message they are operating above – a beacon.

Discovering people’s hidden message: Blank your mind, establish the silent gap, and as the person talks to you, pull them into your concentration. Imagine your Etheric arm outstretched so now you have a hand at the back of their neck so you’re pulling the person towards you so they’re close physically and on a metaphysical level.

Imagine a beam of light going from your left eye going diagonally to the other person. Imagine the light going behind the other person’s left eye. So now you are holding them momentarily with your power, establishing the connection with them just for that instant. Concentration is a form of love: when you love someone you concentrate on them in a positive way. You are there for them. Once you are holding the person and fully there, ask your inner self to finish any uncompleted sentences they may offer. That will give you guidance to where they are.

Example: Your friend says she wants to go with you to a movie, but she doesn’t know if she should or not. When you are connected to the unspoken you are able to pick up that she is feeling insecure about herself and doesn’t know if she wants you around her boyfriend. You could put her at ease and tell her she and her boyfriend make a great couple, talk about how happy you are in the relationship you are in, and how you’re committed and how you think people shouldn’t infringe upon each other’s boyfriends and girlfriends, etc. What you are doing is using your sixth sense perception to guide her to a safe place so she is not putting fear in front of her friendship.

Using the sixth sense you cut across the unspoken stuff to the real stuff. In business, people’s agenda is often ego, power and status, not losing face, positioning and control etc.

When at a business meeting, hold each person eye to eye as prior. Blank your mind and ask your sixth sense to tell you what everybody wants. In this way you can cut to the heart of the matter.

Winning someone over: Put yourself in the best light. Begin to listen, be interested, ask silent questions and empathize with their inner hidden needs as well as intellectual self and what they are saying. At the same time, join them at a new level. Reach out etherically and reach in and hold their heart in your hand. Imagine you are watching it beating in the palm of your hand. See if etherically you can see its rhythm, its pulse. Exude love and caring for them. The love transfers instantly and they feel good, and their eyes light up.

If you are dancing, try to hold their hand. Or if you can, put your finger on the neck to find the jugular at either point. If you can get it go into your click-click mode and visualize yourself stepping out of your body etherically and have your Etheric drop backwards into theirs. Reverse into their energy and ask your heart to slow/speed at the rhythm of their heart. At a cosmic level you say you and I are one. People really respond to this.

You exercise your spiritual angelic self through relationship. That’s how you discover yourself, how you express spiritual action. That’s where you discover the nature of yourself. Get rid of the negative bits and enhance the positive.


There are several ways of looking at reality. The material solid intellectual reality. Everything solid and real. We incarnated into that idea and into a physically real world of family, emotions, school, money, rules etc.

As you take to a more sacred path and you get a little metaphysical, your perception changes and you are less of a solid world and more in an opaque, translucent world of dimensions and shifting energies. A world where you can see through walls with your feelings.

Sandwiched between real and opaque are invisible corridors where energy is the currency of choice and a natural humility is present for the God force is more and more present in your life.

Our life exists in a tension between polarities – not stress, but magnetic. Energy comes from the interaction between the polarities. Power comes in part from the interaction from physical strength and your body mind mechanism and the life force within you and your energy comes from the interaction of the yin yang within. The masculinity within a woman creates a synapse of energy within her femininity. The femininity in the male interacts with his masculinity and thus power is created.

Energy that has a positive energy – yang- tends to move outwards. And energy with a negative energy tends to move in – yin-.

The opaque bit to the yin yang story: The female has inner spiritual identity of a positive polarity – the yang within her. Female traits: spiritual, nurturing, express love outwards with caring mothering, compassion and kindness.  The yang in her loves the earth and the little things. It is the outgoing supportive energy of femininity. Yet, the physical body is of the opposite polarity – yin. It pulls energy to her. She sucks up the emotions of others, pulls attention to her walking down the street, pulls the baby to her breast, pulls male to her body. So her body has the effect of pulling the energy in towards her and it is therefore metaphysically an inward energy and thus it has a negative polarity. The electricity of the feminine incarnation is created from synapses of yang expressing outwards, and yin body pulling energy towards. She needs balance between spirituality and physicalness.

Physical body of a male and his psychology have a positive alignment – a tendency to go outwards. The male ejaculates outwards, seeks goals outwards, his status, his position. He needs outgoing energy to confirm himself as solid and real. He needs competition so he is drawn to sport. He needs to have people to observe him winning. He needs to be observed as clever, exercising his intellect. He needs to go out there conquering the world sexually or financially so he can discover who he is. He feels power and identity through what he does. Man’s spirituality is yin – they are secretive about feelings. His external physical self is yang – pushing out. A metaphysical gap develops in male. Physical energy pushing outwards becomes separated from spiritual energy within. Men need to get in touch with sensitive side to balance that natural competitive.

Females can help the spirituality of the male come out and he then shows her the external strengths of the external yang, and protects her somewhat on an energy level so she can become more confident in the light in the masculinity around her – balance.

As you develop perception and you open to sixth sense and comprehend the Etheric, you also have to look at psychological polarity – the interaction between the dark and the light.

Deep within the shadow is always there – fear, antagonism and insecurities just from being a human. Look at the hatreds, fear angers within.

Ritual to release the dark side: Write down some of your darker elements or events, then meditate on them in a sacred way. At a campfire burn the paper saying, “ I return back to the God force these darker aspects of myself that I have now processed. As I am now coming from my higher self, help me reconcile the dark and light within me.”

The positive side of the shadow is where your deeper creativity lies. Our talents and aspects that are hidden in your subconscious. The shadow is a way of describing your unseen memory. It also is the memory of your spiritual heritage and your extra sensory knowledge you already know and the doorway to the rest.

Robert Johnson’s book on the shadow: Owning Your Own Shadow

The sixth sense comes from the clearing out of various aspects of self and the accepting of new values as much as acquiring new perceptions and techniques.

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