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Affirmation:  (I post mine in the bathroom) DOB:
Rewrite on a 3″x5″ card. Repeat out loud _____times/day x 30days.
7 Amen           And So It Is         Blessed Be           So Be It              Thank you God!
Emotional Clearing Work: (One hour of this equals 30 hours of counseling.)
The Basics:
I deserve all the good this world has to give and more. I’m OK with God.
I believe I can get well. God’s OK with me.
I allow myself to be fulfilled. I love me.
I can speak what is on my mind. I want to live.
I’m OK saying no. I am deserving.
I readily embrace change. I am worthy.
I have great self-esteem I love my life.
I am ready, willing and able to change my life for my greater good. I am joyful and happy.
Other areas: Family   Environment
Physical   Emotional   Mental   Spiritual   Money   Love   You Habits   School
Relationships  Job  Friends  Neighbors  Past  Diet/Food  Phobias Allergies   Signs/Symptoms
Life Purpose   Abuse
Surround the Dragon technique:
Used to make sure you are emotionally in synch with all aspects:
I’m OK with understanding, forgiving, my part in.., it happening again
I can be supported by others, It would be good for me if.., other….
I want, believe, deserve, honor, have the energy for, am ready/willing/able
Learn more:
# Organ blocked with emotion                        Emotion       Original age of insult Other Information
Note: I’ve noticed that the body can take only about 1/2 hour of this Dr. Denice Moffat
type of work at one time. It then needs time to “let go” of old stuff. 1069 Elk Meadow Lane
The client is encouraged to clear as the body is ready. Deary, ID 83823
Only you know when that is and most likely you will release some emotions. (208) 877-1222
We can do this on the phone. Please have a quiet place to go to.
Emotional clearing should be done where there are no distractions.