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Dr. Moffat’s Technique for Emotional Clearing (DMTEC):

Using a modification of Neuro Emotional Technique (, I test out the core crippling emotions of the health challenge and clear them out with a process of tapping and vocalizing. Sometimes the body just won’t let me do this last step and I honor that.

The body will only release what it is ready to. Sometimes we do this process at a different time than the exam and for specific emotional challenges that may be holding you back from living the best life possible. This particular process is quite exhausting for me to do and I prefer to do it only when I believe it is an important key in the success of your treatment.

The DMTEC process goes like this:

1) You tell me what the issue is that you’d like to clear, or I muscle-test from the list below for starters until you get the hang of the process.

2) I ask the body if there are emotions to clear having to do with the issue and muscle-test which organ that emotions are blocked in.

3) I determine the organ and muscle-test which emotion we need to clear off of a set of very extensive charts.

4) I ask your body if there is an original age that this emotion lodged in your system based on your belief system. (Some people believe in past lives, some in pre-existence, and others don’t believe in that kind of thing.) Clearing the disruption from this original age allows a cascading of release of all the other times in your life you have built on this emotion. Very effective.

5) We narrow down the situation to the original time your body connected with this picture. You then visualize the situation in your head and focus on it. You then will tap your chest (or your pet’s chest) and say a set of “dash” numbers out loud three times.

6) We repeat the steps above until there are no more emotions to clear on this topic then move onto the next one.

I’ve noticed with working on myself and serious clients over the years that the body can take only about 1/2 hour of this type of work at one time. The body then needs time to “let go” of the old stuff. Occasionally we will add an emotional remedy to the treatment to assist this process.

The client is encouraged to do clearing as the body is ready for it. Only you know when that is. For me, it seems to go in spurts, then I need a break from it for a month or two.

I have my clients prepare by making up a “hit list” on a 3 x 5 card. They write down all the aggravations in their life currently or the set of circumstances they overreact to that they would like to let go of so that they are not bothered any longer with them.

Most people come in with a list of  about 10 issues. I can then muscle-test the priority in which we can give you the biggest “bang for your buck”.  Along the way, other issues sometimes come up. Sometimes we finish the original list. Sometimes we don’t and know where to pick up with the next set of clearings. Here is an example of something to “clear.”

Emotional clearing should be done where there are no distractions. It can be done on both humans and on animals. I have taught the technique to several children in my practice over the years. They pick up on it very quickly although sometimes the adult needs to read the flow of the steps out loud. The child usually does a really great job at learning how to muscle-test.

It’s a game to them and they are not afraid to make mistakes.  Adults find it harder as they want to get it “just right” and seem to lack confidence in knowing that if they do it wrong, Spirit will just bring up the subject to clear again at a later time. DMTEC has shifted many lives in a positive direction.

Studies have shown that 1 hour of Neuro Emotional Technique equals about 30 hours of counseling. I think my modification of that technique is very similar in the benefits.

Clearing what I call “the basics” is a good place to start. We always want to understand what is going on and establish a level of trust with the person we are working with. Clearing “The Basics” gives the client a chance to understand the steps, use their left brain to figure out how it pertains to them giving them time to “get it” and yet is not so personal that it breeches personal boundaries making the client resist the good they are getting from it. Often only one or two items on the list are necessary to clear before going on to the “hit list”.

I believe that we all have guides and angels around us supporting us at all times. I also believe that they protect you and are with you during this technique. They know exactly what you have been through and the issues you have. They won’t let you clear something you are not ready physically or emotionally to let go of.  They also shut the body down when they know you’ve had all you can take to process.  This technique has personally changed my life substantially.

So, here’s the list of basics:

  • I deserve all the good this world had to give and more.
  • I relax.
  • I believe I can get well.
  • I allow myself to be fulfilled.
  • I’m OK saying NO.
  • I have boundaries.
  • I can speak what is on my mind.
  • I am ready to embrace change.
  • I have great self-esteem.
  • I am ready, willing, and able to change my life for the better.
  • I’m OK with God.
  • God is OK with me.
  • I love me.
  • I want to live.
  • I am deserving.
  • I am worthy.
  • I love my life.
  • I am joyful and happy.

General Areas to Clear with the DMTEC Process:

  • Physical issues to clear.
  • Spiritual issues to clear.
  • Money issues to clear.
  • Love issues to clear.
  • Job issues to clear.
  • Past traumas/dramas in your life to clear holding you back.
  • Recurrent issues that never seem to end.
  • Family issues to clear.
  • Weight issues and emotions associated with certain foods.
  • Allergies of all kinds.
  • Annoying habits you or others have that you can’t get over.
  • Phobias to clear.
  • Physical, mental or emotional abuse issues to let go of.
  • Life Purpose issues and not following your gut instincts.
  • Clearing issues holding you back from doing what you love.

Other issues to clear using DMTEC:

The Surround the Dragon technique is used for deep issues that need to be looked at from various perspectives. The phrases I use for this technique are.

  • I want to…
  • I believe I can…
  • I deserve…
  • It would be good for me if…
  • It would be good for others if…
  • I’m ready, willing and able to…
  • I can honor…
  • I’m safe with….
  • …empowers me

Client Testimonials:

I love the neuro-emotional technique for emotional release.  Although I’m sure I have more issues to work through, I woke up the next morning feeling so much more content in my skin.  Yesterday, after our first full day of school, I had to take the girls to town for soccer gear, as they had outgrown what we had and their first practice was scheduled for this afternoon (alas, rain–but my sinuses are cheering).

It was a pretty rushed trip, as we were pretty late in the evening.  When we finally had what we needed and headed back to the car, both girls were starting to grump and bicker.  I was able to calmly inform them that I knew they were tired and hungry, but that the proper attitude for the time was to be thankful to Mom for taking them out after a busy day to make sure they had the things they needed to do something that was fun for them.

Because I was able to be so calm and head things off early, they both made adjustments and they both thanked me separately when we got home! Mandie