**Dr. Denice Moffat’s Biography

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The Short Version:

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Dr. Denice Moffat, medical intuitive, is a veterinarian and Certified Traditional Naturopath through the American Naturopathic Medical Association (www.anma.com ). She has a Master’s degree in Biology; a Bachelor’s in Animal Science, is certified in Contact Reflex Analysis (www.crahealth.org) and is a Teaching Karuna Reiki Master (https://www.reiki.org ). She has taken classes in Neuro Emotional Technique (https://www.netmindbody.com), Cranio-Sacral Work (https://www.upledger.com ), has taken Dr. Randy Robirds’ Ener-Chi Quest and Creative Emotional Wizardry Seminars (dembonz@lvcm.com ). She has also been an Advanced Level Emergency Medical Technician.

Dr. Moffat has been around veterinary medicine since 1974 and focuses on pet health and preventative medicine. She has been practicing holistic healing techniques, alternative medicine, and integrative therapy almost exclusively since 1995. She works on both animals and humans calling them the “family unit.” Her focus is on using nutrition as medicine to bring the cells back to perfect health.

The Long Version: Last updated: 1/3/2011

Often people tip their head to the side with a quizzical look on their face and ask, “So, how did you get from being a veterinarian to doing what you do now?” It’s just too long a story, so I typed it up and hand it out for a little night reading. Here it is:

I was born in May of 1958 in a Catholic hospital in Seattle. The oldest of five children, four brothers who are not so little anymore. I gave up beating up on them on my 12th birthday. I went to Catholic school until the second grade.

My Near Death Experience:

When I was about 18 months of age my appendix ruptured. Mom said my uncle had given me too much chocolate on Halloween. She was so mad at him. Anyway, that was a time when ether was commonly used and overdosing was sometimes difficult to prevent. With my condition, age, and the anesthetic, I was in a precarious situation and ended up having a Near Death Experience (NDE).

Now, I’ve been around veterinary medicine long enough to know that when the doctor says, “We almost lost her” that a crash cart was brought out and medications were injected to bring a dead body back to life. That is what happened to me. I did not feel my soul come out of my body, but felt myself looking down at the surgery table at the many doctors and nurses working on me. It did not take but a few seconds to know they were working on me, but I did not seem to care. I felt myself floating through the ceiling, ending up outside. It was the most wonderful feeling–flying. The best way to explain it to people is that it’s like the Peter Pan ride in Disney Land, starting out low then rising up over the city with all the streets marked with lights and the wind rushing through your hair. I wasn’t cold for some reason.

It occurred to me that my parents may be worried about me so I decided to go home and check in on them. I found my house and ended up on the front step. The door was locked, but as I put my hand on the knob and turned it to find the door locked, I felt myself glide right through the entrance. The house was dark inside. Walking through the hallways I approached my parents’ bedroom, but they were not there. “Hmm. They must be at the hospital.” I thought.

At that point it seemed like I was not concerned with the emotions people may be experiencing on the earth plane. I don’t remember going through a tunnel like many that have experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE), but I do remember the very bright lights as I entered an extremely peaceful place I assumed was heaven. What was fascinating to me was that I saw angels and remember their clothing, rather see-through and having so many colors. A few years ago they came out with that holographic iridescent type of color that is exactly what angel clothes look like. And the plants…they talked to me. It was like each flower was so clear and bright and exuded so much love. Very comforting. The angels pointed me in the direction to walk. As I walked down a grassy garden path I ended up in an area with people in it. Three of these people were dark-skinned men dressed in gunnysack clothing with rope belts. They told me that they had been assigned to me and brought me up to a giant throne where Jesus sat. Jesus asked me, “Would you like a tour of Heaven?” “Oh yes!” I said. And off we went, my Guides and I, until we got to a long corridor lined with doors.

Above each door were signs. I noticed one sign “The Hall of Knowledge” it said. “I’d like to go in there.” I pointed up to the sign. So in we went. The room was huge and lined floor to ceiling with shelves and shelves of books. It looked like the Library of Congress to some degree but it seemed endless. My guides explained to me that these were the Akashic records and that all the knowledge of history on everyone’s lives was stored here.

I would take a book off the shelf, lay it open on a table and start leafing through it. I remember thinking, “How can I be reading? I’m only 1 1/2 years old.” as I started turning the pages faster and faster I was acutely aware that all the information from the books was going into my brain. I became really excited about that and took armfuls of books off the shelves (wondering how I could lift all those books as I was doing it) and flipped through them faster and faster. When that was not fast enough for me, I found that I could just touch the books as they sat on the shelves and all the knowledge would go in. Amazing. I remember feeling discouraged that I was so short that I couldn’t reach as high as I wanted to so that I could touch more books.

This room was so amazing it dawned on me after a time to ask to go to some of the other rooms. As we left the Hall of Knowledge my Guides told me, “It’s time for you to go back now.” and we walked back to where Jesus was sitting.

I remember being really upset about that. I did act my age at that point and threw a temper tantrum. I was put into the arms of Jesus as I was crying and resisting going back into my human body. Jesus then asked me, “Would you like to see why you need to go back.” “OK.” I sniffled. I was then brought over to a large mirror-like thing that I looked down into and saw a movie of what my life would be like on earth in the future. Going back then made so much sense to me and I accepted that it was necessary I return.

And I don’t remember what I saw in the mirror, but it sure has influenced my life and how I see the world. I’ve always had a love for books and knowledge. I’m like a sponge…always seeking to put the pieces of a challenge together in a way that others can understand. Because I forgot why I was here after I reentered my body, I think I had issues with Jesus because I never prayed to Jesus, always to God. I never saw God up there, but I felt like God was some kind of energy field. At one point in heaven I saw what I felt was the hand of God. I felt God’s presence everywhere and in everything, not like down here on earth. Up there, everything is pure and unconditional love.

For about 20 years after the NDE at a certain time of the year, around the anniversary of the experience, I found myself subconsciously looking for a way out of living. One time I swallowed a huge bottle of orange-flavored aspirin because I was hungry and needing a midnight snack–Got my stomach pumped then.

Once I nearly drowned in the local swimming hole and was rescued by my blood father–I found I didn’t even resist and try to swim. Lights were flashing all around me and it was so peaceful, then he yanked me out. Another time I choked on a cherry and was rescued by a friend. The next summer I was almost hit by a car. Once you’ve seen the other side you’re not afraid to go back. That drive to return to heaven can be strong and I do believe that it is a common undiagnosed cause of depression.

Religious Background:

I definitely have my own ways of seeing religion since the NDE. I don’t believe in doctrines and feel that everyone is pre-programmed with the goodness we are to bring into the world. We accomplish our Life Purpose doing God’s work by removing the roadblocks to God’s presence and by listening to the God voice that we all can hear if we listen, trust and develop faith and are pure of heart.

I have spent many years in Catholic, Methodist, Christian, Religious Science, Unity, Unitarian and New Thought Churches. Once I went to a Methodist church during my younger teen years for three years wondering why I was there. I was the only one in my family at the time that went to church (except for holidays) and not one person in that church ever asked my name during that whole time. I truly believe that all paths to God are the right path. I have Mormon, Witness, Islamic and Bahai friends. Recycling and do-overs in regards to lifetimes is all part of the journey. I have always believed that to be true, but never voiced my opinions on that until a few years ago. I really spent most of my life observing how people work but keeping my mouth shut. Those that know me now, would not have even recognized me many years ago.

Hobbies, Book-Learning and Metaphysical Tendencies:

My NDE left me with a deep-seated purpose for being here. I have always been interested in unexplained mysteries, animal communication, astrology, ventriloquism, secret languages, palm reading, handwriting analysis, Indian stories, animal stories, mysteries and herbs. I also longed to get in touch with my Indian heritage.

My grandmother instilled the love of gardening into my being. My grandfather taught me to read a variety of topics, “Because then no matter who you meet you will have something to talk with them about.” Both my mother and blood-father’s genetic lines have intuitive and psychic tendencies.

I remember a story told to me from my blood-father about his brother having a dream that their family would move into a purple house. Uncle Pat saw the house while on a Sunday drive with the family and screamed, “Stop! That’s the house we’re supposed to move into!” The house was for sale and he wouldn’t quit pestering his parents until they toured the house. They ended up purchasing it. The house was not purple, but years later as the boys were preparing it for a new paint job as they scraped down they found purple paint.

It wasn’t until my parents saw me read a book on Transcendental Meditation that I had any resistance from them in reading anything I wanted. They flipped out calling it “evil”. (People always fear those things they know nothing about.) For decades I had trouble meditating the normal way people meditate. I think I have compensated for this through moving meditation, dance and gardening. I don’t think my parents really knew who Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping Prophet” was at that same time because I was reading every Edgar book I could find. I was hooked.

My first husband’s mother, Frankie, was very metaphysical. She introduced me to the Rosicrucian Society www.rosicrucian.org of which I was a member for two years. I quit because it was too slow moving for me. Frankie and I shared resources and spent many hours talking about metaphysics and how we had been contacted by the other side.

Developing Empathy and Compassion:

I spent a lot of time during my teen years preparing myself for the possibilities of being disabled “so I would still be a useful doctor in any situation” so I thought. I spent about four days blindfolding myself after school practicing development of my other senses…until mom spotted me and snapped, “Take that blindfold off! That is SO morbid, Denice!” “OK, OK… I wonder how many things I can do with my feet?” I thought. And off I went in another similar direction. Stubborn little bugger, I was.

Maybe I was working on compassion and understanding for people with disabilities because even today I sometimes get a mild case of something as I empathically pick up on other people’s symptoms. I think by experiencing what the other person is going through it helps me to be a better doctor. I’m able to give more options for treatments and plans of action because I know what they are feeling. I do use my senses extensively and am acutely aware of odors. I can’t handle acid rock music and need lots of light in every room. I’ve learned this is a common set of traits with NDE individuals.

Visitors and Angels:

In 1981 I had my first visitor as an adult from the other side. I was off my God Path and headed up to Spokane with a recruiter to sign up for the Army Reserves so I could make some extra money and take a radiology training course to prepare myself for vet school, which I always believed to be my inevitable career. When I got to Spokane they said the two radiology positions had been filled and that I had to choose something else. I asked if I could opt to pass on the whole thing and was told that was not an option. Well, naïve me, I did not know that it was an option and I was not strong enough at that time to listen to my inner guidance so I made a commitment to join wondering what the heck I was doing and how could I get out of it.

At a gas station in the middle of nowhere on the way home, a black lab appeared and barked at me like he knew me. I immediately recognized him as a dog I spent over a month nursing while working in a veterinary hospital during high school. “Blackie” should have been dead by that time. No way could he be that young looking even if he was still alive. He had not aged a day since I had taken care of him 10 years previous. I knew it was him because he had a broken left rear leg. Actually it had broken three times in the same spot and had developed a false joint in the mid thigh area. The owners should have had the leg amputated so he could get around better, but they chose not to do it. The leg still looked awful. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I went into the gas station where the recruiter had stopped to fill the gas tank and asked if anyone knew who owned the dog outside. “What dog?” Said the clerk. As I turned around, Blackie had vanished. There was no place to hide and he wasn’t that fast. I knew it was a sign I was not headed in the right direction in my life.

Years later I was accepted into veterinary school and life was very busy. I had no time to read anything but textbooks and my metaphysical life was not as active. I wanted to do my senior paper on iridology, the study of irises and how they relate to disturbances in the body. I thought that would be a great topic as animals have a hard time communicating with us. I was told that I would be kicked out of school if I decided to do that topic. Intense…geez. I don’t remember what I ended up writing about. Something dorky I’m sure. I did meet a woman that would eventually become my mentor while researching the iridology topic though.

Another time during vet school I found myself stuck in the middle of a desert without water in a broken-down car. We had been driving around looking for ghost towns and a fuse had blown on the car. We had tried to jury-rig a fuse out of different wires, but every time we turned the key on, it blew a hole through whatever we were using. A couple drove by after 35 minutes of this and guided my friend and I to a pasture a mile behind us. There in the middle of the pasture was a car of the same model. We were able to get a fuse for our car out of this car. My friend and this stranger put the fuse in. I was in the car in the passenger seat with the door open trying to stay cool. He got into the car and turned on the key and the car started. We got out of the car to say thank you and offer the couple some money, but they had vanished! Angels there to save our lives I’m sure.

Professional Training:

From the time I started my undergraduate degree until I graduated with my naturopathic degree I had invested 15 years into higher education including my studies to become an advanced-level Emergency Medical Technician. I lasted only two years as an EMT. I couldn’t handle the stress, the lack of sleep and only being able to provide oxygen. And you had to wear gloves! No human touch! Ugh. People seemed to feel so out of place and scared in the ambulance. It was just hard for me.

It was during this time period in Orofino, Idaho that metaphysical things started happening more continuously. I think my guides were getting impatient.

One day a little Yorkshire terrier named Bruiser came to me with a skin problem. He looked awful. I would send home shampoos, steroids and antibiotics, but he didn’t get well. I followed the treatment protocols set out in the textbooks and they didn’t work. After two months of this, I couldn’t take seeing him suffer anymore. I told the owners I would take him for a month and do the dips and treatments myself (convinced they were not doing them properly of course).

Bruiser’s skin continued to worsen. The bathing was painful and agonizing for the both of us. The medical system had failed me. I had heard of a veterinarian in Boring, Oregon (Dr. Donna Starita who used to be Dr. Donna Meehan at the time) who did natural medicine of some type. I made some calls and tracked her down. She gave me some advice over the phone, but I got the feeling she was doing something psychic. She recommended I attend a Dr. Versendahl Seminar on Contact Reflex Analysis. “What’s that?” I asked. And she wouldn’t tell me…

I have no idea how I got the funds to get to this seminar, but it happened–and it changed my life. It put me on the fast track to alternative medicine and opened up a new world for me. One that I never knew existed. Weird things began happening to me. I had several clients come to my clinic at different times after the Versendahl seminar. The familiar question they asked me: “I moved to Orofino to be healed. What am I doing at a vet’s office? I don’t even have an animal!” I had one client come in and tell me she had a dream that I could heal her dog’s hearing problem. Another client filled out the intake form and where it asked, “How did you hear of me.” Wrote, “God”

I had many clients ask me to do Contact Reflex Analysis (https://www.crahealth.org ) on them. I wanted to help, but I was afraid it would jeopardize my veterinary license. I ended up reconnecting with the iridologist, only now she was studying to become a naturopath. She took me down additional paths of healing in my own life. I had asthma for about 13 years, which was healed using 3 weeks of homeopathics. I had atypical pap smears that she helped me clear up, and a whole laundry list of all kinds of things that the medical system had not been able to help me with over a 30 year period of time.

I finally gave into my clients and got a naturopathic degree so I could legally work on both humans and animals. The miracles I rejoiced in seeing once or twice a year practicing regular allopathic veterinary medicine began happening once or twice a week with alternative medicine. I really live for those miracles.

With every book I read I build on what I’ve learned. I verbally pray that I be open to new gifts of healing as God thinks I am ready for them. I pray for accuracy and pure intention. I pray that I say just the right words to help the client see their challenges from a new perspective, and I give thanks for all the validations that I get when doing an exam.

My guides help me by guiding clients my way and in suggesting treatment protocols. I often get cases in groups of three so I can see different ways of treating them. Over the years I have determined that one guide is Indian, one is Oriental and the third is Ayurvedic. They seem to take turns in suggesting herbs and treatments to use, although I have no idea how they decide this.

In 1995 I met James Van Praagh (https://www.vanpraagh.com ) and Mary Jo McCabe (https://www.maryjomccabe.com ) at a Mind-Body-Spirit Conference given by www.consciousliving.net in Spokane, Washington. That was my first solid validation for the contacts people and animals were making with me from the other side. I could feel the love and connectedness Mary Jo and James had with God and felt they were truly doing their gift for the world. I highly prize and honor the works of these two exceptional healers. Another step along the way.

In 1994 I experienced my first channeled reading. Interestingly enough, this woman’s reading was validated for me several times by other healers who volunteered bits and pieces of what they saw happening around me and through my work. I made a connection between some physical symptoms in my body and a past-life experience in Atlantis and another one as a healer in Ireland. Now, I’ve got to tell you that without several validations I never would have succumbed to this type of “foolish thinking”, but there were things that were said that were just too right on the money. I’ve learned to release all kinds of judgments along my path.

During one of my readings with Mary Jo McCabe, I asked who my angels were and their names. She told me that I have one woman who just guides me to learning materials…books in particular. That angel must work overtime.

Addictive personalities run in my family lines. I drink very little and don’t do drugs, but books and beads are definitely my addiction. I’ve got the bead thing under control, as I don’t see it being a huge asset to the world and my global vision for health, but the books…That is another story.

Because of this genetic pattern, I decided I would not buy any books for three months one time a few years ago. I no later decided that, when my clients started buying and giving me books as gifts! “Oh, you must read this one, I’ll get a copy for you.” They’d say.

OK, books must be important. I give up. I did make it through the three months without buying any books though. And yes, I do have quite the library. “No novels” my husband complains. “How will novels help the world?” I ask. I don’t have time to waste reading novels.

Around this time I was also attuned to Reiki which is a hands on healing technique (https://www.reiki.org ) received through a series of attunements and opening of the body’s chakras. The healings that happened with this technique in my own body and in the bodies of my animal patients were miraculous. I learned from Reiki that when you get excited about what you are doing, so do your helpers on the other side. So, along with my own three Guides I received another two dedicated guides who helped me perform Reiki. I’m very honored to have attuned over 75 people at this point to Reiki.

I’ve also learned that you can ask for help anytime you want to and have specialists on your team. The other side is ready to help at any time. They are just waiting to be asked and to help those who are sincere. That excites them. I don’t feel like they hang around all the time, but when you need them and ask for them, they show up. And they are interested to see what you are open to and what you are learning.

A few years back several clients told me of a movie that came out called “What the Bleep Do We Know.” They kept telling me that I should see it, because it was the basis of some of the work I do. I waited two months before it showed up at a local theatre. My husband and I had something to do the night before, but we took a “date night” and went on a Thursday. We took our seats and waited. While waiting I met the local reflexologist who also came to see the movie. About 8 other people showed up, but just before the movie started I felt them. Besides the goose bumps all over my back that always show up when my clients have visitors from the other side, the energy of the room became very crowded and dense. My guides sat behind me and the rest of the theatre was filled will with about 100 of their friends! “How interesting and exciting.” I though. So we all watched the movie.

Yep. That’s what I do. The movie talks about quantum physics and what we think about is what we create in our lives. There was even a segment featuring Dr. Emoto of how molecules of water respond to different emotions. Kind of intellectual and heady, but definitely a good movie to see.

After we got into our car to leave, I looked up at the billboard and the theatre had changed the movies. Apparently I was meant to see that movie.

I went from Reiki to taking classes in Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) in 1996 (https://www.netmindbody.com ). With that technique I uncovered a Vanishing Twin which sorted a lot of feelings I had about not having a sister, searching for someone like me, my overreaction to my brothers marriages and my birthing experience. During one NET seminar in Sedona, Arizona I met a healer named Randy Robirds who practiced in Las Vegas, Nevada. He did some awesome things with energy.

One time I called Randy complaining of menstrual cramps and asked his opinion. He muscle tested me over the phone, which gave me enough confidence to know that I could do that too with accuracy. He detected a tipped uterus and slight torsion (twist) of the gut. I asked him how I would go about fixing that and he asked me if I wanted him to do it. “But I’m in Idaho and you’re in Nevada. I won’t be down that direction for several months.” I said. “Oh, I can fix it over the phone.” “Right.” I sarcastically thought, but didn’t have anything to lose so gave permission. He went on to adjust my organs and I felt the shifting and twisting within my body. “Whoa. Sign me up for your class.” I said. I learned lots of energy techniques at his Ener-Chi Quest and Creative Emotional Wizardry seminars.

I think you need to pray that when you are ready for God to work through you in a way that seems to fit your personality that you are bestowed more gifts of healing. The gifts we have should be highly and reverently honored and nourished. Everything we learn in our lives is useful and essential. When we need more information to put thought patterns together, it is given to us in some way or form. I have always been an “out of the box” thinker. There is always something positive to glean from any experience that we have even if we don’t think so. We don’t see the big picture that Spirit has in mind for us. I was never the kind of person to make a lot of friends and was often ostracized. Those experiences made me strong for future situations.

Spiritual Lessons:

I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe. If I had followed the crowd and needed constant validation (and got it), I would be a different person. We each have a special gift and those gifts need to be used to better our world. When we work on people with pure intention and unconditional love, our clients get out of the experience exactly what they need from the interaction. You have done your best and that’s all you can do. If they don’t “get it”, someone else will come into their lives and knock them over the head with the same information. Eventually they will come around. Some people just need more knocking than others.

After being certified in Contact Reflex Analysis, I spent years honing my skills. I researched, practiced and played with the energies. I found that I could ask my client’s guides and angels to be with us during the exam and when I did, the readings were even more accurate. It seems like my team provides the medical advice and the client’s team integrates the spiritual, mental and emotional aspects.

One day my personal assistant at the time, Sue, challenged me. “Well, if you can muscle test that I have a bacteria in my body, can you also ask which bacteria I have?” Apparently we could. So we started compiling lists. We compiled lists of foods, plants, chemicals, toxins, oils, herbs, and all the categories in the realm of nutrition. And I started testing which herbs or supplements were needed and found I could ask the client’s body why it needed the product.

It was at this time that I started hearing key words. Apparently my guides thought the list testing was too slow! I still use my fingers to muscle test. Maybe someday I will hear everything, but I think I need to develop my sense of hearing a little better before that happens…and maybe build up more confidence that what I am hearing coincides with the muscle test.

I continue to work and grow in my gifts. I continue to ask for validations on the work that I do. My guides know that and give those validations to me with every exam. And then again, sometimes they toy with me and tease me…

One April I had a dog come in with allergies. She tested allergic to something she was breathing…outdoors…a flower. I asked the owner if she noticed the dog sniffing any flowers. She said, “Yes, grape hyacinths are in bloom right now and she’s been smelling them.” So we started going down the list of flowers to determine which ones she was allergic to, only I passed by Grape and Hyacinth and ended up with Muscari. “How could this be?” I thought, so I looked up the common name for Muscari . . . Grape Hyacinth!

I try not to have judgment of the gifts that I receive. I know that God won’t give me gifts that would frighten me or shake my confidence. When I’m doing something that is not my gift I feel tired, like what I’m doing is draining my energy. I think my guides also protect me by turning off my energy after a certain time of the night so that I can’t wear myself out. And if I mess up, they send someone to fix me. I appreciate that.

I don’t know what God has left for me to do, but my goal is to just keep following that Still Small Voice and let it guide me. I hope you do that, too.