Pre-Earthquake Sensitivity and Earth Sensitive People

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Pre-Earthquake Sensitivity and Earth Sensitive People:

Often when I get a series of people emailing me with the symptoms below, I ask the whether or not the person is earth sensitive and how much of what they are experiencing is directly tied to earth changes.

Sensitives often will have uncomfortable symptoms associated with earthquakes, strong winds, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, hurricanes, tsunamis, earth events, war, violence, suicide bombers, and even global political unrest.

In trying to figure out what sensitives are feeling and how their symptoms are triggered, medical doctors noticed some people to be sensitive when around the MRI machine. As these patients move briskly near the machine they experience dizziness and nausea, so wouldn’t it make sense that the Earth occurrences may be magnetically related?

As it turns out they are not. Earth signals have not been reported to have a powerful magnetic field associated with them, so it isn’t known why people experience dizziness and nausea with pre-earthquake sensitivity. Scientists now feel that the symptoms are associated with atom changes.

About a decade ago some amateur experimentalists built a simple device they called a Scalarbeamer which generated similar sensations as the earth energy. This machine caused sedation in people.

Gee, I wonder if it was tied into the HARP project in some way, but supposedly the HARP project was shut down in 2014. By altering the design of the beamer, they were able to cause extreme stimulation and even numbness in the hands and arms lasting over an hour from just 5 minutes of experimenting.

Delving into this experiment further, it was found that human mitochondria within cells contain a 12-pole motor generator that actually pumps electrochemical charge in either direction. Perhaps this charge is the reason some Yogi’s can levitate. I don’t know, but it seems like many of my clients who follow a certain yogi in India have more mitochondrial activity than other clients who don’t meditate. Who knows.

Other researchers think that Earth sensitive people are somehow feeling electrical fields which cause a set of symptoms during earth changes.

My personal feeling is that sensitives are somehow tuned in to the global grid like in the movie Indigo (with Neale Donald Walsh).

What I have learned from my research on this topic is that machines to measure earth activity are getting more sensitive and that someday we’ll be able to detect earth changes before they happen. Hopefully this will give us more time to prepare for disasters.

Larry Park, a senior systems hardware engineer, discovered that earthquakes can disrupt utility power grids severely damaging microelectronics. Larry invented a machine to mimic earthquake energy calling it the Electrostatic Scaler Detector/Sensor. Its function was to find unknown faults in the Earth.

Faults are strong emitters of these mysterious Earth signals. The machine let out a chirp every 20 minutes for up to three days prior to an earthquake. When researching this topic though, Larry Park no longer had a website, but there were some articles written about it and his research.

My own experience is that females who are perimenopausal or post-menopausal seem to be more in tune with these frequencies although I’ve seen a few sensitive men who feel these vibrations as well.

Pre-Earthquake Sensitivity physical symptoms that happen several hours before an event include:

  • Headaches, nausea and/or dizziness are the most common symptoms associated with pre-earthquake events
  • Feeling like you’re going crazy when that is not normally your nature
  • One person recounted that it felt like her body gravity had tripled
  • Temporary changes in depth perception
  • Increase clumsiness (above the normal that some people have)
  • Increase drug abuse in an attempt to dull the feelings of stress and anxiety around these events.
  • Increased emotions of neediness, obsessiveness, anxiety or crabbiness
  • Low rumbling or idling diesel-engine sounds in the ears have been reported by a few people living around Taos New Mexico. They call it the Taos Hum. These signals have not been found to be true sound, nor are they radio waves.
  • Migraines (CAT, EEG, Audiograms all turn up negative for any abnormalities)
  • Mood swings of all types and durations
  • Feelings like you’re going to explode 24-36 hours prior to a very strong earthquake where many people will be harmed with that earthquake
  • Richter scale events greater than 6 or earthquakes that are strong enough to cause injury generate roller or jerky-wave sensations: These symptoms happens to some people who can feel the earthquake’s rolling precursory waves as sensations and can determine from which direction they are coming. If you’ve ever seen the movie Phenomenon with John Travolta you’ll understand what this looks like for the person experiencing it.
  • Seeing auras around people
  • A sudden craving for popcorn may indicate an earthquake or volcanic eruption within 12-24 hrs.
  • Short duration muscle jolts in a hand or foot
  • Temporary blurred vision
  • Temporary headaches (resolving 15 mins after the earthquake)
  • Tinnitus (high or low tones), screeching ear tones, intense ear pain in one or both ears. This may progress to hearing voices, seeing ghostly images and having your dreams disturbed. Some people call this Sherpa ear when it happens in association with avalanches.

It may help to make note of when the full moons occur, when mercury is retrograde and when you or your partner will be menstruating. When all three of these line up, there’s often a triple whammy lunatic rocker crowd.

Things that may help with the pre-earthquake sensitivity:

  • Asking your angels to help calm your nerves
  • Doubling up on your B-vitamins
  • Hormone balancing (especially check to see if estrogen is not increased and take an extra dose of progesterone if you are on that supplement)
  • Meditation (especially guided meditation focusing on slowing your breathing)
  • Prayer and grounding exercises
  • Ingesting Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles or drops

One discouraging part of this type of sensitivity is that you know people are going to die, but you don’t know where or when, so can’t do anything about it. Having symptoms does not confirm the epicenter, date or time of the earth event so earthquake experiencers often suffer afterwards with a sense of guilt.

Your Next Step:

Sign up for the earthquake watch for worldwide events greater than 5.0 on the Richter scale—at least you’ll start to understand why your body is freaking out and that you’re not going crazy. Go to:

It may take years before realizing that your symptoms are associated with earth changes, but I’m hoping just a little education today may help some of you come to terms with some of your symptoms earlier on than later.

We are all connected on the earth and to the earth so be nice to each other and to our Mother. Are you an Earth Sensitive?

Helpful Links and References about Pre-Earthquake Sensitivity:

Updated 2/7/23