Elk Meadow Farm Nursery Mission

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Mission for Elk Meadow Farm & Nursery Deary, ID U.S.A

Established December 24, 2008, our picturesque, rural, diversified homestead/small farm/nursery/food forest is a model of all things edible grown locally in our climate. We are stewards of the land and forest in unique ways (of course) not yet fully known or understood by our community and two nearby land grant universities. Our goal is to change that and introduce as many people as we can to the world of permaculture and regenerative farming.

At this time we offer:

  • Farm Tours
  • Permaculture and other gardening demonstration areas
  • Edible Landscape/Food Forest/Permaculture Plants
  • Annual/Perennial Bedding Plants
  • Vines/Medicinal and Culinary Herbs
  • Fruit/Nut/Fodder trees
  • Tubers/Bee, Butterfly and Beneficial Insect Plants
  • Locally Grown Cut Flowers
  • Farm Fresh Chicken and Duck Eggs
  • An ever-increasing variety of lesser-known produce
  • Some pick-your-own fruits/berries/veggies
  • We organize an annual community Bare-Root Fruit Tree Order
  • Workshops on growing, permaculture techniques, alternative building, health and energy work

We promote and support other growers both locally and globally. Beautification, creativity and education (both local community and global through internet) convey our love for working with and caring for the land and its inhabitants in a responsible manner. Our farm respects all living things, functioning as an interactive unit (well—with exception to yellow jackets maybe).
Each year we learn one or two new techniques that will take us closer to our goal of being more self-sufficient. We love sharing new and tasty foods and easily made, healthful recipes. We donate to low income families in need and to local food banks.

We especially love “wow-ing” our neighbors and showing them what THEY can do with their own farms.
If you have special wants and needs, please ask us. We may be able to accommodate you.

Our Growing Methods:

As a teaching facility, we utilize Permaculture, Back-to-Eden, Findhorn, Coleman, Raised Beds, Season Extension and Intensive farming techniques. We currently have one non-heated hoop house. We use a variety of composts and mulches to build up the silty-clay soil that we live on. We grow food for multiple chemically sensitive people focusing on Blood Type O and non-secretor status individuals using GMO-free seeds and organic potting soil.

We maintain very spoiled, happy/healthy, humanely-cared for small farm animals and birds that nurture our farm and nursery from their birth to death.

How we treat people: We value building relationships of trust and respect that are sustaining, restorative, and transformative for our customers, employees, and selves. We strive to operate our farm honorably, with creativity and profitably and with the utmost respect for those our products and services touch.
Updated 3/13/18