Our Permanent Location as of 12/24/08

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 (As of December 24, 2008)

Pictures of our new place below the letter

 Happy Holy Days!                                                       December 20, 2008

It’s been quite a year for us. In April we moved to Deary to a 4500 square foot 5 bed/5 bath rental home. Too big. And after several years of pulling maps out in search of our dream property in Idaho exploring and re-exploring Deary, Harvard, Genessee, Moscow, Nez Perce, Plummer, Riggins, Cataldo, Sandpoint, Kooskia, Kamiah, Peck, Lenore, Coeur D’Alene, St. Maries, Bonner’s Ferry, Santa, Troy, Weippe, Cocolalla, Cottonwood, Elk City, Harrison, Hayden, Juliaetta, and Kendrick for that perfect spot, we looked at the center of our vision board and noticed the “You are Here” symbol before realizing that almost everything we’ve ever wanted in a piece of property was right where we were in Deary (Avon to be specific, which is a subdivision of Deary). 

About a month ago we found a great undeveloped piece of property with no house on it, but much to my dismay our real estate broker said, “Denice, the county will NOT give you a certificate of occupancy to live in a pole barn garage! We’ll find you something. Really.”  I was driven. Must have trees! 

And then if finally happened. We’ve manifested our own little 40-acre secluded, quiet plot of forest land with long driveway, developed pond, seasonal creek, 2-car garage/workshop, 2-stall horse barn, a potting shed and a nice but small and fairly new home in the midst of a friendly and supportive community. Lots of opportunity for a lifetime of adventure. What a relief. I was getting so discouraged. Trees, peace and nature wherever you look. It’s fabulous. 

Our loan went through and we will be moving Dec. 24th. Noon to be exact. We’re in the process of going through every room and consolidating. We have maxed out our ads on www.palouseads.com and have sold off a few large items so far. More to sell and donate though. 

Since the move this time comes during the Christmas holiday, we should be able to settle in quickly after an effortless and organized move—thanks to many clients who gave me helpful tips for unpacking last time when I whined a bit!   

Our phone numbers will stay the same since we’ll only be 5 miles from our current location. Only the address will change.  Thanks to my brother Don for redesigning our card! He does awesome work in record time. 

Email is the still the best way to reach us both.  Hopefully Michael’s cell phone will work inside the new house as it doesn’t do that where we’re at currently. 

If you need supplement refills, just send me an email, tell me what you need and I’ll mail them to you Reiki-charged and energetically balanced of course. We’re still using the Stamps.com service so all the packages within the United States are tracked. It’s an amazing system.  

We send blessings your way and hope that YOUR dreams will also come true in the coming year.  Dreams really DO come true! Merry Christmas and love to you all. Namaste. Denice and Michael

Our Permanent Location as of 12/24/08 1
Elk Meadow Farm Summer 2010

1069 Elk Meadow Lane, Deary Idaho 83823

It’s smaller than the home we had in Moscow, ID. I’ve commandeered the Master Bedroom as my office–which will be a bit crammed. Michael will have his office in one of the spare bedrooms. Our intention is to build an alternative energy home someday. She could use a paint job soon. That will go on the docket for the spring/summer of 2009. 

Our Permanent Location as of 12/24/08 2

Elk Meadow Farm Moose with baby at the pond

A mother moose and her baby headed down to the pond for a drink. The previous owner tells us this is a common event. Of course we’ll put in some elk and moose proof fencing for a garden. There currently is no garden plot and about 37 acres of trees, so that should keep us busy the first year! 

Our Permanent Location as of 12/24/08 3

Elk Meadow Farm Pond 2008

The pond. There’s another home to the right but we can’t see it from our house though the trees. A nice little path leads down to the pond. I’ll plant some daffodils  and bird-attracting shrubs along the path. And I can finally build some of those bat houses now that we have a pond of our own. I just love bats.

Our Permanent Location as of 12/24/08 4

Elk Meadow Farm Horse Barn 2008

The horse barn. We don’t have plans to have a horse but there may be a mule in our future. Michael loves his mules. The chicken coop will be set up to the right. There seems to be a lack of fences right now. Hope to get some in before the ground freezes too hard. 

Our Permanent Location as of 12/24/08 5

Elk Meadow Farm Garage 2008

Our garage. It’s extra deep so we can set up a workshop. We love to build things. 

Our Permanent Location as of 12/24/08 6

Elk Meadow Farm view of Spud Mountain, 2008

The view from our front door. Almost the same view as where we live now! And it’s SO quiet here. No noise from the road. Just birds and wildlife. We’re in heaven! Check back occasionally and we’ll post pictures of the various projects we have in mind.