Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010

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Elk Meadow Farm & Nursery LLC

We moved to our very own Deary, Idaho property on Dec. 24, 2008 naming our place Elk Meadow Farm & Nursery.


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Let’s GROW!

The year 2009 was torture because we just planted lots of fence posts—no plants. . . so in 2010 we really went to town. We’ve narrowed down many of the vegetable varieties we want to use for crops in 2011. We were fortunate enough to have a mild winter so spent that time clearing forest and garden space.  In 2011 we’ll focus on how to make crops come in a bit more continuously. Once that happens we’ll be offering farm memberships and/or CSA’s. Here are some pictures of what we’ve accomplished in 2010 at Elk Meadow Farm & Nursery. More recent photos are on the Home Page at the top of the page and in our Newsletters. We’ll keep posting!

Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010 1

Elk Meadow Farm Front Circle Bed Summer 2010

View of Spud Mountain from our driveway (where you’ll be sitting enjoying lemonade if you come to the tour this Sunday 7/25/10.)

Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010 2

Elk Meadow Farm July 2010 Circle Bed

July 27, 2010 Elk Meadow Farm center circle with squash trellis in the background (see the bandanas?)

I painted the house last year while Michael was away visiting his son for a few days. Finally dug up the beds with a pick this spring and planted a few plants. 7/25/10

Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010 3

Front of house July 25, 2010

May, 2010 Batik Iris patch. The Straw bale bed from last year is covered with row cover on the right hand side of the photo.

Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010 4

Batik Iris Patch May, 2010

Inside our first ever hoop house July 25, 2010

Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010 5

Hoophouse Inside July 25 2010

Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010 6

Hoophouse July 25, 2010


OK, so maybe it’s just a bit crowded. . .but it sure smells great! I go here between phone consults to get energized. See my watermelon growing up the trellis in the far right? 7/30/10. Someone on the farm tour asked us, “Why so many flowers?” and we replied, “Because we love them!”

Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010 7

Artichokes and tomatillos grow in a straw bale bed

Artichokes and Tomatillos in a straw bale bed. Around July 5th we were watering here when I looked up and saw the most beautiful black bear wandering by about 20 feet from the outside of the hoop house. Wow. Maggie our dog was just laying outside the hoop house watching her pass. I thought she might chase her so we called her into the hoop house and she lumbered off into the forest. 7/25/10

Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010 8

Hoophouse watermelon July 25, 2010

I’ve never grown watermelon before so we decided to try two beds of it in a corner of the hoop house. Michael is training them up these trellises. They are for me and the girls (our chickens) who love watermelon. 7/30/10

Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010 9

Circle Bed July, 2010

Part of the center circle of our driveway. I’ve got part of the trellis up with vines planted now. The other arbor will go where the center of the picture is when I can find a few hours to dig holes and plant posts. 7/25/10.

Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010 10

Pixie’s Patch gate July 2010

The gate we built at the entrance of Pixie’s Patch on our anniversary this year. The berry patch was named in memory of a critter I put down last year. It’s always been my intention that good comes from the end of a life. I spend any monies I receive from my services as a vet doing a euthanasia to purchase plants or trees to plant in the animals name. Kind of like the full circle of life concept. It works for us.

Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010 11

Orchard at Elk Meadow Farm on July 2010

35 fruit trees and 10 gooseberry plants waiting to find their permanent home this fall at Elk Meadow Farm.

Elk Meadow Farm Tour 2010 12

Pixie’s Patch July, 2010

Our berry patch inter-planted with other crops this year. We figure we can get by doing that another 3-4 years before the blueberries get too bushy to take advantage of the space. By that time we’ll have lots more beds to plant in. We planted over 250 tomatoes this year left over from the Moscow Saturday Market. Started too many plants. Ooops. Hopefully we can sell the tomatoes.  (Oct. 2010 note–we gave away over 1500 pounds of tomatoes the day after the first frost.)

For some before shots, go to our Christmas letter from 2009. WOW! What a difference a year makes! Here’s that link:


That’s the update for this year at Elk Meadow Farm!  Our next tour will be in 2016.

Denice and Michael