Emotional Rototilling

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Emotional Rototilling

Reiki-Massage is an excellent way to get the anger out of your system which builds up as knots in muscles, spasms and irritated trigger points. A friend of mine used to call it Emotional Rototilling because as he was working people would bring up emotions having to do with specific issues depending on where he was massaging.

Here’s what he found over the years as he was massaging different body parts.

In general for Emotional Rototilling:

  • If the muscles are tight on the right side of the body there are issues with men.
  •  If associated with women, the issues/challenges are on the left side.
  • The buttocks area is associated with issues from the past.
  • Above the right knee is the family dynamics triangle.
  • The outside thigh hurts when there are things you don’t care everyone knows about.
  • The inside upper thigh hurts when you are holding in or suppressing things you are ashamed of.
  • Calves? Children. Right calf male, left calf is female.

As with any emotional release work or deep Reiki the client should drink about double the water that they usually drink for a day or two and realize that it often takes two to three days for the neurotransmitters that were stored in the body in the muscles to work out.

There may also be some soreness for a day or two after the massage (but not bruising!) If your massage therapist bruises you then you should find another therapist or seek out medical care because you’re bruising too easily.