Energy Vortex Clearing Technique

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There are energy vortexes all around us.

Certain places in Sedona, Arizona are famous for their vortexes. They even have maps of where the vortexes are located.  People come from all over the world to walk into these energy centers because it makes them feel good.

Energy Vortex Clearing:

What is an energy vortex?

Energy vortexes are spots of increased energy. Some people use terms such as “magnetic,” “electrical,” or “electromagnetic” to refer to this type of energy. I was once touring a house that I was thinking of purchasing and found a vortex so strong the it felt like I was in a time machine! The floor was moving up and down and the pressure in my ears waxed and waned so strongly that I thought I was dreaming. It was a really cool feeling.

Sometimes, however, there are negative energies associated with vortexes.  We have clues this may be the case when our client’s say things like, “I can’t sleep in that bedroom,” or ‘I never did feel comfortable in that house.”

We once had a Hartman line in our house that blew up our car’s transmission, our television, my computer and our VCR all in one week. That energy was so strong that I had to call in someone who really  knew what they were doing to help us. A Hartman line is like a negative energy vortex, only it’s in a line (the opposite of a ley line which is supportive of life.) Apparently statistics show that Gypsies have the lowest incidence of cancer. Some theorize that it’s because they can feel these negative energies emanating from the earth and move to a new spot where they feel better.

I guess I’d have to say that I believe this. Cats love Hartman lines for some reason. But it does make them sick. When our line was moved, our cat no longer slept in the closet where the Hartman line was. And within a year she died of kidney cancer!

Disease is often associated with negative energy vortexes and Hartman lines. Negative, non-life supporting vortexes can be responsible for feeling chronically drained, depressed or nervous when in particular areas. This technique focuses only  on the vortex energy.

To clear a negative energy vortex from a room or from a piece of property:

Note: This is one technique where you need to be able to douse, use a pendulum, or muscle-test. Often I will ask my client to send me a drawing of their house. I muscle-test things out and tell them how to fix the vortex (if it’s within my power!) and then I mark on the diagram where to apply the things that will fix it.

First ask:  Are there negative energy vortexes to clear?

If the answer is yes and you are not physically on the property, draw a picture or floor plan or get a copy of the blueprint of the room or area you want to clear.

Muscle test where on the property the energy vortexes are. If it is a picture or blueprint or hand drawing, pencil in an X where each vortex is so that you can physically locate it on the property later.  If you are physically in the room, put a piece of masking tape on each negative energy vortex to mark the areas to work on.  Here’s how I muscle test to find the vortexes:  



Energy Vortex Clearing Technique 1


Standing approximately in the center of the area, draw an imaginary line dividing it into two parts.

Ask:  Are there any vortexes on the left side of the room?  No. On the right side?

Yes. Ok, then. Proceed to narrow it down chunk by chunk. Now you know you can ignore the left side of the room. There is no vortex there.  Narrow the field of testing down to smaller and smaller blocks so the vortex can be found more quickly. Muscle test the area bit by bit and find the exact spot where the vortex is.  

Now, we need to know what the vortex needs to be cleared.


1.   Is the vortex supportive of life?  If it is, why not leave it be–hey, maybe you should meditate or study in that particular spot! Earth is a living being and many of these invisible dynamics that the Earth emits interact between a human being and the planet. One such unseen force is ley lines. Sometimes called telluric pathways, ley lines (also seen as lei lines) are often not easily recognized. Some have compared ley lines to the acupuncture meridians of the human body. Certain points on the body are energy centers that transmit or receive strength to or from other locations. Ley lines transmit or receive energies around the globe.  In days of old energy witchers (kind of like water-witchers) were able to feel these ley lines and energy spots. When they found a strong spot, the church knew where the alter would be set so they build the church around the sacred spot.

If it is not supportive of life, proceed to step 2.

2.  Does this vortex need a certain color?  You would now test the appropriate color, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, white, black, rose, a pastel or whatever shade comes up.

3.  Does it need a particular vibration?  Muscle tests the vibration starting with 1-1000. It most likely will be in this range. If so, ask, 1-100, 100-200, 200-300 until you hit a closer range.  If it is between 200-300, for example, ask 200-210, 210-220, 220-230. If it were between 220-230 then ask 220, 221, 222, 223 and so forth until it muscle tests weak.  If the vibration is more than 1,000,000 it is an alien energy and you will probably have to visualize cutting a notochord attachment from the earth then sealing the existing hole with white light and unconditional love. Dr. David Hawkins talks about these vibrations in his book, Power vs. Force.

4.  Does it need a particular type of crystal?  Quartz, rose quartz, tiger-eye, amethyst, or other types of crystals maybe used.  If you don’t know much about crystals, muscle test what color the stone is.  That will narrow down the choices.  I just muscle test the index of a good crystal book if I run out of ideas.  If it comes up you need a crystal you don’t have or can’t get, visualize the Universe providing the correct vibration of the crystal when it comes to the clearing step.  This is not such an exacting process that we can’t improvise.

5.  Does it need a particular shape?  Choose from a square, triangle, circle, infinity, omega, pyramid, coil, left sided spiral, right sided spiral, heart, Reiki symbol of some kind, or ask if there is another symbol it would like. What other symbols come to mind?

6.  Does it need some kind of sound?  Om, ah, hue, a chant of some kind, a musical note (A, B, C, D, E, F, G), drumming, Christian music, etc.

7.  Does something need to be placed on the ground to change the energy?  Examples would be shapes made of copper wire, elements such as earth, fire, water, wood, cornmeal, etc.

8.  Does the energy needed to heal the vortex want to be directed into the ground, from the ground up or angled in some direction?

9.   Do I need to stand in a particular direction while I clear it?  Example: North, East, South, West or a variation of that.

10.  Is there a notochord attachment that needs to be cut?  You will visualize a silver or golden cord being cut at the time of the clearing then sealing the open wound with white light and unconditional love. Uh, just a suggestion? These powers are way too much for the novice to play with. If you have a notochord you need a special healer who knows what they are doing here. And that’s not me.

11.  Does it need any flower essences or aromatherapies?

12.  How many minutes will these items above be required to contact the vortex to heal the vortex? 0-10, 10-20, 20-3-, 30-60, 1 hr.-24 hrs?

13.  Does the area need to be smudged with sage or sweet grass?

14.  Ask, “Did I miss anything?”

If you missed something you can either muscle test the steps again, add something else that comes to you, or find another healer to give assistance.  It’s a never-ending learning process. Be creative and open.

15.  Now you are ready to clear the vortex.  Let’s use as an example, the vortex in the room from diagrams on the 1st page: Let’s say we found our vortex and went through the 14 steps to find the things we need to clear it. For example, to clear this particular vortex, we need a piece of rose quartz lain on the center of the vortex, the energy from our hands needs to be directed downwards and that we need to chant “Ohm” for one minute.

We go ahead and lay the crystal onto the area, cup our hands toward the floor and set a stopwatch or watch the clock as we chant Ohm for a minute.

Each vortex you find will need different items to clear it.

16.  Now it’s time to check our work. We muscle test asking,  “Is the vortex healed?

If yes, you’ve done it!

If no, ask what else it needs to clear it.  You can go back to the steps above to see if you have missed something, or keep asking a series of yes and no questions to try to figure out what more you need to clear the vortex.

Other healers may not have done this technique before but I have found if you share what you know, they can come up with new perspectives and ideas on your challenge.  Sometimes the Spiritual lessons involved in performing these techniques is to learn communication skills, learn trust and discernment on what and what not to do, and be open in learning how and when to ask for help.

When you need a teacher, one will appear.  When you are ready to try a new technique, the Universe will send you a patient or situation to practice on.

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