Facial Twitch

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Facial Twitch

(From Case of the Month for Volume 7 No. 2 Newsletter for November, 2011)

These cases are among my most favorite testimonials just because I tell my clients, “Jesus said you can do these things and more—so why aren’t we?” Of course I’m always surprised when I take my own advice and it works. Read on. . .

I was working on a new client long distance during my morning mediation.  She had a tick in her face (facial twitch) for five years that would not go away and it was hampering her life. We had determined through muscle testing that she needed a neck adjustment. She told me she was afraid of chiropractors and that she would not go to one. Well, what does one do when they hear that kind of fear?

I decided to try an adjustment over the miles without her here.

When I went into state using the Silva Method and imagined her lying on her back on a massage table I used some Cranio-Sacral work to determine where the issue was.

This is the email I sent to her that morning after I worked on her:

“A huge amount of energy burst up on that left side but left a bit of a tweak in the muscles. Not quite a headache feeling but a muscle pull. I tried to release it for you but it wanted Yoga, so do your practice and focus on that area today. Remind me in 2 weeks and I’ll repeat it for you. Good luck today.” Denice

From Erika a couple hours after my email to her: Thank you so much, Denice. Wow, I actually felt it. Amazingly enough I had a very strong feeling to go to a yoga class this morning. I originally wanted to run but then I just knew I needed to go to the yoga class which I did and felt great. It always feels like that my body just simply loves yoga. I feel amazing, happy and energized. I also feel that my sensing abilities increased.

Last night I went into meditation using the Silva method and the Mirror of the Mind technique and concentrated on adjusting my neck. I have not twitched since then. I also felt a huge amount of “pressure” dropped from my facial/under the eye area this morning. I follow everything you said to the letter. I am going to ask Dr Rabenhorst about recommending a good chiropractor next week. Do you recommend any supplements for me to take aside from the probiotics twice  a day and the one you sent me? Thanks, Erika

Erika: You know. . .every time I do something long distance like that I am so amazed at what the power of mind and intention will do! It utterly blows me away! And when two people are working on it at the same time, that is extra nice. So glad you felt it. There are lots of supplements out there for nerves and nervous ticks but the ones we tested your body for are the only ones it wants at this time so until we meet again. . . but then of course you may not need them by that time! Good for you on the chiropractor referral but if you still need me in two weeks you let me know. I’ll be here. Thanks for checking in. Denice

Dr. Moffat’s Note: It had been over 4 weeks since her initial consult but Erika did write to me after three weeks to tell me the facial twitch has not come back so far. I’m in awe. Thank you God!