Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Movie Review

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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (Movie 2010)

Reviewed by Dr. Denice Moffat

Fat sick and nearly dead

Joe Cross of the movie, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead juicing out of the back of his car.

I’ve had some pretty tough cases these last couple of months, a few of which seemed they would have had the same diagnosis as Joe Cross, who made the movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

Joe Cross a professionally successful but physically bankrupt entrepreneur was 100 pounds overweight, dismally unhealthy and loaded up on copious medications for eight years. On steroids—the last ditch effort for doctors who don’t have anything else to offer—Joe was suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease. His journey to health seemed impossible at best.

It has always been my theory that the body actually WANTS to be healthy. Autoimmune disease only occurs when all the organs in the body are trashed from excess toxins. Joe was an example of this. His skin broke out into hives around the clock and with any kind of pressure. He itched 24/7/365. I’m sure he wondered how long he had to live or suffer from this malady as many of the chronically ill people do who find my website.

Joe, like many chronically sick patients, ate many many meals each week in restaurants, ate massive amounts of refined and processed foods, and minimal to no fresh fruits and fresh or cooked vegetables.

Making a decision to re-book his life, Joe decided to turn back to Mother Nature full-time for 60 days. He committed to juicing for 60 days then continued to follow a healthy eating program by eating “only food that was grown on trees or dug out of the ground, foods made by the sin, water and the earth” Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is documentary of his commitment—and he shows how YOU can do this too.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is an inspiring film of one man, Joe Cross who took on the challenge to regain his health by using his body’s own ability to heal itself. In this process, he is sending ripples of health throughout the world and helping millions with his film, sharing his story and all the time traveling with his juicer and generator–making fresh juice from purchasing the freshest fruits and vegetables from us local farmers and juicing it right on the spot.

Joe Cross says: “It is amazing what can happen. I can vouch for this by first-hand experience. After 60 days of juice and another 70 days of eating just fruit, vegetables, nuts, beans and seeds I was 100 lbs. lighter and off all medication. Iʼve been that way ever since.”

A must-see film that fits into the categories of world-changing media movies such as Super Size Me (2004), Bag it (2010), Fresh (2009), King Corn (2007) and Who Killed the Electric Car (2006).

What I liked about this movie is that it teaches the benefits of using juice as a healing method. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead breaks down the scientific basis of juicing into understandable language on how the juices interact with your tissues to make the body healthy. The movie is promoted with an online support community called Reboot Your Life, is available at www.jointhereboot.com

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