Healing a well with Gary Greenfield of Greenfield Naturals

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The Healing of a Well’s Water with Gary Greenfield of Greenfield Naturals

So. . . our water pump gave out in 2015. We had pampered it along for a couple of years, but it finally just died and had to be replaced costing several thousand dollars. With all the watering that we do, we knew we were stressing the new pump out and that we were also shortening its lifespan so in the summer of 2016 we decided to install two water cisterns which took the stress off of our water pump.

The problem with this whole process though was that the installer of the tanks filled the new tanks by turning the pump on full blast to fill the cisterns. This disrupted the protective mineral layer within the well system resulting in massive amounts of iron in our water. We do not have an iron filter because in past years the parts per million were controlled with a simple sediment filter. After this flush though, we definitely had a problem (which would take thousands more to resolve).

Fortunately for us during this decision time, we had our double chambered cob oven workshop. Gary Greenfield took the class. It came up during conversation that we had this newer issue with too much iron in our water. A day or two into the workshop he ventured that he may have an easy/cheap fix for this.

“Really?” Michael and I were all ears.

Gary Greenfield’s business is to restructure water for people around the world making it more effective for drinking and more effective for crop production. He had heard of others with this same iron challenge over the years and offered to try fixing our water with his structured water products.

“How is this done” I asked. I had for most of my life been a skeptic when it came to what I called woo-woo techniques but I also had heard a story from a very talented energy worker friend of mine where people did energy work over a well that was only giving ½ gallon per minute and within a few hours the well was giving 7 gallons a minute. I also knew of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work of infusing emotions into water (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnbZN54IZNE). Just by handling the water or even taping the word with the specific emotion onto the glass of water, the crystalline structure could be modified.

I felt it could be possible to heal our well. I was not closed to the idea. What did we have to lose?

“Others have done this before” Gary said. He recommended installing a water structuring device in the cistern and then dumping a gallon of structured water and ten gallons of Idaho Ice filtered spring water down the well. He told us not to turn on the water for 12 hours so that the energetic shift could take place. “I can’t make any promises, but let’s just see what happens” Gary said.

“Gee, this kind of sounds like borrowing the stomach contents of a healthy dairy cow to repair the gut flora of a sick cow” I said.

It sounded like some kind of homeopathic treatment. I really don’t know HOW homeopathics work so well. . .I just know that for many people they do. I (of course) asked as many questions as I could. The water dumped down the well was a homeopathic mix of all the elements in the periodic table. The restructuring device contained the same elements and would somehow energetically make things come back into balance as they had been before.

“Kind of like Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamics work? (another woo-woo kind of science) I asked.

“Yes. I put the remedy within the cartridge of a vortexed chamber which acts kind of like a homeopathic succession mechanism.”

Almost unbelievable, right?

The theme to the Twilight Zone wandered through my head, but we did as he said. I later went to Gary’s website and read about him even though I had known him through my husband and his water experiences for many years. . .

Gary Greenfield of Greenfield Naturals had been on the cutting edge of water research for the past decade. In 2009 he decided to dedicate his life to water through research and development of water structuring and energizing products built using technologies which mimic natural principles. He finds that water mingles with soil and pics up EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields) and that the signature of each mineral carries its information into the plants pre-programmed intelligence.

From his own story on his website, Gary Greenfield wrote: “Pure water can be defined as water in its natural, balanced state, both energetically and materially, yet, cleansed of matter and energy that isn’t congruent with nature. Modern science is only looking at half the picture because its focus has only been on the material aspects of water while ignoring the invisible qualities. The focus of my simple research has been on the energetics, and what I have learned is that the energetic qualities of water profoundly affect the material aspects of water.

My passion for understanding the natural governing principles of water motivated me to travel all over the world meeting remarkable individuals, performing simple yet mind boggling experiments and observing nature work in ways that never cease to amaze and astound me.”

Within two weeks our iron-reddened water turned nearly clear and we no longer had to scrub the toilet out after each time using it. Complete eradication hasn’t happened but it has helped so much so that we don’t need to purchase an iron filter!


This must be a fluke, I thought, but all of a sudden after over a year of putting up with the iron, the iron had disappeared? I admit that it took me a couple of months of just watching the water in our toilet. I couldn’t believe this could be a permanent fix! I finally called him for this article.

Gary Greenfield recommended adding a zeolite filter for less than 3ppm of iron for resolving the rest of the problem if it’s that bothersome and installing it in tandem with the other two filters there. He’s created his own design of this filter using American parts and this is currently being tested now. He can also custom build units for individuals, farms or water systems of any size anywhere in the world.

“Water interacts with everything and imparts balance to its environment. It changes soil dynamics to increase efficiency resulting in increased productivity by up to 100%. It enhances nutrient levels and reduces weed and pest infestation to name just a few of the benefits” he said. “People I work with in India did a study of the hydro-energizer treated water by growing tomatoes and discovered a nearly 28% increase in the yield over normal well-watered plants” Gary explained, providing the official document to prove it.

For more information on restructured water, contact Gary Greenfield at Greenfield Naturals https://www.greenfieldnaturals.com/