Ginger Health Benefits

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Ginger Benefits

Ginger Health Benefits

How does ginger benefit you?

Do You Love Gingersnaps, Ginger Ale, or Anything with Ginger in it? Why do people like ginger?  How does ginger benefit you? My husband used to start the day out with a few gingersnaps until he found how many bad fats were in them.

Ginger Health Benefits:

Personally, I think he is craving the ginger to stimulate healing and cleansing in his system.  An acupuncturist told him one time to discontinue that practice as he sweats easily. I think it’s a good practice as sweat is one way the body detoxifies.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a warming circulatory stimulant grown in tropical Asia since ancient times. How does ginger benefit you? It acts to cleanse the whole body, especially the kidneys.  Putting a couple tablespoons of ginger powder in your hot bath water will stimulate a great sweat and bring toxins to the skin so they can be released. And it flushes down the drain easily so you don’t have to worry about it plugging things up.

NoteIf you wear your shoes out on the outside heel area, ginger would be useful in your diet.  This type of wear indicates a kidney meridian imbalance.

Another ginger benefit is that ginger is used in many herbal formulas where circulation to the extremities is needed (like in natural arthritis formulas.) Ginger benefits diseases of the lung and digestive systems.

I often recommend ginger for car sickness in pets and people.

The dose is 1-2 capsules 20 minutes before the car ride—hopefully on an empty stomach.  It also helps with clearing gas and in promoting menstrual regularity and occasionally it is effective for relief of menstrual cramping (although I have never experienced relief from my own cramps with ginger!).  Ginger can also be used for morning sickness.

I’ve noted that many of my older clients test strong on ginger. Ginger comes in many forms. You can cook with the powder, grate the raw root into your cooking, or use ginger juice or paste to make a nice cup of tea.  The other way to use it is to take a couple of sugared ginger slices or cubes (also called crystallized ginger) after you eat your meal.

I’ve seen sugared ginger in our local grocery store in the bulk food section, but you can also get it in larger health food stores. Ginger helps digest your meals.  I also add ginger powder to my fruit smoothies for an extra kick. That’s really good. As you can tell, ginger benefits us in many ways!

Ginger Tea:

I use ½-1 teaspoon of ginger paste or a teaspoon of ginger juice and put this in the bottom of a 8-12 ounce coffee cup then add boiling water, stir in a little honey and sip the decant. You don’t need to drink the sludge at the bottom of the cup to get the ginger benefits. It’s a nice warming drink on a cold day.

I also recommend home-made ginger snaps with extra blackstrap molasses for those extra minerals, especially for those small children who are pale and anemic.  I particularly love Ginger Chews which is a caramel-consistency very spicy candy you can get in Oriental food stores. Sometimes you just have to use tempting resources that will be accepted.  Some kids won’t take anything without sugar they are so addicted!

Lots of options on ginger benefits. It’s a great herb. You’ll like it. 

Ginger benefits

Bowl of ginger

Dr. Denice Moffat is a practicing naturopath, medical intuitive, and veterinarian working on the family unit (which includes humans and animals) through her phone consultation practice established in 1993. She has a content-rich website at