Goal Setting

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Goal setting is actually a part of finding your Life Purpose, because if your goals are not aligned with your Life Purpose Moving Towards Values and Moving Away From Values, you will not likely complete the goals.

We are going to focus on three types of goals: Personal Development Goals, Thing Goals, and Economic Goals for this exercise:

Personal Development Goals:

1)     Brainstorm this list of ideas, then list and prioritize them. Pick the three most important goals and put them at the top of the list.

  • What do you want to give?
  • What do you want to learn about?
  • Where do you want to go in terms of learning?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • What do you want to do?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • What do you want to create?
  • What kind of character traits do you want to develop?
  • What skills do you want to have?
  • Do you have fears you want to conquer? Which ones?
  • What are your social goals?
  • What teachers or mentors do you want to attract?
  • What do you want your long-term contributions to be?

2)    Now write a paragraph telling why you want those goals and what you think you can accomplish with them.

3)    Prioritize the list by writing in the left-hand column how long in months or years you think it will take for these goals to be accomplished.

Everything you have now started with an original thought. What you put your attention to is what you will attract to your life months or years down the road. I know this because I also make collages of the things I want to accomplish. Looking back at the collages, I can check off at least 40 things I have manifested so far.

Every day is a choice. Will you choose those goals and focus on the ones that are good for you so that you can make these things happen or will you allow distractions and wallow in self-pity and negativity? It’s your choice. Take baby steps, but take steps. Doors will open for you as movement towards your goal. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Now let’s work on those Thing Goals:

Take the time to brainstorm and write down everything you want in your life that is a material thing. Don’t limit these ideas because of money.

I wanted a rabbit fur coat when I was in high school in the mid-seventies. My parents could not afford one for me and I felt unworthy of asking for what I wanted. A few years back I was looking around a Goodwill store and saw a rack of rabbit skin coats. I didn’t find one. I found something better. . .A full-length mink coat…for only one hundred dollars!

My husband, Michael actually manifested a Mercedes by focusing on what he wanted. He pictured himself in the car and taking care of the car. One day he showed up at our Master Mind Group driving it and told us the story of how he was given the car.

Prioritize the three most important things, which you will focus on first, then put a deadline for attracting and manifesting the rest of the list.

Economic Goals:

These goals can include mutual funds, real estate, college funds, annual net worth, business goals, tithing, investment goals, monthly goals, etc. Sort these out to 1-year goals, 2-year goals, 5-year goals and 10-year goals.

Review the goals often. Where the concentration goes, the energy flows. Think of these goals in positive terms. Visualize them often. If you find pictures of the things you want, cut them out, laminate them and post them somewhere where you will see them often.


  • Personal Power II by Anthony Robbins Vol. 5 Tape 2
  • Twelve Steps to Creating a Miracle by Dr. Jay Abrams
  • The Luck Factor Audiocassettes by Brian Tracy distributed by Nightingale Conant
  • The Aladdin Factor by Jack Canfield (A book on asking for what you want)
  • Working with the Law by Raymond Holliwell (A book on using Universal Laws to your advantage)


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