Hay Fever and Nettles

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Natural Hay Fever and Nettles: Allergy Treatments

Got hay fever problems?

Hay fever, allergies and hives with associated scratchy throats, runny eyes, sneezing and itchy skin, are often overwhelming and annoying at certain times of the year.

The perfect choice of herbs for these symptoms is Nettles (Urtica ioica,) especially when there is itchiness associated with the allergies.

American Indians used Stinging Nettles for both rashes and arthritis by hitting the patient with the stalks—ouch!  You don’t have to do that—just take it in capsule form.

Use a high-quality brand such as Solaray or Nature’s Way. Lower quality brands are often contaminated with disgusting particulate matter or harvested at the wrong time making the herb less effective.

Nettles, also known as a “pot herb,” was one of the first herbs that the early settlers gathered and cooked in the spring. Nettle leaf contains huge amounts of very absorbable vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, which stabilizes cellular membranes so that histamines are not as easily released from the cells. Histamines are the culprit that causes the itchiness.

The dose varies by weight. For children who can swallow capsules and are less than 40 pounds give 1 capsule/day and for adults with severe allergies, give five capsules/day.  For those who can’t take it in capsule form, take the tincture form or make some nettle leaf tea. All these products are available through your local health food store. Take as needed for three to six weeks. It’s a safe herb and considered a food . . . it’s also very effective.

Just one safer, effective, alternative treatment to medications you can add to your medicine cabinet this year.

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