Headaches in an Autistic Child Resolving

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Dear Dr. Moffat,

We just realized that our little girl hasn’t complained about headaches in a little bit—what a difference! It was multiple times a day every day for a while. She still puts her finger in her nose (and mouth, but that’s another issue), but now it’s more like a quick, discreet, itching or rubbing, not the prolonged exploratory boring that she was doing repeatedly and continually all day lng before. Amazing! I think it might be the three new supplements (Pituitrophin, cell salts and tryptophan). Wow! She just turned 4 last month and within a month of her birthday lost both front teeth too. So shifts are happening. Ahhhh. Just wanted to share the happy news.

Denice’s Note:

This little girl also has sleep issues, but they are slowly improving. This case is a long-term manipulation of a custom diet/supplement program until her hormones stabilize. Of course I’m holding out for mainstreaming back into her actual age class. We’ll keep working at it.